Re: [WSG] .NET sites which are XHTML 1.0 strict

2008-10-08 Thread Jamie Stewart
-encoded actions as well as invalid input id's for viewstate etc. Cheers Jamie Jamie Stewart Web Developer Conscia Enterprise Systems 208 St Vincent Street Glasgow G2 5RL 2008/10/8 Gareth Senior [EMAIL PROTECTED] doesn't validate. The Becta one does

Re: [WSG] Cannot go back

2008-01-17 Thread Jamie Stewart
There are a couple of ways of putting links on your page which mimic the back button that I know of. One is by using JavaScript, history.back() is what you will want to use. If you don't want to use JavaScript it is possible through code, well with .Net at least. You can easily access the

Re: [WSG] Skip nav links, tab through

2007-11-15 Thread Jamie Stewart
Hi Paul, I've actually seen this before, and this approach is pretty much ideal, the only tweak you have to make is as well as having a:active you also need a:focus and this will fix your issue. ul.skipNav li a:focus, ul.skipNav li a:active { /* your active styles*/} Hope this helps Cheers

Re: [WSG] Best way to clear a float

2007-11-12 Thread Jamie Stewart
this as a presentation issue and not a reason to add a new element to your HTML structure. I hope this helps and here is a link explaining the below example Cheers Jamie Stewart .clearfix:after { content: .; display: block; height: 0; clear

Re: [WSG] prettier forms

2007-09-14 Thread Jamie Stewart
Drop down lists I'm not so sure but check boxes and radio buttons definitely. They use JavaScript and CSS and it is a form of image replacement that is used. Here is one example: But there are many out there and as long as your

Re: [WSG] Speaking of alt tags . . .

2007-09-11 Thread Jamie Stewart
Hi Bob, Excellent question and I am sure you are going to receive many different answers which may confuse the matter more!! From my point of view I would suggest any decorative images should be styled as CSS background images, granted this brings with it the issue of losing it's place within