Re: [WSG] Marking up company logo

2008-06-03 Thread Stewart Griffiths
For the title you should really switch it around so that it is more specific to the page, and will be much better for SEO purposes. titlePage title - Section Title - Site title/title For the Logo h1 aspect, I would personally use the gilder/levin image replacement technique, using within this

Re: [WSG] transparency, png IE6?? Screen Resolution

2008-06-10 Thread Stewart Griffiths
There is a way to produce portable network graphics (png's) so that they render correctly across all browsers without the need to employ complicated hacks and ie filter-based solutions heavy javascript files, such as the twin

Re: [WSG] Firefox 3 candidate

2008-06-18 Thread Stewart Griffiths
firebug 1.2 works fine on FF3 and is available from the add-ons on the mozilla site: Stew 2008/6/18 Ken Robinson [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Quoting kate [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Ken, Its said this am that there is a problem and so no Firebug for my

Re: [WSG] Mobile phone support of CSS

2008-06-24 Thread Stewart Griffiths
Paul, Check out these great resources: - - - And for testing you can use which provides remote access to actual handsets (not emulators). Good Luck. Stew 2008/6/24 Paul Collins [EMAIL

[WSG] Website review :

2009-01-16 Thread Stewart Griffiths Date: 2009/1/9 Subject: Re: website review To: Stewart Griffiths Hi Stewart, Sounds fine, as long as you phrase your request clearly to the group ­ ie, what you are asking them to review. Good luck with the launch! Thanks Russ

Re: [WSG] Website review :

2009-01-16 Thread Stewart Griffiths
Thanks Chris, we will look at that now. Stew 2009/1/16 Christian Montoya On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 11:41 AM, Stewart Griffiths wrote: All, Please can you provide feedback on the following website We are looking

Re: [WSG] Website review :

2009-01-16 Thread Stewart Griffiths
at the typography we are using and look to make it consistent across the site, the background gradiants and the nav icons we will again look at updating. Thanks for the feedback, this is all great stuff. Stew 2009/1/16 Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis On 16/1/09 16:41, Stewart