RE: [WSG] Outlook 2010

2009-06-25 Thread Conyers, Dwayne
Nathan de Vries writed: In other words, Microsoft are effectively creating their own HTML- email standard, authorable and viewable in Microsoft tools only. So, what else is new? :o) -- I made magic once. Now, the sofa is gone.

RE: [WSG] My best practice HTML sheet

2009-06-25 Thread Conyers, Dwayne
This is very useful. Thanks! -- I made magic once. Now, the sofa is gone. *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe:

RE: [WSG] Outlook 2010

2009-06-24 Thread Conyers, Dwayne
Michael MD wroted: WHY do I have to stuff around with regedit to be able to do view source in current versions of Outlook? Can you pass on that trick? I would love to be able to view source... -- The generation that took acid to escape reality is now taking antacid to deal with reality

RE: [WSG] website fonts

2009-06-24 Thread Conyers, Dwayne
Angus MacKinnon related: Internet Explorer defaults to a 12 point font and Firefox defaults to a 16 point font. Of course, fonts are adjustable in the browser (with some exceptions for hard coded fonts) so a user's preferences may be an override in many cases. -- I made magic once. Now,

RE: [WSG] website fonts

2009-06-23 Thread Conyers, Dwayne
Paul Novitski declared: plain text HTML cannot force fonts on us that we do not choose to see. Hmm... wonder if that explains why WEFT and BITS never quite caught on... ;~) -- The generation that took acid to escape reality is now taking antacid to deal with reality

RE: [WSG] Fonts

2008-12-17 Thread Conyers, Dwayne
Marvin Hunkin [] ink wired: why and how can i display the other fonts on my site? Are you using font face=foo tags in your HTML code? Then, those fonts should appear *unless* they are not on your (or the people surfing to your web site) system. If you want to embed

RE: [WSG] FeedBack Form Spam

2008-09-18 Thread Conyers, Dwayne
Marvin Hunkin [EMAIL PROTECTED] ink wired: i keep getting spam e-mails. snip how do i protect my self against this sort of thing. Human-only precautions such as a CAPTHA for form entry helps, as does some anti-spam features on your web server. However, my server gets hammered with

RE: [WSG] Google chrome... Coming very soon...

2008-09-02 Thread Conyers, Dwayne
There is an interesting and very humorous comic that describes Chrome:,M1 I like the multi-threading. -- The generation that used acid to escape reality is now taking antacid to deal with reality.

RE: [WSG] Facebook downgrading support for IE6

2008-09-02 Thread Conyers, Dwayne
Also Spracht Jens Brueckmann [EMAIL PROTECTED] In my opinion this is worst practice. First priority should be for a website to make the content available to as many people as possible. Browser discrimination is at least as bad as accessibility and usability violations. I remember back

RE: [WSG] Images Paragraph Width

2008-08-29 Thread Conyers, Dwayne
Just a thought... but perhaps a blockquote would better suit your design requirements than a p? -- The generation that took acid to escape reality is now taking antacid to deal with reality *** List

[WSG] Making TIF files accessible

2008-08-25 Thread Conyers, Dwayne
Our customer has thousands of TIFF files that need to be converted into an accessible format. We tried an inexpensive shareware that does the TIFF to PDF conversion with OCR... but while the final output looks normal to the eye, readers and search filters see spaces and/or periods between each

RE: [WSG] H1 and the img tag

2008-08-25 Thread Conyers, Dwayne
Schalk Neethling [EMAIL PROTECTED] ink wired: There is a general practice to use text replacement when it comes to company logo's on websites. Not sure if I follow. Are you saying to use Proctor and Gamble rather than the PG logo? I don't see why that would be necessary for any web site.

RE: [WSG] Webstock recordings now available

2008-03-21 Thread Conyers, Dwayne
Also Spracht Thierry Koblentz: On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 5:31 PM, Mike Brown [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Enjoy! Could anyone download these files? I couldn't download them either Overall access to the site seems slow. I figured I would try copying

RE: [WSG] SEO, fact or fiction

2008-03-17 Thread Conyers, Dwayne
I will throw my 2 cents in and say that nothing is more annoying than going to a web site and suddenly being bombarded with loud music you don't want to hear. In face, I got an add-in for Firefox so that I could safely use MySpace without a cacophony of noises playing without my control.

RE: [WSG] HTML5 Working Draft

2008-01-17 Thread Conyers, Dwayne
James Pickering [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Input/Participation is needed - don't miss these opportunities to have your say. Sounds like a fun weekend project.. while the snow falls out here on the Eastern USA. Also, will be a nice change from all of the OASIS standards that have been coming

RE: [WSG] PDF files on web site

2006-02-02 Thread Conyers, Dwayne, Mr [C]
Angus at InfoForce Services ink wired: The PDF file is an article to be posted on a web site. What is the best web standard approach and instructions You can embed the PDF with code like this: [object classid=clsid:CA8A9780-280D-11CF-A24D-44455354 width=??? height=???

RE: [WSG] pdf graphics

2006-01-13 Thread Conyers, Dwayne, Mr [C]
Marilyn Langfeld wrote: Photoshop has a pdf import dialog box that allows you to decide on the page if it's multipage pdf, ppi, rgb vs cmyk, size. You can export JPG out of Adobe right? Worst case -- do an ALT + Print Screen and paste into Photoshop. Or, perhaps a utility like SnagIt?

RE: [WSG] editor

2005-12-05 Thread Conyers, Dwayne, Mr [C]
Artemis ink wired: Could you pretty please elaborate on rubbish? I mean, I know what you're saying, but I am curious as to what code Frontpage and Dreamweaver puts out that is rubbish. Like many M$ tools, FrontPage assumes that it is smarter than you are and puts non-standard items into

RE: [WSG] Check

2005-10-03 Thread Conyers, Dwayne
Running the page through the translator at was good enough to translate the text. Looks good. -- Dwacon From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Sunday, October 02,

RE: 'users with disabilities' WAS: [WSG] New front page for http: //ab

2005-08-04 Thread Conyers, Dwayne
Leslie Riggs wrote: Following web standards is all well and good, but how are you going to stream the audio when you can't hear it, if you can't do it this? How do you know your method will WORK? Some people can be thick -- even when well-intentioned. But on the subject of streaming