Re: [WSG] Centre DIV Vertically? Any compliant methods?

2005-02-21 Thread Isac Backlund
Joey skrev: Hi Everyone, I wondered if anyone has a solution on how to centre a DIV vertically. I found this information, _ but its uses a table. And I dont want to use a table as I am conforming to WAI AAA. Anyone know any methods to centre

Re: [WSG] More with the link bullets

2005-02-08 Thread Isac Backlund
Paul skrev: So I tried using the bullet image as a background on the li and it seemed to work in IE 6 but not Firefox or MAC IE5.1, can anyone take a gander and let me know what they think Cheers Paul Hi. remove the extra braklet after .bodylinklist

Re: [WSG] Tentative validation

2005-02-08 Thread Isac Backlund
Paul skrev: When I am validating I always seem to only tentatively validate ( i.e ) , is there something I can add to my code to make it fully validate? Paul Hi. Try adding at content-type meta http-equiv=Content-Type content=text/html;