Re: [WSG] flat form with check boxes [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

2011-09-12 Thread David Thomas
Hi Chris,

So what your saying is that your current website has form elements for printing 
the page and then ticked and submitted like a paper form?

There are a few possible ways that you could do this without involving forms 
that have no submit buttons, because yes it would be confusing for 

the first would be similar to the suggestion but instead of having, no submit 
buttons you could have a print button that prints the completed form or a blank 
form this would probably be best for usability also.

You could also do a list (ul) and have the style-type set to a image of a 
square box.

or maybe even have a pdf of the form because pdf's are a good for material that 
is meant to be printed.

Let us know how you go, as i'm also interested what everyone else thinks.

David Thomas

On 12/09/2011, at 12:57 PM, Chris Vickery wrote:

 Hi all,
 We’ve got some flat forms on our site, ie. They are not interactive forms, 
 and have no submit button. They are indicating that it’s a check list that 
 can be ticked once the page is printed.
 Someone suggested putting in regular check boxes and having no submit button, 
 but wouldn’t that make it confusing from both and accessibility and usability 
 point of view?
 At the same time using a graphical or styled element with Alt tag seems messy 
 and cringe worthy as a work around.
 I’ve got my own ideas, but what does everyone think is best practice in this 
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Re: [WSG] Fwd: Video in web page

2011-09-06 Thread David Thomas

I would use youtube to embed a video in a webpage because i'm pretty shore that 
it defaults to flash but also has support for mobile and other devices. Youtube 
is really easy to implement, all you need to do is copy the embed code and it 
should work.

You can however user HTML5 with flash fallback if you didn't want the video on 
youtube although this requires converting it to a few different filetypes for 
compatibility and can be hard to implement.

Remember: Make the video accessible by adding captions and a descriptive text 
base transcript alternative.

David Thomas

On 07/09/2011, at 12:46 PM, wrote:

 I would be grateful if someone could clarify the best means of embedding 
 video into a web page so as to be viewable by the widest range of users 
 (desktop, mobile, different OSs, etc).
 Embedding Flash video is easy enough, however, iPhone / iPad users cannot 
 view this format and I need to address these users. (I would also like users 
 of other mobile devices to be able to view the video, but the iOS issue has 
 been insurmountable thus far).
 Alternative formats suffer plugin difficulties. As we know, support for the 
 video element is still patchy.
 Has anyone managed to find a way through this obstacle course? If so, I would 
 be grateful for your suggestions!
 Many thanks and regards,
 Grant Bailey
 University of Western Sydney
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