Re: [WSG] W3C validator bug?

2007-05-02 Thread Ken Robinson
Quoting Nick Fitzsimons [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Hi, Since I made a post whose title included double-quotes on my WordPress-powered site, the W3C's validator has been whining at me: because the page now contains

Re: [WSG] PHP includes

2008-02-05 Thread Ken Robinson
Quoting Michael Horowitz [EMAIL PROTECTED]: If I am including a menu using the PHP include command but the actuual menu is an html list does the included file need to have its code including the css style sheet or will it use the style sheet of the page it is included to. Any text that's in

Re: [WSG] Firefox 3 candidate

2008-06-18 Thread Ken Robinson
Quoting Jason Grant [EMAIL PROTECTED]: It will replace it even if you install into different directory. :-( Then it means you are not going to have your FireBug available to work with. FF3 is very nice and I am excited. Just can't wait for FireBug to become compatible with it as it is so

Re: [WSG] More on spam traps

2012-08-22 Thread Ken Robinson
Client side validation fails when scammers screen scrape your site and then directly send to your receiving script. You really need to consider using a server side validation. Ken Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry -Original Message- From: coder