Re: [WSG] what is the exact version of FF 3.6 x prior to FF4? [SEC=No Protective Marking]

2011-06-03 Thread Chris Beer
Hi Siobhan 3.6.17 - Cheers Chris On 3/06/2011 11:16 AM, wrote: Return Receipt Your Re: [WSG] what is the exact version of FF 3.6 x prior to document: FF4? [SEC=No Protective Marking] was

Re: [WSG] Looking for an authority on RTF [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

2011-05-24 Thread Chris Beer
start a new role in around 10 days, and will be able to provide my new address then - the address below will suffice until then (no point sending you my current as I won't be in at work for much of this and next week due to conferences etc. Cheers Chris Beer chris at e-beer

Re: [WSG] Document Formats

2010-12-02 Thread Chris Beer
Hi Kevin You're also touching on accessibility issues there, as well as gov business processes, legal requirements etc etc. One thing I thought worth raising and worth considering though is copyright - do you even have permission to alter the format of the document as submitted to you? US

Re: [WSG] Data URI encoder

2010-02-10 Thread Chris Beer
Hi Mike I had a play - wow - I seriously didn't realise that you could do this, (although now I think about it, its how Google sends data back to themselves in a 1px by 1 px image yes?) So while I think its a fun tool, I'm wondering what the applications actually would be. And are there