Re: [WSG] JavaScript Language Clarifying within HTML

2009-07-14 Thread David Dixon
The language attribute was deprecated in html 4, so I wouldn't advise using it. see: Thanks, David On 14/7/09 13:23, Brett Patterson wrote: I am not sure about the most recent standards regarding the language attribute of the

Re: [WSG] utf8 character display problem

2009-07-07 Thread David Dixon
you should also be able to add/edit a .htaccess file on the shared web space and add the following: AddDefaultCharset utf-8 most hosts, even shared hosts should allow this (and it saves adding php headers to every page) Thanks, David On 7/7/09 18:46, Nick Roper wrote: Hey Rimantas, I

Re: [WSG] SEO vs. Accessibility

2009-05-26 Thread David Dixon
spider, google do manually check pages (either randomly, or when the spider, or even a person, flag something up). Its that manual detection that will spot this kind of fraud, and will likely result in an immediate ban. regards, David Dixon e: w:

[WSG] Javascript Accessibility

2009-03-02 Thread David Dixon
others thoughts on the subject. David -- David Dixon t: 07967 569 489 e: linkedin | twitter | *** List Guidelines: http

Re: [WSG] Javascript Accessibility

2009-03-02 Thread David Dixon
, t'was a fairly minor point, but yes i think you're interpretation of the request is more accurate than my initial one. David -- David Dixon t: 07967 569 489 e: linkedin | twitter |

Re: [WSG] Javascript Accessibility

2009-03-02 Thread David Dixon
, not on WAI ARIA, apologies if the content of my original email didn't make this clear. My issue with ARIA is one of documentation, and would prefer deal with ARIA in a separate conversation. David -- David Dixon t: 07967 569 489 e: linkedin | http

Re: [WSG] Javascript Accessibility

2009-03-02 Thread David Dixon
Guys please, move this to a different topic, this ARIA issue has now clouded the original question. David -- David Dixon t: 07967 569 489 e: linkedin | twitter | Matt Morgan-May wrote: As someone

Re: [WSG] Opera Targeting?!

2009-02-04 Thread David Dixon
Not quite right im afraid. Patrick Lauke sent an email about this in December that highlighted the Firefox zoom config as shown below: -- Quote -- toolkit.zoomManager.zoomValues, and this will show the various zoom factors at each step. In my case (which should be the default) these are: .3,

Re: [WSG] Opera Targeting?!

2009-02-03 Thread David Dixon
Chomping at the bit to dismiss IE7 a little early aren't we Georg? :) David Gunlaug Sørtun wrote: Besides: one should only target/hack dead browsers, like IE7 and older. Targeting/hacking live browsers like Opera, Firefox, Safari etc. for real, will only create maintenance-problems as new

Re: [WSG] Parenthesis around list counters

2009-01-27 Thread David Dixon
Either that or simply go down the PDF route and put the important legal information into a separate document. I've found similar issues to this from legal teams who require a perfect translation from a word doc etc, and as Georg says, relying on individual browser support is often not

Re: [WSG] Users who deliberately disable JavaScript

2009-01-26 Thread David Dixon
Agreed, if people have real long term usage statistics that they can share to support the claim that Javascript use is in decline, and not focus on very one-sided arguments of personal use or everyone i know then I'd be interested to hear. Until that time, or my own analysis supports these

Re: [WSG] Users who deliberately disable JavaScript

2009-01-26 Thread David Dixon
Again, can you show that the small decline in IE's market share has contributed to users blocking Javascript or using specific Firefox extensions? IE has had plugins such as the Web Accessibility Toolbar etc for some years now that allow disabling of Javascript very easily, so why would the

Re: [WSG] CSS IE6/7 - what a surprise

2009-01-23 Thread David Dixon
Just to correct Todd's reply, the :after property isnt support by either IE7 or IE6 (and below), therefore you would need to adjust your CSS to state (assuming you're using a CSS hack, for ease of display): #NameofContainingDiv { *zoom: 1; /* all your other styles for the element */ }

Re: [WSG] Examples of great high-school websites?

2009-01-17 Thread David Dixon
Perhaps the blatant disregard for common web standards could be the reason? (this is after all a web *standards* list and not a web designers list...) Lets see: - tables for layout - no alt attributes for images - obtrusive javascript (are professional companies really still getting away

Re: [WSG] dl v table for form layout

2007-05-22 Thread David Dixon
Personally I think that form elements lend themselves to practically all the semantic meaning you need. Labels and input elements are either implicity or explicity linked (ie either labellabelnameinput ...//label or label for=myinput/labelinput id=myinput.../), and then you have fieldsets as

Re: [WSG] Hack for all IE versions including 7

2007-05-19 Thread David Dixon
The problem is though, that these browser never actually go, they simply evolve a little which doesn't always make the hack redundant, just altered slightly. Therefore, for me, having the hacked styles alongside the valid css styles makes things infinitely easier to see what is actually

Re: [WSG] PopUp windows

2007-03-07 Thread David Dixon
Hi Bob, You may want to look at solutions like thickbox ( which offers a very degradable way to open faux popups, or floating divs, and also adds some nice animation in there too. This way, if the browser has javascript support (and it's enabled) then what