Re: [WSG] help

2010-04-05 Thread James Ellis
Hi Sorry, Marvin, but you raised this topic on the WSG list a few weeks back and, if memory serves me correctly, it was deemed off-topic. While it's obviously a very annoying situation to be in, it really has nothing to do with the WSG. Please stick to the mailing list guidelines when posting. If

Re: [WSG] lost my web projects

2010-03-03 Thread James Ellis
Hi As this is a web design dev list please keep the discussions on-topic. If anyone wants to help Marvin please contact him directly. Thanks James (core admin bod) On Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 7:57 AM, Uday wrote: Hi Marvin, You can try Easy Recovery Pro. if your hard drive

Re: [WSG] Background music on web pages

2010-02-28 Thread James Ellis
Hi Give them all the background information that people have listed here. WCAG, usability info etc. If they still decide they want it, do as the client instructs. Make sure you code in a simple off switch configuration option into the site and when they want to change it, turn it off while

Re: [WSG] Difference between applied CSS and Computed CSS

2010-02-25 Thread James Ellis
Hi One problem might be that you have the word paris before your doctype, which shows up as the page is rendering: paris !DOCTYPE html P Which could affect the CSS somewhat (at a guess). Try removing everything, including white space and line breaks before the doctype. I see the font

Re: [WSG] CSS Validation Error

2010-02-04 Thread James Ellis
Hi I guess it's understand the consequences and use at your own risk. I doubt a vendor will change the spelling and if they do, I'm pretty sure they'd maintain BC by allowing both to work. Using the example of *-radius, the vendor differences are more to do with what the values selected will

Re: [WSG] CSS Validation Error

2010-02-03 Thread James Ellis
Hi You can safely ignore any -prefix validation errors (-moz, -webkit, -opera) - they are never going to validate on the W3C validator. The point of the vendor specific rules is to do stuff the W3C haven't standardised yet. The validator should probably ignore them as well. If you really must

Re: [WSG] Major memory leaking in IE

2009-12-03 Thread James Ellis
Hi Try looking at Drip, an IE memory leak detector: (first result in Google) Thanks James On Thu, Dec 3, 2009 at 9:39 AM, Mads Erik Forberg

Re: [WSG] Multiple IE's for browser testing

2009-08-25 Thread James Ellis
Hi Use virtualbox (.org) and run up a virtual machine that only has IE7 on it. You can do this by installing XP into the virtual machine and updating it to IE7. Remember to turn off Windows Update so it doesn't upgrade to IE8 when you are not looking. Virtualisation is the only real way to

Re: [WSG] table inside a dd?

2009-08-18 Thread James Ellis
Hi Two good resources may help you here: HTML help: Contents Inline elements, block-level elements The DTD for XHTML (strict e.g): and

Re: [WSG] website fonts

2009-06-23 Thread James Ellis
To put what you wrote another way, with a font family list such as your example, the visitor is at the designer's mercy to see only the designer's choice of fonts, Yes, that's the point of typography and meeting the requirements of a client specification. Provided it's readable I don't see

Re: [WSG] website fonts

2009-06-22 Thread James Ellis
On Mon, 22 Jun 2009 04:00:27 pm Mark Harris wrote: Henry Mencia wrote: So you just have serif or sans serif in the font-family? Pretty much, unless a client specifies otherwise (and I'll try to talk them around). The biggest cost I have seen in web design since 1996, when I started, is

Re: [WSG] Remove CSS inheritance property

2009-06-02 Thread James Ellis
Hi Firefox places 1em 0 anyway on p elements anyway (not sure about the other browsers), so it (firefox) will define the same margin as your framework's p rule. Type this into your firefox address bar: resource://gre/res/html.css p, dl, multicol { display: block; margin: 1em 0; } You

Re: [WSG] SEO vs. Accessibility

2009-05-27 Thread James Ellis
On Wed, 27 May 2009 12:04:48 pm Chris Dimmock wrote: We can flag text that appears to be hidden using CSS at Google. To date we have not algorithmically removed sites for doing that. We try hard to avoid throwing babies out with bathwater. MattCutts at Oct 21 2005 - 02:09 That was nearly 4

Re: [WSG] blocking out of office replies [OT?]

2009-05-15 Thread James Ellis
Hi Not at the moment. For out of office replies I suggest you write a filter in your mail program checking the message subjects for the text out of office and variations., dumping them in another folder. Works for me, hardly ever see em. Return receipts are harder and we suggest people just

Re: [WSG] E-commerce

2009-02-26 Thread James Ellis
Kevin There have been several discussions on the list regarding ecomm systems, you might find your answers browsing the archives: Thanks James On Thursday 26 February 2009 16:27:17 Kevin Erickson wrote: Hi, Does

Re: [WSG] is there a way to force legend text shows in TWO lines?

2008-11-26 Thread James Ellis
Hi If there is CSS related issue that doesn't seem to want play nice, no matter what you do, it's probably a rule being set by the browser in its user agent stylesheet. In firefox's case, it's in firefox install dir/res/forms.css (for forms). Have a peek at that stylesheet and you'll see all

CLOSED Re: [WSG] Question on servers and Email campaign

2008-11-12 Thread James Ellis
Hi Sherri and others.. This topic is outside the guidelines for the WSG list. Please feel free to continue it off list. Guidelines are available in the footer of each list message. Thanks James On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 11:41 AM, Graphics Web Designing, LLC [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Again,

Re: [WSG] URL length best practices

2008-11-04 Thread James Ellis
..and if you are truncating url paths based on a page title at a certain point, you'll end up with some odd urls sooner or later.. e.g when your title is: Why XYZ browser sucks less than ABC browser RFC 2616 (HTTP/1.1) doesn't set a maximum length on

Re: [WSG] Opera not playing nice with checkbox

2008-09-10 Thread James Ellis
Tee: I haven't seen your code but is it possible this is occurring because both checkboxes and radios are, in fact, input elements ? e.g input { border : #000; background-color : #f00; } I'd suggest just adding a rule to text fields if that is what you want. HTH J On

Re: [WSG] Google chrome... Coming very soon...

2008-09-02 Thread James Ellis
Interesting to read the many comments on this. It's utilising Webkit as a rendering engine (also behind Safari and Konquerer 4), which is BSD and LGPL licensed. In turn Google say they are licensing Chrome as Open Source, meaning depending on the actual license, items like V8

Re: [WSG] Google chrome... Coming very soon...

2008-09-02 Thread James Ellis
You can grab the source from : and try to build it if you want .. According to the site, it won't (yet) build fully on Mac or Linux ( but I'm sure it'll happen

Re: [WSG] Shopping cart - who does what

2008-08-13 Thread James Ellis
On Wednesday 13 August 2008 21:23:23 Krystian - Sunlust wrote: Could some of you guys trim the messages? It's really hard to read when you top post above useless tones of wording. Regards, Hi all This thread has gone off topic for the list, if you want to continue to discuss it, please do

Re: SPAM-LOW: Re: [WSG] Marking up a Calendar

2008-08-05 Thread James Ellis
A table is a good option for static calendars. i.e a grid. On the flip side, using a list based calendar, you'll be able to present it in different ways by altering the style rules for the elements, e.g as a pseudo-grid, a list etc etc. And of course, there's no reason why you can't do both

IE6 support - was - Re: [WSG] What is the best solution for IE6 png issue?

2008-08-04 Thread James Ellis
Hi Not wanting to hijack the PNG thread, so I've altered the subject. I understand the issues involve in huge migrations, it's not that easy.. especially if your systems have a vested interest in some piece of obsolete technology.. but there are two things that strike me as odd here - - IE7

Re: IE6 support - was - Re: [WSG] What is the best solution for IE6 png issue?

2008-08-04 Thread James Ellis
Hi Mike No worries, not interested in war, but I do understand. I guess the one big answer about why change is that, over time, sites will just stop working to their full efficiency. There is also the big one called security (or lack of). I hope, but I don't think, that this fabled desktop

Re: [WSG] What is the best solution for IE6 png issue?

2008-08-03 Thread James Ellis
Hi There is some really good information in all these posts. I'd also go so far as to say look at the theory of developing specifics for IE6. There is a gaining movement around to start phasing out IE6 support - look at 37signals, I think they begin IE6 phase out this week or next. They've

Re: [WSG] Firefox and IE font sizes

2008-07-27 Thread James Ellis
On Sunday 27 July 2008 08:41:04 Hayden's Harness Attachment wrote: At I have three buttons. The first is Decrease font size the second is ?Default font size. And the third is Increase font size:. Firefox 3.0.1 shows them in 15 point Arial font

Re: [WSG] Firefox and IE font sizes

2008-07-26 Thread James Ellis
On Sunday 27 July 2008 08:41:04 Hayden's Harness Attachment wrote: At I have three buttons. The first is Decrease font size the second is ?Default font size. And the third is Increase font size:. Firefox 3.0.1 shows them in 15 point Arial font

Re: [WSG] iphone should not be part of your url

2008-07-21 Thread James Ellis
It's just a name branding exercise... having an iphone in your domain, e.g as a subdomain has more to do with marketing efforts and user identification (I've got an iphone and I want to use it on something) than it does with the code it actually presents. Look under the hood at

Re: [WSG] Opera opacity bug

2008-07-15 Thread James Ellis
Hi I guess the first questions are - where is the bug report, do you have an example url and what is the opacity issue you mention ? If I remember rightly (and I stand corrected) opera uses Qt 3 as it's widgeting engine and I think the Konquerer/KHTML developers were running into similar

Re: [WSG] Encoding odities

2008-07-10 Thread James Ellis
Barney, One other thing you might want to check is how (mime type, character encoding) your web server is serving the file. If you are using a server side language then most (if not all) can send http headers to a browser, including a content type header. In PHP, for instance, you'd do this

CLOSED, again Re: [WSG] Help

2008-07-09 Thread James Ellis
Hi This thread has previously been closed. If you want to continue with it, either do so off list or alter the subject to something descriptive and ask questions in the context of web standards. If you are unsure of what is on and off topic for the list, consult the mailing list guidelines, a

CLOSED - Re: [WSG] Help

2008-07-06 Thread James Ellis
On Sunday 06 July 2008 17:43:08 Matijs wrote: Wrong group I'm afraid Bidemi, but one wonders, why Flash in the first place? On Sun, Jul 6, 2008 at 2:20 AM, Bidemi Adejumo [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello All, Is there anyone who can design guestbook with flash? I guess you know what the

Re: [WSG] Firefox 3 candidate

2008-06-18 Thread James Ellis
Hi That's not exactly right .. if you install v3 to a different location (tip: choose Custom install) then you can run either version from the relevant file location, but not at the same time. The only problem you will find is compatibility with some extensions when you run FF3. If you want

Re: [WSG] Wiki's and standards

2008-06-05 Thread James Ellis
Hi Note sure about which one is the best for standards support - they all have their little oddities that are usually down to the developers' interpretation of what is correct. Most of them have this odd wiki markup so you type in headline instead of h4headline/h4 - which stupidly

Re: [WSG] Conditional styles not being used on first-run

2008-05-23 Thread James Ellis
Hi Try sticking a revision number on the style/script url like so: href/src=/path/to/file?r=12 Browsers will download and cache that link (depending on the cache settings of the browser/ web server / proxy). When you make a revision to the file, bump the revision number:

Re: [WSG] [OT] users - IT literate?

2008-05-16 Thread James Ellis
Hi Reading through all the replies on this topic is quite interesting. The one thing that you can be sure about in web work of any kind is (aside from taxes) that users will interact with an interface in ways we never dreamed of - using their fridge, a keyboard, a mobile, the wrong address bar

Re: [WSG] PHP Standards

2008-05-16 Thread James Ellis
Hi Using both Tidy (1) and HTML Purifier (2) can improve tag soup no end -- although even they have their limits. They also add a bit to processing time, especially HP as it is written in PHP - you can solve that issue with page caching, though. (1) (2) HTH James

Re: [WSG] Full flash websites

2008-05-07 Thread James Ellis
On Wed, 7 May 2008 02:35:51 pm Elizabeth Spiegel wrote: It can be great for getting immediate feedback without reloading a page e.g. building a customised bag at Timbuk2: Elizabeth Hi Yes, but that kind of functionality can easily be done

Re: Standards slipping (was RE: [WSG] USERS - was [Why is u deprecated?]

2008-03-31 Thread James Ellis
Hi I read through that post and the available comments and I'd say it's a bit pedantic of the author to go on about a subset of an application and link that to the end of XHTML and worse. Especially one that seems to be third party and incorporated into WP. The author also confuses the

Re: [WSG] Safari 3.1 and webkit-border-radius

2008-03-19 Thread James Ellis
Hi The validator is doing the right thing in flagging these rules as either not existing or at another version of CSS. Usage of -vendor-specific-css in this manner is also perfectly fine when you want to target a feature that has been introduced into a rendering engine but has not yet been

Re: [WSG] IE8 news

2008-03-05 Thread James Ellis
Agreed, plenty of virtualisation software out there that makes problems like the ones reported just go away. In most VM's you could take a snapshot of Windows prior to install of IE8 then roll back to that snapshot when you are done with IE8 or until a workable standalone comes through. For

Re: [WSG] IE8 news

2008-03-05 Thread James Ellis
I had this crazy idea that MS would allow developers to implement something like this so we could forget about the various furbar'd rendering engines MS produces and just run with something that works for those of us who code to, or try to code to, the various standards: meta name=engine

Re: [WSG] Controling Windows DPI settings

2008-02-25 Thread James Ellis
Hi Angus Do you happen to be talking to people who like itsy bitsy font sizes ? Do they happen to be setting their own font sizes ? I guess, find out if it is widespread and then consider your options. Font-size is bit like calling purple lavender, violet or magenta - everyone has an opinion

Re: [WSG] re: generate data

2008-02-25 Thread James Ellis
Hi, inline comments .. On Sun, 24 Feb 2008 03:02:46 pm Breton Slivka wrote: i understand that javascript is needed to pass information from a form to a data base for storage or retrieval of data. Incorrect- Javascript is absolutely not needed for this. In fact, I would actively

Re: [WSG] tableless forms !!!

2008-02-13 Thread James Ellis
Hi Naveen Options are, as discussed, fieldsets and labels to assist with positioning. There is nothing illegal about using form elements in a table - some see it as the widget labels being in the th and the actual widgets being in the td. For a quick, single fieldset form, it's a useful layout

Re: [WSG] running ie7 on my mac??

2008-02-07 Thread James Ellis
and remember that Wine is an emulation layer, it may not give the same results as virtualising Windows (which is a standard Windows install). It depends on how good the emulation is. For instance, before using virtualisation to test IE in XP, I was using Wine and ies4linux and not getting

CLOSED Re: [WSG] PHP includes

2008-02-05 Thread James Ellis
Hi This discussion is off topic for the WSG list. If you would like to respond to Michael, please do so off list. The list guidelines are available at the footer of each list email. Thanks James -- cc:core On Wed, 6 Feb 2008 07:34:22 am Michael Horowitz wrote: If I am including a menu using

Re: [WSG] linking to images with //

2008-02-01 Thread James Ellis
Hi That's a common enough response when dealing with standards based implementations from companies that either: * do know and don't care * don't know and are scared/worried * do know, do care but don't have the resources * do know but implementation would have internal political implications

Re: [WSG] linking to images with //

2008-01-31 Thread James Ellis
Hi It's a bit difficult to work out what is going one given the image itself seems to be a 1x1 transparent gif. You may find that your browser is blocking these as they most likely represent web bugs, causing the issue you see. the HTML spec redirects URI info to RFC2396. In section 3. URI

Re: [WSG] Usability for downloading documents

2008-01-28 Thread James Ellis
Hi Tony On Tue, 29 Jan 2008 12:07:06 am Tony wrote: Hello, If, by default, PDFs open within the browser, then won't we be changing their user experience by forcing them to open/save? Regards, Tony Not really, the current position of inline PDF and other documents in probably due to the

Re: [WSG] running ie7 on my mac??

2008-01-25 Thread James Ellis
Hi Kevin One option is to use VirtualBox ( which is virtualisation software written in Qt. Looks to have Mac OSX host capabilities ( I use the open source edition in KDE and run all the Windows browsers in an XP guest for testing.

ADMIN Re: [WSG] Re: Where did I come from?

2008-01-19 Thread James Ellis
Hi list This is starting to move off topic, if not already there. Being more a question of client or server side scripting rather than web standards, it really doesn't belong on the WSG list (see guidelines) - I'd suggest a general web development source or moving it to the WSG forums for further

Re: [WSG] Preventing copying of text from web page.

2007-12-20 Thread James Ellis
Hi This is an oft asked question by a lot of clients and relies on a basic misundertanding of how documents are passed around the internet. Basically, it is impossible (see examples below). If you don't want information copied from your web page then don't put in on the web. period.

[WSG] Opera files antitrust against MS: standards one part

2007-12-13 Thread James Ellis
Hi I read this on the Opera feed this morning, I'm not sure how it will proceed but it mentions: The complaint describes how Microsoft is abusing its dominant position by tying its browser, Internet Explorer, to the Windows operating system and by hindering interoperability by not following

Re: [WSG] Invisible US Passport renewal page

2007-11-20 Thread James Ellis
On Wed, 21 Nov 2007 02:33:44 am Crocker Ryan (rc) wrote: Looks good in IE 6 IE 7 also. Hi I think it's a case of works in IE, then good enough. Hello 1999! : Designed forbr id=XSpLit247/Internet Explorer 6.0 Something weird about passport renewal pages, I don't know if they are all

Re: [WSG] opera doesn't play nice with Opacity

2007-11-13 Thread James Ellis
Sheesh, I could have sworn I was fiddling around with Opera and opacity the other day and it wasn't working, there goes my opacity credibility. I ran a few test on 9.5b and 9.24 (windows and linux) and they both do the opacity rules. It's only Konquerer that doesn't do it. Maybe that's where I

Re: [WSG] opera doesn't play nice with Opacity

2007-11-12 Thread James Ellis
Hi Tee You are correct: Opera doesn't do opacity. The best way I have found is to use an opaque transparent PNG, which will work on everything not IE6. For IE6, use one of their opacity filter: things. Not to helpful with those fade effects but it will work in your case. With Opera I have a

Re: [WSG] Help IE

2007-11-10 Thread James Ellis
Hi Bob Not related to your IE issues, but if you need some help with testing in IE (including multiple IEs), here's a fairly successful workflow to follow as a write up in the WSG resource section: I've found this makes a

Re: [WSG] Rounded Courners .... Your Take

2007-10-31 Thread James Ellis
Hi Paul Too true, I'll figure out some sort of caching - probably a combo of server and client - at the moment it is just me hitting the script during testing. Thanks James On Wed, 31 Oct 2007 11:07:45 am Paul Bennett wrote: Now instead of opening up inkscape it's just a call to a PHP

Re: [WSG] Rounded Courners .... Your Take

2007-10-30 Thread James Ellis
Hi James I got so sick of doing rounded corners and having to open a graphics program to change them (Hey, I'm a developer) when the design changed that I wrote PHP script using Imagick2.0 that draws the quadrants using the correct foreground colour, background color (or transparent), border

Re: [WSG] How to make DHML cover flash

2007-10-23 Thread James Ellis
Hi Michael I had about 2 minutes to wait for the flash to download (and I have a 20Mbps connection), so ample time to click one of the menu items in Konquerer. For those browsers that don't do the wmode thing, how about some links elsewhere on the page. For instance in drop down menus it's a

Re: [WSG] Form styling

2007-09-26 Thread James Ellis
Hi Try using a definition list with the dt holding the labels and the dd holding the input - you can float the dt and dd to get two left-right columns and if you want to present the form differently then just use a dt/dd with no floats: form method=post action= fieldset legendLogin Foo/legend

Re: [WSG] Accessible Adobe Photoshop and flash With Jaws

2007-09-26 Thread James Ellis
Hi James J: I see no impediment to a blind person creating graphics. Just because they are only seen by people with sight doesn't and shouldn't mean they can't be created. A blind person can have a graphical work described to them and, as we all do, interpret it in their own way. Technically,

Re: [WSG] Site test Google analytics

2007-07-26 Thread James Ellis
HI Jason You can stick it in the head of the document although that will load it prior to the rest of the document being loaded which may cause the page to display a bit later than usual. The way around that issue is to use an event listener on load, it could even be delayed by a few seconds

Re: [WSG] Visual Design Of Websites

2007-07-11 Thread James Ellis
Hi This is true, the C4 course in Web Technology or whatever it is called now at TAFE NSW aims to give everyone a grounding knowledge in the fundementals of well, web technology. This includes graphic design, database design, server side coding, project management and many others. Some people

Re: [WSG] Safari now on Windows

2007-06-12 Thread James Ellis
Hi Come October or thereabouts there will be another KHTML browser in the form of Konquerer 4 on Windows. All good news for implementing web standards. Now I don't have to buy a Mac... Cheers James On 6/12/07, Geoff Pack [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: This will be interesting... Safari 3 Public

Re: [WSG] Fieldsets in IE7

2007-05-27 Thread James Ellis
Hi James Got any example URL's? Maybe you need to place a background colour on the em ? fieldsets and legends are notoriously difficult to present with CSS - they seem to have non-overrideable styles that are put in place by the OS/Browser. Like where the legend is placed... Cheers James On

Re: [WSG] Mocking up web interfaces

2007-05-25 Thread James Ellis
Hi When I worked in Windows I loved Fireworks for creating web graphics but I always found that writing code was actually more efficient than creating a graphic, as I had the code for later use. For mocking up a site I generally use pencil and paper, then ask my wife about it who has a good

Re: [WSG] best standard / format for imbeded mp3 player in browser

2007-04-11 Thread James Ellis
Hi Ben a href=/path/to/file.mp3file.mp3 [50 Kb]/a works well and allows people to play the file in the player of their choice (maybe they even have their browser set up to do this if they want). They can also download it for later playing. If you want to play it inside a browser then I'm sure

CLOSED Re: [WSG] [OT] Australian Payment Providers

2007-03-30 Thread James Ellis
Hi group Simple rule.. if you know that your post is offtopic for the WSG list then don't post it here. Please read the guidelines (at the bottom of each list message) prior to posting. Thanks James --- Admin On 3/29/07, Web Man Walking [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello This is off topic so I

[WSG] namespace attribute and validation

2007-03-28 Thread James Ellis
Hi group a question about namespace attributes in html/xhtml. I'm looking at methods of conveying information to client side scripts in a neat manner within an HTML document and trying to be valid at the same time. My methods works but the validator complains about namespaced attributes. Method

Re: [WSG] transparent background of png

2007-03-01 Thread James Ellis
Hi Robin Internet Explorer 6- doesn't support PNG with alpha channel transparency ( i.e PNG 24 and 32) although it will support PNG8 with one transparent colour (like GIF). There are a myriad of articles on the web about getting IE6 to render PNG32 using it's AlphaImageLoader malarkey - ugly but

Re: [WSG] flash z-index conflict

2006-02-18 Thread James Ellis
From memory i think that objects are displayed above everything else. Setting the wmode to transparent might work but if you have clickable widgets in the flash movie they will interfere with the dhtml? If it is anything in an object does this mean images as well? or is it just plug in content?

Thread Closed : Re: [WSG] ASP, PHP and Ruby - oh my!

2006-01-26 Thread James Ellis
Hi all I'm closing this thread as it is off topic for the list. Feel free to discuss the use of server side languages in relation to web standards on the list. X vs Y is better left off the list as it really has nothing to do with web standards (read the guidelines). Thanks James --- admin. On

Re: [WSG] pdf graphics

2006-01-15 Thread James Ellis
Hi all Too right, for the sake of keeping the list traffic to a manageable level please stay on-topic on the list - Thanks James admin We're waaay OT now, but I can't resist just posting this last message for those thinking about

Re: [WSG] Plesk (hosting control panel system) and web standards support

2006-01-12 Thread James Ellis
HI Kay I'd check out a Plesk demo and look under the hood - probably the best bet. Or just install it on a demo site and see what happens. One of the gripes I have is that 90+% of these off the shelf systems hand you a frontend and a backend in one inseparable lot. It would be great to have an

Re: [WSG] Your email requires verification verify#a6vQxgsxnTQ2Ky73eCXlkHoHksHXd3PV

2005-12-18 Thread James Ellis
Ok people... time to stop replying to this now... I have at my evil disposal an equally evil remove buttonCheersJames---admin.

CLOSED : Re: [WSG] Your email requires verification verify

2005-12-13 Thread James Ellis
Hi allPlease don't reply to this any more, or stuff like this in the future. It's been dealt with.Remember, before you hit send, judge whether you really want 2800 people to read your message.Thanks James---adminOn 12/13/05, Wayne Douglas [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: OMG, a list of web proffesionals

Re: [WSG] *Why* doesn't Google validate? was New logo scheme was talking points for standards

2005-12-08 Thread James Ellis
Hi Having a valid frontend has nothing to do with whether an organisation attempts to be socially responsible. I'm sure there are heaps of slightly dodgy organisations out there that hire programmers who understand standards. I think the Google question more comes down to if you are on to a good

Re: [WSG] how to emulate br / in xml

2005-12-06 Thread James Ellis
HiYou want a line break? How about fiddling with the element's white-space attribute..HTHJamesOn 12/6/05, Torgny Rasmark [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:Hi!In our project we need to give a reasonably book-alike presentation of printed book pages on the web. We've managed to rather accurately stylexml

Re: [WSG] talking points for standards

2005-12-05 Thread James Ellis
Hi They are a PR firm, so they will respond to $$ arguments. I suggest you build two compliant pages, of exactly the same html code and re-present them differently using CSS (like floats, PDA style. Show this to them, flick between the two explaining how both sites can use the same backend and

Re: [WSG] editor

2005-12-02 Thread James Ellis
Hi Lori Welcome to the list HTML Tidy is a third party tool, rather than an editor. It comes in very handy when you want to convert some code to standards compliant code. Your best introduction to Tidy is probably via the Firefox extension @

Re: [WSG] Oracle/Peoplesoft and accessibility/standard code

2005-12-02 Thread James Ellis
Hi You could try running it through HTML tidy... or maybe you could write your own frontend to their backend? Do you have some example pages? Cheers JamesOn 12/3/05, Jesse Rodgers [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi,I am getting the total run around here from developers onOracle/Peoplesoft and I was

[WSG] Software support and the WSG list

2005-12-01 Thread James Ellis
Hi all Just another reminder that the WSG list is not the place to discuss software support and bugs in your favourite software. To avoid creating noise on the list, please use the appropriate vendor channel to discuss. If you don't like this or disagree, email the list admins. Don't discuss it

Re: [WSG] firefox 1.5 is official

2005-11-30 Thread James Ellis
Hi all Just a quick reminder that the WSG on-topic sphere doesn't include software support , like broken extensions. In this case you will probably get the best responses at the mozilla support sites. Discussion of browsers and their standards support (or not) is, of course, on topic. Cheers

[WSG] Konquerer becomes the 2nd browser to pass Acid2

2005-11-30 Thread James Ellis
Hi all Just read this via KDE dot news ( Konqueror is the second major web browser to pass the Acid2 CSS test, ahead of Firefox and Internet Explorer This was done in June 2005 but was only ported to a stable

Re: [WSG] firefox 1.5 is official

2005-11-29 Thread James Ellis
Hey There is a run down of support for standards, at the Moz Dev Centre, here: Cheers James On 11/30/05, Ted Drake [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Firefox has just officially released

Re: [WSG] $100 laptop WAS: why liquid layout is important.

2005-11-21 Thread James Ellis
Hi Yes, funnily enough I was reading about Edubuntu Linux ( today - a version of Ubuntu ( specially targeted at school age kids.The ideas raised in this thread seem to mesh well with what's described at the above links. It's a small step from providing

Re: [WSG] CSS and PHP

2005-11-14 Thread James Ellis
Hi This has been discussed on the list before but the quick answer to URL's generated by PHP automatically (like its session handler) is to use ini_set(arg_separator.output, amp;);See : you generate URL's

Re: [WSG] hiding legend tag

2005-11-12 Thread James Ellis
Hi Sacha I quite like the legend and label visible... makes the form more easy to understand. Also, if you use an optgroup in your drop down it will do away with your option value= - - - - -/option tags Cheers James On 11/11/05, Alexander Jerabek [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi everybody,I'm

Re: [WSG] Text choices on our own sites

2005-10-30 Thread James Ellis
Hi Everyone cares about accessibility, both consciously and/or subsconsciously. I hate this website, I can't find anything on it. I'm going somewhere else - that's someone caring about accessibility. Cheers JamesOn 10/31/05, Joseph R. B. Taylor [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: As a thought, I wanted to

Re: [WSG] Adding a header to a tbody

2005-10-30 Thread James Ellis
Hi There is some good table info at Cheers James

Re: [WSG] Listing images vertically

2005-10-25 Thread James Ellis
Hi Jad Use a display:block; rule on your img - easy no br's ! Cheers JamesOn 10/25/05, Jad Madi [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi,I would like to know whats the standards way to list images Verticaland Horizentalis there anything against usingimg src="" alt= /br /img src="" alt= / for the vertical

Re: [WSG] Never ending cross browser problems! Lets just do IE!

2005-10-19 Thread James Ellis
On 10/19/05, Taco Fleur - Pacific Fox [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am at a loss here, is it even possible to achieve the same result for all 3 browsers? Hi Taco We web developers are the only people who will view a site across multiple browsers simultaneously. Most other visitors will hit it

Re: [WSG] Say no to CSS hacks with branching techniques

2005-10-09 Thread James Ellis
Thierry In what arcane alternate reality do comments drive code? You are still talking about a hack. How is using this different to parsing a User Agent string? different method but same result. Adding to this, it's not a valid way of writing your code, as mentioned on another thread. The

Re: [WSG] Say no to CSS hacks with branching techniques

2005-10-09 Thread James Ellis
Thierry - Umm... the first result: is One of the functions of this list and group is to implement best practices using W3C standards based

Re: [WSG] When bugs become patterns - A look at CSS Hacks

2005-10-05 Thread James Ellis
Hi This is a bit late, the internet broke for me for the last few days...On 9/30/05, Thierry Koblentz [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:James Ellis wrote: Conditional statements in HTML such as those used by IE/Windows are a slippery slope and they seriously break a central tenet of programming. They

Re: [WSG] avoid Verdana - I cant get the whole point.

2005-10-05 Thread James Ellis
Hey The MS true type fonts core fonts are available for any system (that supports TTF) to download via I'm sure they are available elsewhere but I pick most of my eyecandy stuff for KDE from here. If you specify sans-serif as the fallback font,

Re: [WSG] When bugs become patterns - A look at CSS Hacks

2005-09-29 Thread James Ellis
Hi Conditional statements in HTML such as those used by IE/Windows are a slippery slope and they seriously break a central tenet of programming. They are contained with !-- HTML comments -- and comments in code are not meant to be parsed as code. It's just plain badness. What happens if someone

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