Re: Using CSS instead of JS for accessibility (was Re: [WSG] CSS Expandable Menu)

2010-06-29 Thread daniel a. thornbury
I used to use cssplay menus 6+ years ago but they're not the friendliest or most compliant to work with. I really like superfish - i've been using that for a few years with no problems at all. and I find it very easy to customise. I


2009-09-13 Thread daniel a. thornbury
Well, it's fortunate that this is not an English validation list, because so many of the posters would fail abysmally. Having worked at an RTO I'm curious how someone involved in training a Certificate IV level course could have such poor spelling and grammar. I do, at least, admire

Re: [WSG] My best practice HTML sheet

2009-06-25 Thread daniel a. thornbury
Very useful! ...but I would love the PDF or ODT versions to be available so I can print it up to stick onto the wall for quick-reference (and to make me look a little smarter)... On 26/06/2009, at 5:28 AM, Keryx Web wrote: Hello all! I have updated my best practice table at

Re: [WSG] Box model in IE7

2009-04-24 Thread daniel a. thornbury
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