Re: [WSG] Question about accessibility

2008-08-27 Thread Jens Nedal
Even if the text replacement should not look as satisfying as using a
whole big image with image maps on it, you can still split up that image
 into the navigation part and use image replacement techniques where the
Text is still preserved. Since most of those techniques hide the Text
and put the images as background images, the load will be minimized once
those images are placed in the browser cache.

The idea with the 2 examples to compare is spot on. The only difference
that might be seen is missing text anti-aliasing on some browsers, if
its either not supported by the operating system or turned off by
default (like Clear-type in Windows XP).

regards, Jens

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Re: [WSG] semantic issue

2008-06-28 Thread Jens Nedal

Matijs wrote:
Currently I'm working on a website with a community / web 2.0-ish feel 
to it. I'm having trouble deciding what tags to use for certain elements 
on a page. These elements are:

- mail a friend
- vote the article up
- vote the article down
- copy I want to embed this on my own site code from an input field
- the number of times the article has been viewed
- tags associated with the article

Hi Matijs,

Those elements are all functions provided for the current page, and so 
they belong together and can be handled in an unordered list. I don't 
see anything speaking against that. Try viewing your layout structure by 
 turning of stylesheets and you can then probably decide with more 
confidence about how the semantic elements of the page structure should 
be displayed with (X)HTML elements.

As s simple rule i usually create the (X)HTML structure when i have a 
determined the basic layout, without applying any stylesheet. When the 
structure is correct and seems logic as applied to the content i proceed.

regards, Jens

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Re: [WSG] flash navigation - Devils advocate

2008-06-26 Thread Jens Nedal
I think i agree with all of the above, that using Flash for navigation 
is not a good or applicable solution, even with appropiate fallback.

The only reason i could think of for using Flash in this case would be, 
when a specific font is required, that will just not render properly 
with (X)HTML/CSS/Javascript.

This reminds me alot of the about sFIR, the Flash image replacement method.

regards, Jens

willdonovan wrote:
I know that there are a lot of free javascript libraries available for 
you to use without having to go to the extent of programming your own 
javascript features.

things like dhtml goodies and scriptaculous, I'm sure the group has some 
other options but this is getting off topic now. a quick search would 
find a few for you.


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Re: [WSG] Marking Up Poems

2008-06-24 Thread Jens Nedal

dwain wrote:
 i agree, put the poem in a div, place the poem inside a p, use br
 / (br for html4) at the end of each line and a double br /
 between stanzas (unless you are writing a very long poem, then i'd
 go for p at every stanza).


Hello Web Standards Group List Readers,
This is my first post here, and i am looking forward to more conclusive 

Now back on topic. If you ask me, i would say that a double br is a 
p already. Look at word processing programs. When you wish for a 
double br you will simply type Enter. If you want a line-break you 
will mostly do a Shift+Enter.

p is a paragraph and a poem can consist of multiple paragraphs, called 
verses. The discussion might be about small matters, but i feel p 
looks more like it fits breaking a poem into verses.

Another idea might be using an ul list instead of div an wrapping 
the poems into li list elements, since your chained div elements 
would result in a list of poems.

So far my first thoughts.
regards, Jens

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Re: [WSG] Mobile phone support of CSS

2008-06-24 Thread Jens Nedal

Paul Collins wrote:

Hi all,

I'm trying to find a comprehensive list of Mobile phone browsers and
CSS support. I currently have a Nokia N70 and as far as I can see it
doesn't support CSS at all. But, perhaps with a stylesheet targeting
mobile phones it would?!

The main reason is, I am trying to decide whether putting the main
logo of a site in as an inline image is better than a background, as
it would still show up with CSS not supported. But then, how many
mobile browsers still don't support CSS whatsoever?!

In addition if you are trying to locate which mobile browser from which 
mobile vendor is coming along, this universal XML File called WURFL 
might help alot. It contains information about the capabilities and 
features of many mobile devices and more.

regards, Jens

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