2009-08-25 Thread David Dorward
On 25 Aug 2009, at 06:36, Marvin Hunkin wrote: HI. DEVELOPING A WEBSITE USING Microsoft visual web developer express 2008. looking to mix and match styles, by using the css and html styles, I wouldn't do that. Partial separation of style and structure is confusing. classes and ids.

Re: [WSG] Multiple IE's for browser testing

2009-08-25 Thread James Ellis
Hi Use virtualbox (.org) and run up a virtual machine that only has IE7 on it. You can do this by installing XP into the virtual machine and updating it to IE7. Remember to turn off Windows Update so it doesn't upgrade to IE8 when you are not looking. Virtualisation is the only real way to

Re: [WSG] An Acceptable Dropdown

2009-08-25 Thread Nick Fitzsimons
2009/8/23 Bushidodeep All debates aside on drop-down menus, they're called for, demanded by some. I like this one, and wondered if anyone has a tutorial URL bookmarked? WAI-ARIA has a number of menu-related roles and properties [1]. Newer browsers,

[WSG] legal list numbering

2009-08-25 Thread Andrew Harris
How do people get around the problem of marking up ordered lists in legal documents, such as policies or terms and conditions? A typical structure might look like: 1 blah blah blah 1.1 blah blah blah 1.2 blah blah blah 1.2.1 blah blah blah 1.2.2 blah blah blah 1.3

RE: [WSG] legal list numbering

2009-08-25 Thread Mark Huppert
Andrew You cannot mess around with legal documents by removing or changing numbering. If you can't code it up in html, it might be better to use pre or even to publish it in pdf. regards Mark Mark Huppert Library Web Development Integrated Library