[WSG] directory structures

2003-12-12 Thread Ben Boyle
It's more to do with usability than accessibility, as it affects all users IMHO. But as a start, a logical directory structure is important, so long as it's logical to the user not the owner. Well, I agree and disagree. I think logical to the user not the owner is spot in for the website

[WSG] Re: px em pt ???

2003-12-11 Thread Ben Boyle
Why doesn't anyone push the barrow saying Font sizes should be LARGE by default, and designers should MAKE THE FONT SMALLER if/when they don't like it. Why do we aim to please designers and expect users to make the adjustments? I don't get it. But then, I skipped all the subjects on typography at

[WSG] OT: Opening documents in _blank window

2003-12-11 Thread Ben Boyle
I wouldn't classify this as off topic, it's all part of the web environment and standards (or lack thereof) of real practical cases are all part of the discussion! imho. I have heard it is possible to configure a webserver in a way that when someone accesses a PDF/DOC (whatever file types have

RE: [WSG] The 5th pillar - was Fixed Width Design

2003-12-11 Thread Ben Boyle
Anyway what I am talking about includes all the little things that give a site real polish, things like: - guessable/memorable URLs, - site structure (logical connection of content), - use of hyperlinks in the text, - googlability or search engine friendliness - tabbing between elements - font

[WSG] :hover accessibility

2003-12-02 Thread Ben Boyle
does anyone else feel that :hover is a little too enticing and likely to lead to some accessibility issues? depends on what you're using it for of course, rollover images is a non-issue, but for things like rollover menus, where's the keyboard support? just a random thought.

[WSG] Re: relative positioning of nested lists

2003-11-18 Thread Ben Boyle
The extra linebreak vanishes if you specify padding-bottom or border-bottom. I've opted for border-bottom. It's not ideal but it works. http://inspire.server101.com/bttdb/mb/ Anyone see any other problems? Russ, I tried stripping out all the whitespace with no success. Worth a shot tho!

[WSG] relative positioning of nested lists

2003-11-15 Thread Ben Boyle
Anyone have any thoughts on why IE6 keeps shoving in a linebreak in this example? http://inspire.server101.com/bttdb/mb/ It appears to put the line break in at each point where there is a nested list (UL) being repositioned. thanks Ben * The

[WSG] Targeting IE5

2003-10-09 Thread Ben Boyle
I would have thought the best way to target a browser (be it IE5 or other) was content negotiation. Detect the browser and serve content in the appropriate format. Does anyone else get the feeling this technique is rarely used whilst cruder methods proliferate? IMHO, web servers can do a lot more