Re: [WSG] Web design education

2006-02-13 Thread Michael Nelson
Ric Raftis wrote:It was interesting reading your post James because it seems that TAFEs across the country may vary widely despite courses supposedly being drawn from a national based syllabus and providing national accreditation. Related to this, I reckon one of the biggest problems causing a

Re: [WSG] Standards-based PHP tutorials for beginners...

2004-09-09 Thread Michael Nelson
Thanks Dylan, Joshua and Nick (and Amit), for the info! Talk about 6-degrees of separation between the backend and presentation :) I'm currently facilitating a class learning HTML/CSS/JavaScript as part of a Certificate IV in WebDesign. We've been learning XHTML 1.0 from the start, separating

[WSG] Standards-based PHP tutorials for beginners...

2004-09-07 Thread Michael Nelson
... a bit much to ask? Just wondering if anyone knew of any such tutorials. Those on seem as if they were written by C programmers wanting to learn php. Yet those on webmonkey are so old that they still use things like: echo FONT COLOR='red'Hi there; Makes it very hard to help HTML

Re: [WSG] Interview markup?

2004-09-04 Thread Michael Nelson
What is the most semantic way to markup an interview? I've been thinking about this a bit. If I did want to find the _most semantic_ way to markup an interview (I can't imagine thinking about it if we hadn't been discussing it though ;-), why wouldn't a paragraph with a meaningful class be the

Re: [WSG] Anyone know of any good DOM tutorials?

2004-09-03 Thread Michael Nelson
Hmm... not sure about a tutorial, but adapting Patrick Griffaths DOM example for avoiding email spam at would give something like: function changeClass(id, newclass){ elementToChange = document.getElementById(id);

Re: [WSG] Anyone know of any good DOM tutorials?

2004-09-03 Thread Michael Nelson
Seona, Is there good reason not to use CSS psuedo classes such as :hover etc? ( I guess you're doing something more complex than the example below... On Sat, 2004-09-04 at 08:28, Michael Nelson wrote: Hmm... not sure about a tutorial