Re: [WSG] .NET sites which are XHTML 1.0 strict

2008-10-08 Thread Gareth Senior doesn't validate. The Becta one does, but it's PHP. The challenge continues! On 08/10/2008 09:33, Foskett, Mike [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Both my previous and current employer are XHTML strict: Tesco is a .net site. Mike Foskett

Re: [WSG] Flash replace Javascript in Future?

2008-10-17 Thread Gareth Senior
Don¹t hold your breath for ogg support in all browsers. I imagine microsoft will be more interested in pushing silverlight than flash or ogg. Audio and video is a key front in the next generation of browser wars, so it won¹t be that simple. As you note, Flash offers some useful stuff that¹s not

Re: [WSG] CSS editors

2008-10-20 Thread Gareth Senior
I use TextMate. Extensible for all kinds of use. It has a good CSS bundle. It¹s rubbish for printing though - I use textwrangler for printing out code. On 20/10/2008 11:09, Simon [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Last time I used a Mac I edited with Text Wrangler

Re: [WSG]WCAG 2.0 enlarging text to 200% ?

2008-12-12 Thread Gareth Senior
The way I read it, the 200% relates to 'twice the size the font appears at a client browser's default setting'. What if the websites default size is set in percentage to 75% and then another website has default setting of 110%? This 200% business is nothing to do with CSS font-size values.