Re: [WSG] HTML5 offline storage question

2010-08-08 Thread Brad Kellett
It's really not designed for that amount of data. Perhaps this StackOverflow question will give you an idea on limits - ~bck On 09/08/2010, at 2:55 PM, Andrew Harris wrote: Hi all, I'm asking around the traps on a

Re: [WSG] Poetry needing block format but with line-breaks

2010-02-16 Thread Brad Kellett
This has come up a couple of times, and I think the controversial consensus is that poetry is one of the few times a br / tag is acceptable (since it's technically providing meaning to the paragraph). p This is a linebr / This is some morebr / I'm a poet to the max /p

Re: [WSG] Help!

2010-02-02 Thread Brad Kellett
That's a server-side error that's being generated, if you were to believe the link that appears it's something to do with running classic ASP on IIS7. I would assume your logs have more information. Either way, this is probably not the group to be posting about it to I'm afraid. ~bck On

Re: [WSG] search page vallidation

2010-01-20 Thread Brad Kellett
You have the same problems on every page, please read the responses you're getting before posting more of the same. And please, post links to your pages for people to see, don't paste your complete code and the validation results. On 20 Jan 2010 19:52, Marvin Hunkin wrote: