Re: [WSG] Accessible menu lists - using the pipe character as separator?

2008-09-28 Thread Stuart Foulstone
Hi, Early screen-readers were not very good at differentiating links and would run together the text of two adjacent links so it was necessary to use a separator character. The vertical line (pipe) became the preferred character to separate adjacent links because, whilst it is quite verbose -

Re: [WSG] suckerfish problem - ie6

2008-09-28 Thread willdonovan
Hi Kevin, I have the FF issue as well. Fore me: FF2.17 on a PC. William kevin mcmonagle wrote: hi, Thats strange eBiz, The dropdowns are working over the flash in ff3 mac for me. Anyway im getting that or a very similar problem in safari so will def try your suggestion tomorrow. Actually

Re: [WSG] Is it a good/bad practise to have more than one same link url?

2008-09-28 Thread Gunlaug Sørtun
tee wrote: As far as SEO concerns, it seems to have an advantage because google image search and a few other image search engines (can't remember their names). This seems to be very useful for sites that sell products, image stock and photographers Have to keep that in mind when I'm looking

[WSG] Is it a good practice to have 'Back to Top' link?

2008-09-28 Thread Joe Chiang
Hi all, I have some VERY long pages in the website I maintain. Currently, I insert 'Back to Top' after every section in the page. Sometimes, I feel they are disturbing and am not sure if there is any better way to do it or don't insert them at all. Of course, splitting the page into smaller