Re: [WSG] Expected behaviour of links to external websites

2011-12-29 Thread Tom Ditmars
On 12/29/2011 01:02 PM, coder wrote: I had an awful job getting her to understand what [a browser was], but eventually she explained : I use my e. This was subsequently clarified by the explanation that she meant the small blue thing at the bottom of the screen. Let me add that this lady sits

[WSG] Re: Disabled man got 6 years for sextortion

2011-09-02 Thread Tom Ditmars
. [snip] At the risk of sounding callous, while the situation is unfortunate and abhorrent, I'm not sure how it relates to this mailing list, specifically. -- ___ Tom Ditmarszarggg [at] zarggg [dot] net KeyID: 0x34427574

Re: [WSG] How do you cater to users with disabilities?

2011-08-23 Thread Tom Ditmars
and Web Standards. -- ___ Tom Ditmarszarggg [at] zarggg [dot] net KeyID: 0x2E22D768 --- *** List Guidelines

Re: [WSG] Mobile Page Passes but MIME Type Fails

2010-06-17 Thread Tom Ditmars
, as other have mentioned, you should check with your host to make sure that the file is served how you want it (most likely application/xhtml+xml). Once you have that set up, you should remove that meta element. -- ___ Tom Ditmarszarggg