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2009-01-10 Thread Alan C Whiteman
James and Matt -- Comments below. Alan C. Whiteman Visualis Web Design http://visualis.us (562) 305-2862 ___ On Saturday 10 January 2009 04:36:54 pm you wrote: * WEB STANDARDS GROUP MAIL LIST DIGEST

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2009-01-10 Thread James O'Neill
Alan, Font size: hmmm I use the the '100.01% on the body and them 1em on body/table' settings... What resolution are you using? Image Gallery: Thanks. The CSS for the image gallery was somehow deleted during all of the editing. That is fixed now. Thank you for noticing. Images: Hopefully in

[WSG] Web Design in Japan

2009-01-10 Thread Michal Miksik
I have noticed some Japanese members in the list, and would really appreciate if anyone could reply to this off the list. I am considering moving to Japan(wife is Japanese), and am wondering if it is possible for a gaijin to survive as a freelance web designer. And also would like to ask some

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2009-01-10 Thread David Lane
Alan - thanks for being so clear. I completely agree with your feelings on Flash - particularly its use in education (where people are not known for making informed use of the IT tools they have). Adobe's Flash is the MS Powerpoint of the web - it empowers people to say even less in an even

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2009-01-10 Thread David Lane
Apologies, all, that last message wasn't particularly constructive of me. I'll be more explicit here - my beefs with the use of Flash on anything to do with education (or anywhere else, for that matter) are as follows: 1. Adobe's Flash belongs only to Adobe - there is no Flash open standard like

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2009-01-10 Thread James Ducker
Ultimately teachers should aim to teach the skills that are required of students entering the industry. The TAFE students I tutor in Sydney are being taught XHTML, XML, CSS table-free layouts, and so on, so not a bad start. The JavaScript courses look like they could use some improvement (see

Re: [WSG] Site Review: www.ItsAllaboutYou-studio.com

2009-01-10 Thread Henrik Madsen
Hi Jim, A couple of cents from downunder (in FF3, Camino, Safari / Mac). 1) The main horizontal menu bar breaks thru the blue border on the right 2) Maybe the drop menu would look better with a matching background image on the main category, rather than a solid blue block 3) I'd