Re: [WSG] Question on servers and Email campaign

2008-11-12 Thread Brett Patterson
I agree with everyone!!! NEVER EVER give out your information like that. Read it sounds like a Social-Engineering attack!! You are right. On Tue, Nov 11, 2008 at 10:33 PM, Andrew Harris [EMAIL PROTECTED]wrote: I

[WSG] Out of Office AutoReply: WSG Digest

2008-11-12 Thread Pang, Wendy
I will be unavailable on Th 13 and Fri 14 November, returning on Mon 17 Nov. -- If you have received this transmission in error please notify us immediately by return e-mail and delete all copies. If this e-mail or any attachments have been sent to you in error, that error does not

[WSG] Liz Juniper is Out of the Office

2008-11-12 Thread Juniper, Liz
Hi, I'm on leave and will be back on Monday 24 November. For assistance in the interim please contact Ben Hosie on 9247 3026 or Ed Johansson on 9247 3223. Otherwise, I will respond to your email when I return. Regards, Liz Juniper Acting Manager iWeb Applications Victoria Police Level 6,

CLOSED Re: [WSG] Question on servers and Email campaign

2008-11-12 Thread James Ellis
Hi Sherri and others.. This topic is outside the guidelines for the WSG list. Please feel free to continue it off list. Guidelines are available in the footer of each list message. Thanks James On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 11:41 AM, Graphics Web Designing, LLC [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Again,

[WSG] Anya Gerasimchuk is out of the office.

2008-11-12 Thread AGerasimchuk
I will be out of the office starting 11/12/2008 and will not return until 11/14/2008. I will respond to your message when I return. *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe: