Re: [WSG] premature to test/worry new site for IE8?

2008-04-27 Thread Anders Nawroth
Hi! Ben Buchanan skrev: My take on this is you cannot *really* code for a browser that's not released yet. Alpha/Beta/pre-release versions simply are not the same as final versions. My experience from IE7 beta releases in a nutshell: * bugs changed between betas * no bugs I encountered (and

Re: [WSG] Spolsky on IE8 flag

2008-03-19 Thread Anders Nawroth
Spolsky: Enough ugly hacks. 8 billion existing web pages be damned. If I got this right, only around 10 % of web pages are rendered in standards mode, and will be affected by the changed behaviour in IE 8. Still a lot of pages, of course. Pages done long

Re: [WSG] linking to images with //

2008-01-31 Thread Anders Nawroth
James Ellis skrev: Relative URI references are distinguished from absolute URI in that they do not begin with a scheme name. Instead, the scheme is inherited from the base URI, as described in Section 5.2. // in the beginning of the URI says this is a network path. I have no idea of

Re: [WSG] Toggle L2 menu items (within WCAG)

2007-10-29 Thread Anders Nawroth
Kit Grose skrev: JonMarc, It sounds to me like he's referring more to a tree layout than a drop-down menu. When it comes to tree menus, I'll add this to the list: Standards compliant, keyboard friendly and more ... written by me. /andersN

Re: [WSG] skip to content: care of accessibility causing usability

2007-10-28 Thread Anders Nawroth
Hi! Tee G. Peng skrev: Thanks to your influences, it has become my second nature to have 'skip to content' I use to do it the other way around, having the content first in source and using a link to get to the navigation. And then I simply put a link to the menu, not anything about

Re: [WSG] Encoded mailto links - and mail sender

2007-10-19 Thread Anders Nawroth
Mike at skrev: That said, even though people are the most difficult to control, they don't seem to be the real problem. The problem seems to be with 'bots so that's the form's main focus. You're right, bots are the real problem to focus on. /anders

Re: [WSG] Encoded mailto links

2007-10-19 Thread Anders Nawroth
Hi! Chris Knowles skrev: Plus you're still putting the email address in the source code albeit a modified version. If this became a popular way to handle mailtos a harvester is sure to be written to pattern match http://.../com/... or http://.../com/au/... or whatever at some stage and attempt

Re: [WSG] Encoded mailto links - and mail sender

2007-10-19 Thread Anders Nawroth
Hi! Mike at skrev: I offer that in my contact form. It's a config option. The contact form owner can enable/disable offering a get-a-copy option to his/her visitors. Is there any way to protect this from being used as a way to send out spam? You can't really know that people

Re: [WSG] Encoded mailto links

2007-10-18 Thread Anders Nawroth
Hi! Nikita The Spider The Spider skrev: You might be interested in an experiment I ran that compared a few techniques for protecting one's email address from harvesting bots. The short answer: entity references worked very well I think the time span of your study is to short. I have used the

Re: [WSG] Encoded mailto links

2007-10-18 Thread Anders Nawroth
Hi! Ray Leventhal skrev: As a matter of preference, I generally try to eliminate all mailto: links on any site I've been asked to work on. In place, I use a contact form, Me too :-) But then you get form-post spam after a while ... I have begun to add a random token as a hidden field to

Re: [WSG] Encoded mailto links

2007-10-17 Thread Anders Nawroth
Hi! Chris Knowles skrev: maybe harvesters look for the ASCII value of the @ symbol and find addresses still? Some harvesters decodes the links, so this is not a solution to the spam problem. The decoding is really trivial to perform in most programming languages. /anders

Re: [WSG] (X)HTML Best Practice Sheet - CSS issues

2007-08-15 Thread Anders Nawroth
Keryx Web skrev: The Open Office version has a nice feature. The headings are fixed when you scroll. One can't duplicate that in a table with CSS as far as I know (position: fixed for table columns and rows...) You are looking for thead/tbody HTML elements:

Re: [WSG] Usefulness of JSDoc

2007-07-28 Thread Anders Nawroth
Hi! Keryx Web: 1. Is JSDoc not a good idea? If so, why not? It's a good idea, but it's not nearly as useful as JavaDoc. I think there are problems arising from the degree to which JavaScript is a dynamic language. 2. If it is, why has it not caught on? Real programmers with experience

Re: [WSG] Back to the Future

2007-06-12 Thread Anders Nawroth
Chris Taylor skrev: Hi all, I've been asked to write a website that MUST work in Netscape 4.03 and Remember to put modern CSS in a separate, imported stylesheet file, as NN4 can crash when encountering CSS that it does not know how to interpret. /Anders

Re: [WSG] Firefox web developer icons

2007-06-04 Thread Anders Nawroth
Bojana Lalic skrev: Where can I find those icons used in the firefox web developer add-on? I am after the Disable, Information and Green tick ones. Not an answer to your question, but this icon set is good and free to use: /AndersN

Re: [WSG] Suggestions rquired on my web portfolio

2007-05-23 Thread Anders Nawroth
I would really appreciate, if you guys can take a look at :, and send me your comments/suggestions. Really nice work! The form does not validate, it's easy to fix that, check the validator output:

Re: [WSG] css type loop

2007-05-21 Thread Anders Nawroth
Rob Kirton skrev: More precisely, the use of id and class can only add semantic value to developers or to those who have to maintain the site. They have no bearing on real world semantics in terms of benefit derived by end users and page retrieval via search engines. Take a look at this:

Re: [WSG] doing things right

2007-03-11 Thread Anders Nawroth
Bob Schwartz skrev: tdnbsp;/td AFAIK this was needed for NN4. /AndersN *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe: Help: [EMAIL

Re: [WSG] Use of Enter key to naviagte between form fields

2007-02-27 Thread Anders Nawroth
Hi! Nick Fitzsimons: I would say that the main issue is that the Enter key is used to submit a form. When I fill in a form, I usually Tab from field to field and, when at the end, hit Enter to submit it. There's no way I would be pleased to find the expected behaviour was broken. The

Re: [WSG] Use of Enter key to naviagte between form fields

2007-02-27 Thread Anders Nawroth
Hi! Nick Roper: A customer has requested that they should be able to navigate between input fields on a form by using the Enter key - i.e. to replicate the action of the Tab key. If your customer wants to avoid that users submit the form by mistake by pressing the Enter key, you could add a

Re: [WSG] Re: Encoding test page

2006-03-14 Thread Anders Nawroth
Hej! Keryx webb skrev: That's what we were discussing. If a page is sent as XHTML, one could argue that it's supposed to be self-documenting, and that it might mean that the xml-prologue should be more important than the http-header. As my page proves, in FFox, MSIE and Opera (the three I've

Re: [WSG] standards-happy javascript for faq

2006-01-30 Thread Anders Nawroth This one has very clean HTML markup. /AndersN SunUp skrev: Does anyone know of a method which will toggle the visibility of the FAQ answers while still displaying everything properly without javascript, and that adheres to current best practise for

Re: [WSG] Article: MIME and Content Negotiation

2006-01-17 Thread Anders Nawroth
designer skrev: So I made a simplified version of my opening page (removed counters and other impedimenta) and removed the meta tags. All I got was Chinese and gobbledegook! So I uploaded it to: I was stunned to find that it works a treat when

Re: [WSG] content type etc

2006-01-17 Thread Anders Nawroth
Hello! Paolo Dodet skrev: That is. If you access my personal site using IE you will notice that I use a meta tag to declare the mime-type, and in the case of IE it would be text/html, whereas if you access using any other browser the page will be served as XML, using a xml declaration,

Re: [WSG] CSS filesize and selector names

2005-11-10 Thread Anders Nawroth
Hejsan! [EMAIL PROTECTED] skrev: This has made my CSS file nearly 10kb large and consists of nearly 600 rows of CSS code. Is this a problem in general? No. Are there any issues regarding large CSS files? Any recomendations for CSS file sizes both in KB and rows. When hitting 40 KB I

Re: [WSG] injecting an extra hook with javascript

2005-11-02 Thread Anders Nawroth
James Gollan skrev: You mentioned that you wanted to be able to see it when you view the source - is that important? FF extension to see the rendered source ! /AndersN ** The

Re: [WSG] form hidden field ?

2005-10-29 Thread Anders Nawroth
Dave, Firefox is rendering the border you've defined on the input selector. Use inline CSS of border:0; or give it a class/ID (as you have the other form elements) and add a rule to your stylesheet to stop this from appearing. I remember this bug from Mozilla a long time ago. I did this:

Re: [WSG] Set min-width using DOM

2005-10-21 Thread Anders Nawroth
Thierry Koblentz skrev: Ian Rifkin wrote: The min-width was set using CSS expressions which only works in IE. It actually is javascript that makes it work, but it goes in the CSS (inline or external stylesheet). It won't work if javascript is off. I'm not sure about that. I believe

Re: [WSG] When bugs become patterns - A look at CSS Hacks

2005-09-29 Thread Anders Nawroth
Drake, Ted C. skrev: I think the future of CSS is not in hacks but looking seriously into using the conditional comments. I’m saying this as someone that is trying to figure out the best approach for retrofitting older conversions. Conditional comments are IE statements that say if ie6 use

[WSG] absolute positioning in IE

2005-08-28 Thread Anders Nawroth
Hello! I want to position an element at the top right corner of the document (not the viewport). In standards based browsers this is easy using position: absolute; top: 0; right: 0; But the problem is, on most of the pages where I use this the positioned element disappears in IE. I can't

Re: [WSG] absolute positioning in IE

2005-08-28 Thread Anders Nawroth
Kenny Graham skrev: Make sure the page validates. IE should render that fine unless it's in quirks mode. If it validates and still doesnt work, post a link and I'll have a look. The pages render in CSS1Compat (standards) mode. A page with only standards CSS:

Re: [WSG] absolute positioning in IE

2005-08-28 Thread Anders Nawroth
Ingo Chao skrev: Anders Nawroth wrote: For disappearing a.p. boxes, see Your testpage shows the problem listed as Example 1 The fix is to rearrange the html, or by inserting an empty box, see

Re: [WSG] IE problem with ?xml version=1.0 encoding=iso-8859-1?

2005-08-26 Thread Anders Nawroth
Patrick Lauke skrev: Richard Ishida You should at least check that you do declare the encoding in a meta tag, and that it is correct. Although it's best to also send the correct HTTP header to specify the document's encoding (otherwise it's the weird situation in which a browser

Re: [**] [WSG] Know any standard's compliant WYSIWYG XHTML editors for a CMS integration?

2005-08-26 Thread Anders Nawroth
Login at: and change your mailing list settings to include the CMS list. /AndersN Matt Harris skrev: Also, unfortunately I haven't recieved any CMS invitations. Do you have a link to the list?

Re: [WSG] bi-lingual page?

2005-08-09 Thread Anders Nawroth
Barry Beattie skrev: this is the first time I've done anything like this but I'm wondering what it takes to display two languages (and therefore two charsets) There can be only one charset on a webpage, but with unicode/utf-8 you still can have content in different languages on the same

Re: [WSG] Encoding, charsets and entities...

2005-06-16 Thread Anders Nawroth
Dejan Kozina skrev: The encoding declaration in the XML prolog is required only if you use an encoding that's not utf-8 or utf-16. XHTML documents default to utf-8 if not otherwise specified, while HTML (4.01) documents have no default charset.


2005-06-16 Thread Anders Nawroth
Hello! Since turning JS off in IE also affects HTC-behaviors, I needed a fix for the logotype on this site, as it covers some content when the transparancy fails: (I'm using .htc for the logotype, the background of the content is a simple GIF image.) What I wanted

Re: [WSG] JavaScript and W3C DOM discussion groups?

2005-06-12 Thread Anders Nawroth This list studies the JavaScript implementation of the W3C DOM in the various browsers. It has a strongly practical bend. Discussion of the standards is not forbidden, but the most important topic should be how the standards turn out to work in

Re: [WSG] problem with utf-8 page encoding

2005-06-09 Thread Anders Nawroth
Vaska.WSG skrev: The Chinese websites I have looked up have latin1 style sign of Chinese text anywhere in there. Look at: Works in FF1 IE6 and the URLs look really nice in Opera8 (and sometimes in IE too). I have no other browsers here right now. Seems

Re: [WSG] problem with utf-8 page encoding

2005-06-07 Thread Anders Nawroth
tee: These are domains but the one Anders provided does have a path in Japanese character, and it works in FF. I looked at and they use this practise. What doesn't always works well, is links from pages with other charsets

Re: [WSG] problem with utf-8 page encoding

2005-06-06 Thread Anders Nawroth
this wouldn't be possible... According to W3C it shold be possible, look at: IE needs a plugin to enable IDN: (Internationalized Domain Names) /Anders

Re: [WSG] problem with utf-8 page encoding

2005-06-06 Thread Anders Nawroth
More in-depth information here: Anders Nawroth skrev: this wouldn't be possible... According to W3C it shold be possible, look at: IE needs a plugin to enable IDN

Re: [WSG] Making PDF and Word files accessible

2005-06-04 Thread Anders Nawroth
I have good experience with Tidy: /Anders George S. Williams skrev: On Fri, 2005-06-03 at 06:36, Angela Galvin wrote: Secondly, with the Word documents, if there is an easier way to convert them to HTML? I use an open source program, antiword, to

[WSG] UTF-8 (was: Quirks mode vs Standards mode)

2005-04-18 Thread Anders Nawroth
HTMLTidy is the only useful piece of software I've found for web page development, and I use it to clean up my pages and get proper encoding of my Norwenglish lines of text into numeric entities (UTF-8) where needed. What characters needs encoding into numeric entities when using UTF-8? I try to

Re: [WSG] Re: Quoting Code Snippets

2005-03-12 Thread Anders Nawroth
textarea is also an alternative, it handles long lines without making the width increase, and makes it easy to copy the code. /AndersN diona kidd skrev: Wouldn't you know it. As soon as I sent out that email, I found the answer. Behold, the pre tag

Re: [WSG] navigation using arrows for location

2005-03-05 Thread Anders Nawroth
Paul Novitski skrev: I've been thinking along these lines lately, as I've just drafted another kind of menu that uses connecting lines: Play with the category location menus -- categories are only two-deep but location's four-deep. It is resizable

Re: [WSG] navigation using arrows for location

2005-03-05 Thread Anders Nawroth
Thanks! I wish we could find out why IE throws the submenus around sometimes ... then it would be *really* useful. /Anders Paul Novitski skrev: Nice work, Anders! Paul At 02:40 AM 3/5/2005, you wrote: Paul Novitski skrev: I've been thinking along these lines lately, as I've just drafted another

Re: [WSG] Help with centering - jumps horizontally depending on presence of vertical scrollbar

2005-01-02 Thread Anders Nawroth
I use this code: html { min-height: 100%; margin-bottom: 1px; } It forces the vertical scrollbar on all pages. /Anders Mani Sheriar skrev: Hi All, Im working on a project which can be seen here: The page is centered using a div align=center wrapping around a

Re: [WSG] Flyout menu questions

2004-11-08 Thread Anders Nawroth
Pringle, Ron wrote: Ideas, criticisms, suggestions and opinions welcomed. I think it's to difficult to use for many visitors, flyouts are not so easy to handle for everybody! If you make Aldermans office and so on clickable, and point the links to

Re: [WSG] Preventing flash of unstyled content

2004-09-29 Thread Anders Nawroth David wrote: Does anybody know how to prevent the flash of (CSS)unstyled content that appears when a page is loading and the browser is yet to download and apply the stylesheet to the web page? ** The

Re: [WSG] Looking for a good standards compliant wiki

2004-09-17 Thread Anders Nawroth
Joe Leech wrote: Anybody know of one? Preferably where the user has to login to change the page. Tavi is a extreme-lightweight-wiki. There is no login to change pages as for now. Tavi is written in Php -- it's not very difficult to add password protection or login

Re: [WSG] :hover and accessibility

2004-08-28 Thread Anders Nawroth
Christopher M Kelly wrote: Could a JavaScript onfocus/onblur combo work for this? I've been trying to create accessible drop-down menus with CSS and JavaScript and haven't quite got it working. What do you think about this kind of menu: There should be a skip to menu

Re: [WSG] Web Accessability, SEO, Bookmarking - mod_rewrite

2004-07-23 Thread Anders Nawroth
Chris Stratford wrote: So originally my method worked fine! just have the header point to: styles/sheet.css Use /styles/sheet.css. It points to the same location from everywhere in your site. /AndersN * The discussion list for

Re: [WSG] auto generated PHP sessions identifier causes valodation errors

2004-07-03 Thread Anders Nawroth
Andrey V. Stefanenko wrote: I am not able to confignure auto generated PHP output dta href=./profile/?pid=1025PHPSESSID=6a2db2de31fb7e15728cc68dd01899c4 and not able to avoid ampersands in URL Should I and how i can setup my PHP? In your .htaccess file: php_value arg_separator.output amp; or

Re: [WSG] Character Encoding Mismatch

2004-07-02 Thread Anders Nawroth
Kay Smoljak wrote: I was under the impression - please correct me if I'm wrong - that if the server is sending the character encoding, there is no need to also have the meta tag. Is there any other reason to include it, client-side? Take a look at:

Re: [WSG] Disabilities Survey

2004-06-20 Thread Anders Nawroth
Philippe Wittenbergh wrote: One question had me wondering of late: do screen readers read the link element in the head, do they 'see' this as a link in their list ? Examples: link rel=bookmark href=#contents title=Read the article / !-- points to the contents area -- link rel=bookmark

Re: [WSG] file extensions

2004-06-13 Thread Anders Nawroth
Michael Kear wrote: Whats the point of doing this? Saving 4 characters per image as a way of reducing bandwidth? Is there any other purpose? */ /* There is another purpose. See this W3C Note: Serve static content without file extension CM The reason why one should