RE: # Re: [WSG] Beta Testers Needed for BCAT

2009-01-13 Thread Andrew R
A question was asked early in this thread about what are the benefits of using Flash? There's been no answer to that question. I was hoping to learn some answers because I've been confused about why it's become so widely used in eLearning. I think I see several factors but I also think

[WSG] Follow up on web site governance

2008-12-18 Thread Andrew R
Hi gang A week or so ago I posted a message about web site governance. I think the outcome was others were having problems in this area. So I’ve done some research and drawn together some thoughts. It’s turned out to be a longish document so rather then publish it here and risk cluttering

Re: [WSG] Fw: The Great Firewall of Australia

2008-11-30 Thread Andrew R
And adding my 2 cents worth… This is part of the grand conspiracy. The panic about porn / bomb instructions on the web knee jerk is a smoke screen. What the government wants to do is control how it’s citizen access media and hence ideas. They love the traditional mass media because it’s easy

[WSG] Web governance

2008-11-23 Thread Andrew R
I realise the list is very much about nuts and bolt of standards. So this might not be the right place for this posting and might be deemed to be ‘off topic’. If it is please ignore! I work in a large (lumbering) Australian federal government agency. My colleges in the web publishing

Re: [WSG] Accessibility - Scanning PDFs

2008-10-29 Thread Andrew R
I don't think a pdf (or any other format) containing only images would have much chance of being accessible as such. ...does anyone have any recommendations for good OCR tools? How is scanning to PDF normally done in places that use PDF a lot for scanned documents (eg government sites)