[WSG] date format problems with asp dot net

2011-07-12 Thread Marvin Hunkin
its me again, marvin.
a blind ametueur programmer and web designer.
i get an error, when trying to hide the time, from my star trek project, that i 
am developing with visual web developer express 2008, and sql server express 
will page below.
any help would be grateful.
did try HtmlEncode=False, but not liking it as a web control.
any asp gurus, able to help me out.
tried searching for this on google.
but only could find about grid views, not text box in visual web developer.
will paste below.
can any one help me or point me in the right direction to get this to hide the 
i am developing a visual web developer application.
and now.
got a error.
it is a star trek site.
but i get the time.
and trying to hide that.
and only have the date.
tried googling.
not in a grid.
but in a text box.
will paste the code and the error message below.
can you help me out.
using visual web developer express 2008, and sql management studio and sql 
server express 2008.
let me know asap.
if you can help me to fix this error.
Server Error in '/StarTrekSite' Application. 

Parser Error 
Description: An error occurred during the parsing of a resource required to 
service this request. Please review the following specific parse error details 
and modify your source file appropriately. 

Parser Error Message: A call to Bind was not well formatted. Please refer to 
documentation for the correct parameters to Bind.

Source Error: 

Line 61: br /
Line 62: BeginningAirDate:
Line 63: asp:TextBox id=IITempBeginningAirDateTextBox runat=server 
Text='%# Bind(BeginningAirDate, {0:/MM/dd HtmlEncode=False}) %' /
Line 64: asp:RequiredFieldValidator 
ID=IITempBeginningAirDateRequiredValidator runat=server 
ErrorMessage=BeginningAirDate Can Not Be Blank 
Line 65: asp:CompareValidator ID=IITempBeginningAirDateCompareValidator 
runat=server ErrorMessage=BeginningAirDate must be a valid Format. 
ControlToValidate=IITempBeginningAirDateTextBox Operator=DataTypeCheck 

Source File: /StarTrekSite/App_Admin/SeriesCRUD.aspx Line: 63 


Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:2.0.50727.4214; ASP.NET 
%@ Page Title= Language=VB MasterPageFile=~/Site.master 
AutoEventWireup=false CodeFile=SeriesCRUD.aspx.vb 
Inherits=App_Admin_SeriesCRUD %

asp:Content ID=Content1 ContentPlaceHolderID=head Runat=Server


asp:Content ID=Content2 ContentPlaceHolderID=MainStarTrekContent 

script type=text/javascript

function ValidateOverviewTextBox(sender, args) {

if ((args.Value.length  0)  (args.Value.length  1000)) {

args.IsValid = true;




args.IsValid = false;




div style=float: left;


asp:ListView ID=ListView1 runat=server DataSourceID=SqlDataSource1 



li style=background-color: #DCDCDC;color: #00;SeriesAutoIncKey:

asp:Panel ID=ItemTemplatePanel runat=server Visible=True

asp:Label id=ITempSeriesAutoIncKeyLabel runat=server Text='%# 
Eval(SeriesAutoIncKey) %' /

br /


asp:Label id=ITempSeriesIDLabel runat=server Text='%# Eval(SeriesID) 
%' /

br /


asp:LinkButton ID=ITempLinkButton runat=server 


Text='%# Eval(SeriesID) %'


br /


asp:Label id=ITempBeginningAirDateLabel runat=server Text='%# 
Eval(BeginningAirDate) %' /

br /


asp:Label id=ITempEndingAirDateLabel runat=server Text='%# 
Eval(EndingAirDate) %' /

br /


asp:Label id=ITempOverviewLabel runat=server Text='%# Eval(Overview) 
%' /

br /

asp:Button id=ITempEditButton runat=server CommandName=Edit Text=Edit 

asp:Button id=ITempDeleteButton runat=server CommandName=Delete 
Text=Delete /





h2No data was returned./h2



li style=SeriesID:

asp:Panel ID=InsertItemTemplatePanel runat=server Visible=False

asp:TextBox id=IITempSeriesIDTextBox runat=server Text='%# 
Bind(SeriesID) %' /

asp:RequiredFieldValidator ID=IITempSeriesIDRequiredValidator runat=server 
ErrorMessage=SeriesID Can Not Be Blank 

br /


asp:TextBox id=IITempTitleTextBox runat=server Text='%# Bind(Title) %' 

asp:RequiredFieldValidator ID=IITempTitleRequiredValidator runat=server 
ErrorMessage=Series Title Can Not Be Blank 

br /


asp:TextBox id=IITempBeginningAirDateTextBox runat=server Text='%# 
Bind(BeginningAirDate, {0:/MM/dd 

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2011-07-12 Thread Julien Viard

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2011-07-12 Thread Edo Kamal
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