Re: [WSG] MA in web development

2008-06-12 Thread Kevin Lennon
aboehmer wrote: It could contain a pile of subjects, depending on how far you want to take it. Here just some ideas: HTML/CSS Multimedia (Video, Flash, Podcasts, etc) Basics in Programming (PHP/VB, etc) Usability Accessibility Search Engine Optimisation Basics in Graphic Design (Photoshop,

Re: [WSG] AccessResearch // Page Check

2007-11-17 Thread Kevin Lennon
James Jeffery wrote: - The first thing that struck me was the blatent missues of the em element. - Missing title attribute from your anchor's - No indication as to who or what your site is about. At least a logo or name. - Why use XHTML? If you are not using anything XML related you should be

Re: [WSG] Idiot's guide to JavaScript

2007-11-13 Thread Kevin Lennon
Rob Mason wrote: Hi guys, Am comfortable with HTML/CSS and accessibility in general, but struggle with JavaScript. I'm not a developer by trade, am a business type (sales and marketing) so most oft he stuff is well over my head. I am looking for a really basic, plain English guide to

Re: [WSG] Javascript Code not working in IE6

2007-10-23 Thread Kevin Lennon
Alexander Uribe wrote: In my javascript class at college, I have to find out why this piece of code does not run in IE6. I can't seem to figure out why. If anyone knows, that would be great cheers, Alex. Code below !DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC -//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN

Re: [WSG] Web Standards In Colleges and Universities

2007-10-21 Thread Kevin Lennon
Stuart Foulstone wrote: Hi, You could possibly use how your college's own Website is coded to support your case. I don't know which college you're at, but look at how their Website is coded - I would be surprised if their still using the methods your tutor is teaching. I feel your

Re: [WSG] IE help

2007-08-23 Thread Kevin Lennon
Bob Schwartz wrote: Some users have complained that when they go to this page and try to download the linked files with IE 7 they get a message stating something like Explorer is unable to download the requested file My Windows (server 2000)

Re: [WSG] Usability Accessibility Over Design?

2007-08-15 Thread Kevin Lennon
James Jeffery wrote: However, if you want see an example where prestige is also crucial, but the designer has use compliant methods and passed 508 validation (at least) see: http://www.fosterandpartners .com/Practice/Default.aspx I dont mean to pick on this

RE: [WSG] Teaching CSS

2007-03-17 Thread Kevin Lennon
Best learning book I have ever seen or owned on CSS was CSS the Missing Manual by David Sawyer McFarland published by Pogue Press / O'Reilly. The book is a great book for beginners especially as it walks you through many of the real world problems. The thing is it does cover a lot of the Hacks