Re: [WSG] 2-col question

2005-12-04 Thread Carlos Revillo
ivanovitch escribió: Folks - you've helped out before, and I'm asking again. Pardon if this sounds all too simple, but I've yet to find a solution either in this list's archives, or on the web. I'm trying to create a fluid layout with two columns, but whilst the left column is variable width,

RE: [WSG] Mambo Accessibility

2005-12-01 Thread Carlos Revillo
I used mambo to do this... Carlos Revillo Tanta Tecnología y Comunicación Grupo Onetec c/ Julián Camarillo 26 1º Of. 2 28037 Madrid Tel.: 91.440.10.40 Fax: 91.304.91.24 -Mensaje original- De: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED