RE: [WSG] TARGET in 4.01 Strict

2006-02-15 Thread Jona Decker
Lachlan Hunt wrote: For what reason are they annoying? You can't just say something is annoying because you think something else is better, you have explain what it is about it that is annoying, and perhaps the issue could be addressed to improve the method without resorting to popups. I'll

RE: [WSG] .htm include file into another .htm

2006-01-18 Thread Jona Decker
You wrote: Using standards, which is the best way to achieve this: 1. !--#include virtual=/included.htm -- 2. !--#include virtual=included.htm -- 3. !--#include file=included.html -- I don't think the way you include has anything to do with standards. *What* you include does...that

[WSG] More on character encoding

2005-11-23 Thread Jona Decker
I am assuming there are other web developers in Exchange environments that might have some insight into a problem I'm having. It's standards-related, I promise. We're a company that utilizes an Exchange server for mail and scheduling. We have lots of email addresses and lots of email distribution

RE: [WSG] Site check (eCommerce)

2005-08-17 Thread Jona Decker
Thierry Koblentz wrote: - Is a DL the right markup for the FAQ and Directions pages? I think a definition list is the most semantically correct markup for an FAQ. If you look at the w3 documention on lists it says that DLs ...consist of two parts: a term and a description which is pretty close

RE: [WSG] Image Thumnail Advice

2005-07-02 Thread Jona Decker
You wrote: 3. paste the capture into PhotoShop 4. Transform/Scale the image from it's captured size (760 pixels x 550 pixels) down to a165x 115 pixel thumbnail First, don't use transform/scale. Use the Image...Image Size command. It should already be set correctlyto 72 dpi, constrain

RE: [WSG] Making PDF and Word files accessible

2005-06-03 Thread Jona Decker
for others, different list designators for Macs vs. PCs, etc... The newest Acrobat (7 Pro) also exports to plain text quite effectively...not just RTF. It ostensibly offers an html w/css option, but uses inline styles extensively, so the plain text route is more efficient. Jona Decker Madison, WI USA