Re: [WSG] opacity as a hover for photo gallery thumbnails

2005-03-02 Thread Gunlaug Srtun
john wrote: I know it may be unnecessary, but I'd like to put a hover on them anyway. Try as I might to understand the CSS better, it's still unclear to me how to properly put a hover on the thumbnails. I've tried so many things that it's a jumble in my mind now...but it seems like if I

Re: [WSG] IE: why are you so...

2005-02-28 Thread Gunlaug Srtun
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Thanks a lot russ! Can I ask you (all) what do you think about my site? The address is . I like it, but my Opera doesn't. :-) Think there's a missing min-width somewhere, since the background on the right column is pushed to the left on narrow windows.

Re: [WSG] Cool css box idea

2005-02-21 Thread Gunlaug Srtun
Zachary Hopkins wrote: I've recently been fascinated by round boxes on pages. I will have to wait for CSS3 to be officially released and then adopted before I can use the border-radius feature. Or you can cheat a little while waiting for CSS3: ...

Re: [WSG] accessibilty and responsibility

2005-02-10 Thread Gunlaug Srtun
designer wrote: What exactly is the position? Opera's zoom-feature is nice - and useful, but comes more as an addition provided in that browser. IE6 can also zoom pages, but not that user-friendly. We may want browsers to have useful features like this, but that's not what we want first and most

Re: [WSG] 2 Column Symetrical Stretching Layout?

2005-02-05 Thread Gunlaug Srtun
Joey wrote: Is it really that difficult to create a simple 2 column layout in CSS? Im beggining to doubt CSS if this is the case. All i need is a 2 column layout with each column being 50% and when u stretch the browser each column increases (but both stay at 50%) Here is a table version of

Re: [WSG] Nav Before or After Main Content

2005-01-25 Thread Gunlaug Srtun
Patrick H. Lauke wrote: Users relying on screenreaders really don't have the same choice of simply downloading a better browser, as the assistive technology would not support it... Valid point, although it looks more and more like there's a lack of knowledge about what's available, than a lack

Re: [WSG] Nav Before or After Main Content

2005-01-24 Thread Gunlaug Srtun
Mike Pepper wrote: One thing highlighted at an accessibility site design awards ceremony I recently attended was the wish for developers to include a site map link at the head jump links on all pages so non-sighted users could immediately jump to the page and get a feel for site relevance to

Re: [WSG] Browser Check - such inconsistencies!

2004-12-29 Thread Gunlaug Srtun
Lori Leach wrote: Apparently then there is nothing that I can do to keep the menu from breaking when you zoom as I have a fixed width design and not fluid. I am in a corner of sorts, as this is the layout he wants, refuses fluid, and this is the menu he wants. So I conclude that there is

Re: [WSG] Float problem in IE6

2004-12-24 Thread Gunlaug Srtun
Tatham Oddie wrote: Im getting a float problem in IE6 that I dont understand. The URL is The problem is known as margin-doubling in IE/win. display: inline will fix that in your case. On top of that you have also made it a bit tight in there, so IE/win will drop