Re: [WSG] Flash Ads Disabled with New IE Update

2006-03-06 Thread Antti Tuppurainen
There is a excelent blog writing about this: also a workaraoud - Flashobject by

[WSG] Mac IE frustrating my mind - some help would be nize

2005-02-01 Thread Antti Tuppurainen
:// and some basic floats. For my frustration I changed some floats to basic 2x2 table to find the error, but still the error remains. The url to project and CSS can be found via the screenshots All help is appreciated :) Yours, Antti Tuppurainen System Specialist

Re: [WSG] converting WORD text into clean XHTML

2004-11-22 Thread Antti Tuppurainen
It is Office 2000 HTML Filter 2.0.. Not xhtml, but clean html can be used as a plugin on some xhtml -wysiwyg editors (search this list) Yours, Antti Tuppurainen System Specialist Timecan Finland | Personal |

Re: [WSG] Site review

2004-10-05 Thread Antti Tuppurainen
Jake Badger wrote: Comments/thoughts/critiques? Hi! Missing titles from links no any validation in Online SCC Work Requests, blank form could be sended :/ nize site indeed, I like the design. Antti ** The discussion list for