Re: [WSG] Chrome and Safari

2008-10-15 Thread Jon Warner
Not from what I've seen - safari (pc based) can be fine, chrome not. I'd have to go through my history somewhat to link theese pages/sites but if you must have the proof... At the end of the day never assume 'just cos one works another similar will'. Chrome may be based on something, doesn;t

Re: [WSG] Question about presenting numeric percentages and accessibility.

2008-10-15 Thread Jon Warner
Could you use spans or divs (inline) to add title/other descriptive tags? I'm planning a voluntary site for a day nursery and am looking to make it perfect, as a portfolio piece but as a learning platform also. In other words I'd appreciate others more experienced opinions. Regards Jon

Re: [WSG] H1 and the img tag

2008-08-25 Thread Jon Warner
Situations like this I tend to have the normal img and a separate text in h1 then use one of several methods to move the h1 out of sight (someone mentioned indenting the text as one example). Degrades fine when no css as the h1 tag just appears in the order set in the html. Jon Warner