RE: [WSG] Mobile sites [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

2012-05-15 Thread Enid Bulman
mobile site with its own navigation. Enid Bulman MIT | Web Project Officer Election External Communication Section | Education Communications Branch Australian Electoral Commission T: (02) 6271 4486 | M: 0411 244 521 | F: (02) 6271 4558 [cid:image001.gif

RE: [WSG] Jaws Web Page Font Alignment Problem [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

2012-03-12 Thread Enid Bulman
UNCLASSIFIED Hi Marvin, I'm not sure I'd expect the alignment to be read out by Jaws - alignment is something I would regard as a presentational element, one without semantic value, i.e. it doesn't convey any meaning it just makes the layout look better for sighted users. Enid Bulman MIT

RE: [WSG] Google 'Alexander Calder' theme [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

2011-07-22 Thread Enid Bulman
UNOFFICIAL Interesting - I don't have access to Chrome at work - but in FireFox it moves slowly and gracefully and has a drop-shadow (missing in IE8) reflected below the search box - so they have taken some time to do some rather classy work Enid -Original Message- From:

[WSG] Enid Bulman/BG/Health is out of the office.

2008-07-02 Thread Enid . Bulman
I will be out of the office starting 27/06/2008 and will not return until 07/07/2008. Please forward all work-related messages to Health Webmaster or Health Webmaster Intranet as appropriate. Thanks. __ Important: This