Re: [WSG] print css crashing ie6

2005-05-10 Thread Anton Andreasson
Gallagher, Robin skrev: Hi I've got a 3-column css page that crashes IE6 when I try to print or print preview. Can anyone suggest a possible cause? Hard to say without access to the CSS code. Have you got an URL? /Anton ** The discussion list for

Re: [WSG] Mac IE 5.2 and horizontally presented lis

2004-07-17 Thread Anton Andreasson
I'm running into a problem with the presentation of my primary navigation in Mac IE 5.2. [..] First, try to use div#navigation ul instead of div#nav-primary ul, if that's what you want to control (at least it becomes much easier to read

Re: [WSG] small gap

2004-06-22 Thread Anton Andreasson
I'm sorry to ask this question but I've been looking at this page for too long and I can't see why there is a small gap between the top nav and the content. I think it's due to the padding-bottom in the #current selector. Try to apply the padding to the links just once, then add

[WSG] registered - feedback wanted

2004-06-08 Thread Anton Andreasson
Hi, I just registered, a potential Swedish sister-site to Got some ideas for it already, would be glad to recieve others too (preferably off-list). I'll keep you posted later on when ideas start to take more shape. cheers, /Anton -- What your body

Re: [WSG] Problems in Mac IE 5.2

2004-05-23 Thread Anton Andreasson
Could someone please tell me if I need some special hack for Mac IE or if there is a solution at all? I think I know the answer to this one (as I just spend hours on the same type of IE5/Mac dilemma). There seems to be a bug in IE5/Mac involving inherited clearing (in lack of a better term for

[WSG] Filtering out Safari 1.2 frmo Mozilla?

2004-03-03 Thread Anton Andreasson
Hi, could someone please help me out here. I need to feed Mozilla with this code: html[xmlns] body #chronique div.title { margin: -1.5em 0 0 20px; } ...but I need to reset the top margin for Safari 1.2, is there any way this can be done? I just noticed (rather late, I know ;) that Safari

Re: [WSG] Dodging CSS Hacks Tutorial

2004-02-12 Thread Anton Andreasson Technically, Trident has got little (or nothing?) to do with CSS parsing. I found a post from liorean at css-d explaining this: Just as a note, Trident is the rendering engine of ie/w. It is not the XML, the HTML/tagsoup or the CSS parsing engine;

[WSG] DOM scripting

2004-02-03 Thread Anton Andreasson
Hi, I just updated my blog at:, using some DOM scripting à la Flash. Please give me some feedback, I've never done this kind of stuff before (and haven't tested it a lot yet). cheers, /Anton - got to get some sleep now.. -- What your body lacks, your head compensates.

[WSG] Cool color picker

2004-01-29 Thread Anton Andreasson Very nice... /Anton -- What your body lacks, your head compensates. * The discussion list for *

[WSG] Background PNGs in IE/Win?

2004-01-29 Thread Anton Andreasson
Anyone knows of the support for background (24bit) PNGs in IE/Win? I've seen PNGs show up with a gray box around it, but does this apply when using them in background-image: as well? TIA, /Anton -- What your body lacks, your head compensates.

Re: [WSG] A few quick links...

2004-01-29 Thread Anton Andreasson
A strangely unstyled page, but some excellent concise info on accessibility Heh, I like this one: acronym title=World Web WebWWW/acronym ;) Otherwise a good read. /Anton -- What your body lacks, your head compensates. * The discussion

Re: [WSG] AudioSite template - almost there ...

2004-01-07 Thread Anton Andreasson
If I'm right, it's just a matter of making the L in onLoad lowercase. remember, all attributes must be in lowercase. This includes Javascript calling functions (eg, onMouseOver = onmouseover) oops, sorry :] strongNote/strong to self: _read_ the mail before hitting reply, bummer.. /Anton --

Re: [WSG] AudioSite template - almost there ...

2004-01-07 Thread Anton Andreasson
body class=home onLoad=initPage(); Write onload instead of onLoad (yes, it's ridiculous.. ;) cheers, /Anton -- What your body lacks, your head compensates. * The discussion list for

Re: [WSG] A few links...

2004-01-07 Thread Anton Andreasson
While the archive section is partially helpful, any useful link posted to WSG should also be added to our resources section. Is there any way some skillful coder here could hack up a script to parse the list emails, strip out all links, present them in a recent links sent to wsg-list kind of

Re: [WSG] styling hr tags

2004-01-06 Thread Anton Andreasson
I can never understand why hr tags made it into the XHTML spec, as they are pretty much presentation-only, not structure. hr is supposed to mean change of topic structurewise. cheers, /Anton -- What your body lacks, your head compensates. *

[WSG] Nokia ignores XHTML DOCTYPES?

2004-01-05 Thread Anton Andreasson
Just read this one and found it quite shocking: How come it IGNORES the CSS if it's not a Nokia-only DOCTYPE[1] or a XHTML Basic[2] one? Wouldn't even XHTML Transitional work, or did I miss something? Weird.. cheers,

Re: [WSG] do people still use bookmarks?

2003-12-14 Thread Anton Andreasson
I don't know about you guys, but Word Documents, Bookmarks and URI namespace rules takes a lot of space on this list now, and I'm drowning.. Could we all please be a little more brief when discussion thos (OT) issues, ok? TIA, /Anton -- What your body lacks, your head compensates.

Re: [WSG] Another full CSS site

2003-11-23 Thread Anton Andreasson
Another full css site goes live: Is there a site dedicated to listing all these switchers in the works..? cheers, /Anton -- web standards guy #1: nice one, huh? ok, now your turn... web standards guy #2: ok... how about this one: colspan=9. web standards guy #12:

[WSG] Mac and screen readers

2003-11-12 Thread Anton Andreasson
No screen reader software for the mac platform - a change is on its way? cheers, /Anton -- What your body lacks, your head compensates. * The discussion list for

[WSG] Site check: Listamatic entry (to-be)

2003-11-09 Thread Anton Andreasson
Hi all, Got some ideas I just had to try: - How about using the Listamatic #current list item as a visial identifier, placed elsewhere in the document? - Can one create a nice-looking :hover effect with letter-spacing when using floats, since text is not centered? I put it together at:

[WSG] HTML 4.01 vs XHTML 1.0 ?

2003-10-23 Thread Anton Andreasson
Hi all, What do you think about this read: ? /Anton -- What your body lacks, your head compensates. * The discussion list for *

RE: [WSG]Forms and definition lists

2003-10-07 Thread Anton Andreasson
I would rebut with this: the HTML 4.01 specification says that a dl could be used for pairings other than definitions, citing a script (character/speech pair) as an example. Well, yes. But I could understand that if e.g. the e-mail address field had a specified value that told me what my e-mail

Re: [WSG]Targetting CSS at IE 5 and 5.5 only

2003-10-07 Thread Anton Andreasson
One thing I did notice about your browser targeting was that it picks Konqueror as Mozilla - I think that was with 3.1.4 and 3.2 alpha which includes lots of the Safari fixes. Yeah, at the moment I've renamed that column to Moz/KHTML since I don't know of any (validating) hacks that filter

[WSG]li padding/margin issue

2003-10-02 Thread Anton Andreasson
I read some while ago that the margin-left of the li tag is not a margin issue for some browsers but sometimes a _padding_ thingie (maybe for the ul then?). Can someone confirm this? It might explain some problems I had recently.. cheers, /Anton -- What your body lacks, your head compensates.

[WSG]Styled indented header

2003-10-02 Thread Anton Andreasson
Ran across a good ol' Quark-layouted PDF with a nice header that made me a little jealous of the lack of limits in the desktop world. So I just had to recreate it using CSS :) Here it is: Comments? /Anton -- What your body lacks, your

Re: [WSG]O-matic madness...

2003-09-28 Thread Anton Andreasson
Opera 7 seems to have a big problem with float boxes inside a floated box. hm, ok.. i'll see what i can do. thanx a lot so far! /Anton -- What your body lacks, your head compensates. * The discussion list for