Re: [WSG] IE hacking.

2006-03-20 Thread Alastair Steel
of it. Your customers are not web designers and are quite reasonably uninterested in standards or design principals. They just want something that works (or in the case of IE, appears to work!). Laurie Alastair Steel wrote: We now have a potential client that, for reasons beyond reason, wants

[WSG] IE hacking.

2006-03-19 Thread Alastair Steel
Hi all, We are an open source based software development company who deal mostly with SME businesses. We write mostly to the standards for CSS2 and deploy with Firefox, Mozilla or Safari. Not having to hack everything for IE has meant we can develop faster and cheaper. We now have a potential

[WSG] Quick help please...

2006-02-27 Thread Alastair Steel
Hi all, This is a simple question but I have not had the needed this functionality before. Is is possible to use CSS to insert text into HTML. I have a #logo where I usually insert the company logo but this client wants text and I do not particularly want to edit the application just to produce

Re: [WSG] Quick help please...

2006-02-27 Thread Alastair Steel
No IE used by our users. Thanks for the link. Much appreciated. off topic I spoke to a CTO yesterday who is sticking with a 90k a year bill for an email solution because 6 executives want 100% blackberry support. LOL. That's a lot of $ to look like a w. On 28/02/2006, at 2:43 PM,

Re: [WSG] IE7 Compatibility Team

2006-02-09 Thread Alastair Steel
Sincerely, Alastair Steel On 10/02/2006, at 11:40 AM, Geoff Pack wrote: Cade Whitbourn wrote: Wow. Microsoft are taking very pro-active measures to assist the developer community in fixing sites for IE7. I received an email from someone on the 'IE7 compatibility team' with a screenshot of our