Re: [WSG] Changes to websites

2007-11-27 Thread Adeline Yaw

Hi Deborah, 

I can't see how the changes will make an impact as yet but this
resource is useful (if you aren't aware of it already).

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  I am looking for feedback on how
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Re: [WSG] Visual Design Of Websites

2007-07-11 Thread Adeline Yaw

I'm currently doing the same course as
Marvin (different stage and campus) and I don't think its a hinderance
to be exposed to all sides of web development. I don't think they want
us (students) to become all-rounders but to at least develop
fundamental basics so if we are interested (eg. databases or graphic
side of the web) we can then move into specialised fields or do further
study eg. do a programming certificate (learning java and c sharp) or
database design/development or multimedia design...

I'll be continuing my cert iv course in website design then moving into
the diploma course in website development (to learn more back-end
languages eg. ajax, php, mysql and starting next year.

Seona Bellamy wrote:
trouble is that if this is part of a university/college course, then
you don't get a choice. I mean, I knew what I wanted to specialise in,
but I had to do all sorts of things during my degree course just so I
could get that little piece of paper at the end. And while I
technically didn't have to do brilliantly at all of them (except for
the sake of my academic pride!) I did at least have to do well enough
at all of them to pass.
Any sort of schooling tends to try and turn out all-rounders. If you
want to specialise, then do some independent study (certification
courses, etc) once you have your bit of paper. :) Or, during, if you're
as impatient as I am and can't be bothered waiting.
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Re: [WSG] Content Management issue ?

2007-05-28 Thread Adeline Yaw
I'm surprised no one has really commented on Joomla! I've read the 
feedback and reviews on Joomla and not only is it free and open source 
CMS, you're able to customise and add extensions as appropriate for your 
client. Check out the demo at:
Joomla! 1.5 is suppose to be out soon but the beta version is available 
to play around with. This company ( 
solely provides clients with Joomla! CMS sites.

Kevin Ross wrote:


I have a question which has surfaced due to an upcoming requirement.

I have built a web site for a client who now wants to be able to
manage the site on her own.  She is computer literate, but not a web
designer, by any means.  I am new to the idea of Content Management
systems and am really trying to wrap my brain around what they really
do and how to set one up.  I guess I am wondering how other designers
handle this type of issue?  How do you setup clients to manage their
own site so they are not having to take a detailed course in Web
Design.  I hope my concern is understood, as I have been thinking
about this issue for a while and have investigated certain software...
Joomla, Wordpress...

Can anyone lend a hand?  Thanks very much...


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Re: [WSG] Map of Australia Image Map

2007-05-24 Thread Adeline Yaw

Hi Felisimina, 

Try this tutorial-

Scroll to the bottom of the Demos page to view tutorials on Image Maps
(all CSS).


Felisimina Jom wrote:

  Hi Everyone
  We are trying to put together a map
of Australia where the states appear on hover and are clickable.
  As I understand it, the hover state
can't be used in area so I wonder if there is a way to display
the States on hover without using _javascript_?
  Has anybody seen or created way of
displaying States on hover using CSS only?
  Thanks in advance for your advice.
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Re: [WSG] Template Review

2007-04-29 Thread Adeline Yaw

Hi CK, 

I think there should be more line-height in the main content of the
page, it just looks too squished to me.
And the text 'read more' is way too tiny.


CK wrote:
  Typography is the emphasis of this creation, so a review for
readability is desired. Please send along screen captures of any
strange behavior. Concerned with the absolute placement of the
navigation and the generated content.
  "One doesn't prosper by treachery and
  Characterand work must stand forward.",tomorrow,74912,9.html
  Christopher Kennon
  Front End Developer/Programmer -Bushidodeep
  bushidodeep (
  e-mail: ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
  blog: (
  Cell: (347)753.2551
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Re: [WSG] WANAU - anyone heard of them?

2007-04-10 Thread Adeline Yaw

Hi Susie, 

I haven't heard of this group before but I have gone through the
website and it looks like something that's needed esp. among
I am definitely interested in attending the Sydney event in May.

Sydney Uni are actually having a web forum this afternoon for all CMS
users and I will definitely mention this site and at least
get people on board the mailing list.


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Adeline Yaw

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University of Sydney NSW 2006
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Susie Gardner-Brown wrote:

  WANAU - anyone heard of them?
  Web Accessibility Network for Australian
Universities ... 
They are proposing running their annual forum on Accessibility in
online teaching at UQ where I work, and weve been asked to help ... :)
I expect I will be involved anyway, but would be interested in any
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