Re: [WSG] SEO - how to upgrade my skills?

2009-05-11 Thread James Farrell
Hi Mike, I recommend you go to or James 2009/5/11 Mike Kear Thanks for that little gem, Luke.I was kind of hoping for advice on the best way to learn more about SEO, and the most up todate techniques. I got a bit depressed when I googled

Re: [WSG] The mystery gap issue

2008-11-11 Thread James Farrell
I belive your transaparency problems have been answered. I also have a problem with a gap like this so am dying to know what causes it. I was tearing my hair out yesterday and I ended up using a negative margin on the image get get around it. James 2008/11/11 Darren Lovelock [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [WSG] Question about change color of numbers in OL list

2008-11-06 Thread James Farrell
Use a list-style with an image? James 2008/11/6 Антон Грахов [EMAIL PROTECTED] Hi to all, how to change color of numbers in items OL list, but do not change color of text in items? My idea with inner span: CSS code: li { color: red; } li span { color: blue; } HTML code: ol

Re: [WSG] Standards and Adobe Contribute

2008-11-03 Thread James Farrell
Hi Guys, Thank your for your insights and assistance on this topic. I am taking everyone's opinion into consideration and have received very usefull help and templates from several people. James 2008/11/3 Susan Grossman [EMAIL PROTECTED] On Sat, Nov 1, 2008 at 5:53 AM, James Farrell [EMAIL

[WSG] Standards and Adobe Contribute

2008-11-01 Thread James Farrell
Hi Guys, A client wants to use Adobe Contribute for content management. Is there any point writing standards complient code or will contribute butcher the code anyway? Can I use php at all with contribute? Would love to be able to include html files using php to avoid having to change loads of

Re: [WSG] Drupal - Standards Compliant and Crossbrowser Dropdown Navigation Widget?

2008-10-21 Thread James Farrell
Hi Guys, Is it necessary to put titles on links for the purpose of accessibility? a href=# title=this is a title James 2008/10/21 Dave Lane [EMAIL PROTECTED] Hello Susan, If you're doing a lot of Drupal development, and you don't already have it, I strongly recommend getting a copy of Pro

Re: WSG promoting standards via teaching? Re: [WSG] Positioning was Extra white line on the top of my list

2008-08-05 Thread James Farrell
I just joined today and am considering leaving already. 2008/8/5 Thierry Koblentz [EMAIL PROTECTED] -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of David Fuller - magickweb Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2008 8:55 AM To: