Re: [WSG] printer speific pages

2004-01-28 Thread Gino Ferraro


The best article I have found is at A List Apart

Being written by the CSSS Guru Eric Meyer, you know it
is going to be good.


 --- Universal Head [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:  
 Can I ask to be pointed to the best tutorial for
 making printer 
 specific pages on CSS sites?
 peter gifford
 universal head
 design that works
 visit 7/43 bridge road
   stanmore nsw 2048
 call  (+612) 9517 1466
 fax   (+612) 9565 4747

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Re: [WSG] CSS book

2003-12-14 Thread Gino Ferraro
Check our Eric Meyer on CSS. While not aimed only at CSS layouts, it 
includes some really good projects on layouts and every step is 
explained in detail and includes options for taking the project to an 
advanced level.

Taco Fleur wrote:
What is a really good book aimed at only CSS layout, and takes you from 
medium to advanced?
*Taco Fleur
*Tell me and I will forget
Show me and I will remember
Teach me and I will learn
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Re: [WSG] Re: px em pt ???

2003-12-10 Thread Gino Ferraro
Hi Miles,

Owen Briggs of 'The Noodle Incident' has a very good article on CSS 
Typography. He has developed a sample style sheet that covers all the 
base elements using %'s and ems.

check it out at:
Miles Tillinger wrote:
Peter, I know its a bit of a cop-out and less of a 'learning experience', but I'd love to get my hands on a generic CSS template that I can use as a starting point...  Has anyone been nice enough to make one available anywhere?

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Re: [WSG] OT: Opening documents in _blank window

2003-12-09 Thread Gino Ferraro

Hi All,

I am a new member and this is my first post.

Miles I came across your problem a while back while
upgrading my work site, trying everything I was about
to give up when published an article
from Kevin Yank that explained exactly how to open
documents in a new window. And it's standards
compliant as well!

View the article at


 --- Miles Tillinger [EMAIL PROTECTED]
 Just a question about how other developers handle
 opening documents e.g. PDF, DOC, in a new window.
 At the moment I am using _blank targets.
 Scenario 1: User is using IE with Word configured to
 open inside the IE window.  When the user clicks on
 a link to the Word doc a new IE window opens and the
 doc is loaded in that window.
 Scenario 2: User is using IE or another browser, but
 is configured to open Word doc's in Word, not in the
 Browser window.  When the user clicks on a link to
 the Word doc a new Browser window open and the user
 either prompted to Save or Open the doc, or may even
 open the doc in Word automatically if the user has
 previously selected that option.  The problem here
 is that the user is left with a blank Browser
 So Scenario 1 is how I'd like it to behave in every
 case, but is this possible?  Since I have no way of
 knowing how the user has their system configured I
 don't know whether to offer the link with a _blank
 target or not?  Is there an accessible standard way
 of doing it?

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