RE: [WSG] working with line-height

2009-07-01 Thread Ant Tears
Hi Ben, It seems that the short answer to your question is a base line-height of 0.8 (yup, unitless). My guess would have been the value 1 but I don't know enough about browser default styles to say why 0.8 seems to work. I've only checked this using IE8 and Firefox 3.5 using the developer tool

RE: [WSG] a target= blank not part of xhtml

2008-03-27 Thread Ant Tears
Hi Michael, If I recall / understood correctly, the opening of a new browser window was seen by the W3C as functionality and therefore consigned to scripting. As for web standards prohibiting opening of new windows, this AA requirement is a little ambiguous for my taste: 10.1 Until user agents

RE: [WSG] Best way to clear a float

2007-11-12 Thread Ant Tears
Hi Jamie, Easy clear is my current method of clearing also. The only problem is that your css does not then validate (as inline-block is from the css2.1 spec) This is a W3C Candidate Recommendation, which means the specification has been widely reviewed and W3C recommends that it be

[WSG] Two columns, one fluid one fixed?

2005-08-18 Thread Ant Tears
Title: Two columns, one fluid one fixed? I'm not so good with floats, but this might be a different approach: #container{ text-align: left; margin: 0; margin-right:185px;} #centrecontent { border: 1px solid red;} #right { width:182px; position:absolute;right:5px;border: 1px solid blue; }