Re: [WSG] CSS editors

2008-10-20 Thread Gregory Alan Gross
Prisca-- Like Gicela, I too am new to Macs. I'm using Smultron and like it a great deal. How does it compare with CSS Edit and Coda? .greg These are the days of miracle and wonder. On Mon 20/10/08 03:00 , Prisca schmarsow [EMAIL PROTECTED] sent: Gicela, yes - CSS Edit is fantastic :)

Re: [WSG] running ie7 on my mac??

2008-01-25 Thread Gregory Alan Gross
Had a terrible time on my Intel MacBook with Parallels Desktop; it refused to play nice with OS X Leopard. Wouldn't even install properly. Switched to VMware Fusion, and haven't had a problem since. g. On Fri , kevin mcmonagle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> sent: Hi, Whats my cheapest option for

Re: [WSG] Today's lesson: 'Respect' - be courteous up or leave

2006-02-09 Thread Gregory Alan Gross
If cyberspace forums and message boards are the standard of measure, then common courtesy is anything but common anymore. The ability to put both distance and anonymity between one's self and someone else opens the way for people to say things they wouldn't dare say to someone's face. Sometimes,

[WSG] Different styles for different browsers?

2005-05-23 Thread Gregory Alan Gross
I'm a CSS novice and have a terrible time getting my Web site to display consistently across all platforms, but there's only one platform that consistently displays the site radically differently from all the others-- Microsoft Internet Explorer (shocking, I know, but true). Is it possible to