RE: [WSG] What is the best solution for IE6 png issue?

2008-08-03 Thread Jason Turnbull
the IE6 platform, which would be an absolute disaster for the department if IE7 was suddenly rolled out If there was truly a 'minus one' policy they would only started developing for IE6, when IE7 was released Regards Jason Turnbull

RE: [WSG] WCAG Samurai Errata

2007-06-08 Thread Jason Turnbull
Matthew Pennell wrote: I think it's been shown that just about all keys interfere with someone's shortcuts, whether it's a browser, screenreader, foreign characters, or whatever. Frank Palinkas wrote: Interesting. Please tell me where this info is shown? I'd like to know more. Some Info:

RE: [WSG] What do we say if we don't say click?

2007-04-20 Thread Jason Turnbull
Michael MD wrote: ...however I might use that word on pages that require javascript such as those that use an external api to display maps. The only people able to use those pages are people using a web browser that can execute javascript... and 99.99% of such users would be using a mouse or

RE: [WSG] .NET generate horrible html, i need some lights

2007-03-13 Thread Jason Turnbull
Gaspar wrote: I've been reading some stuff of Ms, We use both .net 2 and 1 or 1.1, i think they dont care much about if a menu is tables inside a table but i fighting against taht proving that the weight is 3 /5 times more and semantic

RE: [WSG] .NET generate horrible html, i need some lights

2007-03-12 Thread Jason Turnbull
Gaspar wrote: Could someone give me some links or some stuff that someone without knowledge of ASP could help implementing some improves generate GOOD (X)HTML What version of .NET are you using? There is a big difference between 1.0 2.0. These following links apply to version 2.0

RE: [WSG] IE Reverse Indent ?

2006-03-08 Thread Jason Turnbull
Kevin Ross wrote: is there a way to put that whole section in my Style sheet file?  Or in a seperate file so I can maintain the rules  centrally? Move all your styles into a CSS file ie6.css and just link to the style sheet as you normally would but within the conditional comment !--[if lte

RE: [WSG] IE Reverse Indent ?

2006-03-07 Thread Jason Turnbull
Kevin Ross wrote: IE6 adds an reverse indent just under the header Monthly Meetings (Paragraph starting Rudy's...) Is this to do with the thumbnail to the left? Known as the 3 pixel text-jog

RE: [WSG] IE Reverse Indent ?

2006-03-07 Thread Jason Turnbull
Philippe Wittenbergh wrote: ul a, ul, li, #content_home {height: 1%;} /* Holly hack fix for IE bugs */ That is a bit radical... giving all those element 'layout' can possibly cause more problems than it fixes. In this case: /* - hide form IE Mac - \*/ * html #content_contain {height:1%}

RE: [WSG] Office Live was [Google pages]

2006-02-23 Thread Jason Turnbull
I'm interested to hear if anyone in the US tried Microsoft Office live web site builder, BETA is unavailable to us outsiders Thanks Jason ** The discussion list for See

RE: [WSG] cool FAQ page [follow up]

2006-02-21 Thread Jason Turnbull
Terrence Wood wrote: Jakob Nielsen responded to my request for clarification Jacob has used this request for his latest article Regards Jason ** The discussion list for

RE: [WSG] Address Element

2006-02-19 Thread Jason Turnbull
Christian Montoya I told you, you are the author, as in, the markup-writer author... for every page you work on, the only person that can go in the address tag is you... or the webmaster running the site. I would disagree, for example when a book goes to print, does the printing house become

RE: [WSG] Sitecheck: 7 Sunrise Family website []

2006-01-30 Thread Jason Turnbull
Joshua Street wrote: Still keen to hear anyone's suggestions as to the Firefox 1.0.x render problem... :) No problems seen using Firefox 1.07 on XP Pro. Regards Jason ** The discussion list

RE: [WSG] XHTML 1.1 Entities (WAS Claiming compliance when a site doesn't comply)

2006-01-05 Thread Jason Turnbull
Kenny Graham wrote: I really hope I'm right, or I'm gonna have to go back to a lot of sites to fix a lot of ldquo;s and such. Philippe wrote: If you want to support Safari (with application/xhtml+xml), I'm afraid, you'll have to go back... If these entities are not allowed when served as

RE: [WSG] XHTML 1.1 Entities (WAS Claiming compliance when a site doesn't comply)

2006-01-05 Thread Jason Turnbull
Patrick wrote: *browser support* for named entities can be flaky Sorry I missed post I'm still surprised that Safari has limited support Thanks Jason ** The discussion list for See

RE: [WSG] display: inline-block: valid or not? W3C validator says not.

2005-08-15 Thread Jason Turnbull
CSS 2 - W3C recommendation CSS 2.1 - Working draft Until CSS 2.1 becomes a recommendation, which shouldn't be too long (deadline for comments was July), the W3C validator will use what ever the current recommendation is. Regards Jason ** The

RE: [WSG] PNG Support

2005-06-18 Thread Jason Turnbull
Jorge Colon wrote: Dear Friends, I have just read and signed the online petition: Proper PNG Support in Internet Explorer for Windows Appears MS is listening, heres an announcment regarding IE7 PNG Jason

RE: [WSG] Not so web standard question, but close

2005-06-07 Thread Jason Turnbull
tee wrote: How does Asp/PHP works if amp' replace to because the '' is generated by the server. He said he can't find any information on PHP official website. This article from w3c might help in reference to PHP Regards Jason

RE: [WSG] what ie bug is this?

2005-04-29 Thread Jason Turnbull
Kvnmcwebn wrote: What ie windows 6 bug creates relics like the ones at the bottom of the boxes in the central column of this page? I built these ad boxes ( the ones with the radisson logo in the central column) using the ala custom corners method.

RE: [WSG] Awards / Endorsements for quality websites?

2005-04-17 Thread Jason Turnbull
Sigurd Magnusson wrote: I was wondering if anyone knew of a popular sites to promote semanitc or compliant (or good in general) websites? Guild of Accessible Web Designers have a 'Site of the Month' award, voting is by members only, you can nominate a site at

RE: [WSG] web design presentation: advice?

2005-04-12 Thread Jason Turnbull
Zulema wrote: ps: butterflies in my stomach means that my tummy gets grumbly as if I'm hungry but it's from being nervous; it's a common saying in the States. As far as it being an in-code joke? No, at least i don't think so :-p Nick was referring to you use of 'butterfiles'. Butterflies is

RE: [WSG] why 3px out in ie

2005-02-02 Thread Jason Turnbull
Adam Hough wrote: Both are unaligned the same until i try and put a left margin on the .homebox class. If i put a 3px left margin on this box, firefox does exactly what i want with the alignment while ie is out of wack. IE6 doubles margin on floats,

RE: [WSG] my site works on Mac, not PC :: suggestions???

2004-10-16 Thread Jason Turnbull
Shane Helm wrote: Now the CSS: IE is doubling the margin on the 'right' and 'left' class, which of course allows no room for the floats to align beside each other Simply add

RE: [WSG] A few problems with IE

2004-10-13 Thread Jason Turnbull
Kim Kruse wrote: 1. Why won't IE pick up the .tabs hover style? Change the style .tabs li:hover To .tabs li a:hover 3. On this why is the background color flowing out of the fieldset (top) This happens in IE, as this page explains

RE: [WSG] CSS caching problem in IE and Firefox

2004-10-12 Thread Jason Turnbull
Sean Ho wrote: I am having this caching problem everytime I update my CSS file and the browser suddenly stop showing the new changes. This only happens in IE and Firefox occasioinally. Have you tried force refreshing? IE - hold Ctrl and select refresh Firefox - hold Shift and select refresh

RE: [WSG] XHTML external links

2004-10-05 Thread Jason Turnbull
Richard Czeiger wrote: Hi guys - having a little problem with the whole external links in XHTML strict. Code's below - doesn't seem to be working - can you help out? You were missing a couple of opening brackets, script below now works ok. Regards Jason script type=text/javascript function

RE: [WSG] gBrowser from Google

2004-09-28 Thread Jason Turnbull
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I was recently told by a friend that there is talk of a browser to be released soon by Google called gBrowser I have googled for any news on it, and what support for standards it may have, but haven't really heard much.. Its been reported they have hired 4 IE

RE: [WSG] Updated Web Accessibility Tool bar

2004-08-04 Thread Jason Turnbull
Jamie Mason wrote: Does anyone know if there's a firefox equivalent? =60vid=63 Regards Jason * The discussion list for See

RE: [WSG] Keyboard accessible dropdown menus - using float layout

2004-08-04 Thread Jason Turnbull
Jeffery Lowder wrote I'm looking for an example of a drop down menu that is keyboard accessible. Heres a couple Regards Jason * The discussion list for

RE: [WSG] Problem with height in div

2004-07-31 Thread Jason Turnbull
Diego Diaz wrote: Hello again :) I try make a righ side with some content but this right side cut when the text finish and cannot enlarge to the bottom site. I try with height:100%; on html, body and in the class too. The name of the class is #ladorecho and my css

RE: [WSG] Why won't my background images show up in IE?

2004-07-21 Thread Jason Turnbull
Bellamy wrote: at egory=Subcategory Have a look, tell me what you see. If you can see them fine, then I think I might just go quietly insane... ;) There was definitely a problem in IE6 the whole navigation was invisible

RE: [WSG] Why won't my background images show up in IE?

2004-07-21 Thread Jason Turnbull
Seona Bellamy wrote: Hmm... Thanks, that did seem to make a difference. At any rate, the images are showing up. But instead of tiling nicely across the page, they're showing one to a line and spreading over the whole width of the panel. I've had a look, and I'm not sure how to fix that. (It

RE: [WSG] Why won't my background images show up in IE?

2004-07-21 Thread Jason Turnbull
Seona Bellamy wrote: As far as hiding from other browsers, I was aware that it was hidden from IE/Mac by the commented backslash (that's what the tutorial said, anyway) but is there a more effective way of hiding it from all the browsers that we don't want to see it? My apologies, saved

RE: [WSG] Strange padding in IE?

2004-07-20 Thread Jason Turnbull
James Cowperthwaite wrote: The layout problem occurs in IE (fine in mozilla). I want to keep the text flowing down the page in a straight line, but in IE when the text passes the end of the blue box, it moves in by 1 or 2 pixels (illustrated by the green left border for #main). I have

RE: [WSG] Why won't my background images show up in IE?

2004-07-20 Thread Jason Turnbull
Seona, Are you able to provide a link to the page, as images display ok in IE6, with the code you provided. Regards Jason * The discussion list for See for some

RE: [WSG] CSS Tabs

2004-07-15 Thread Jason Turnbull
Jad Madi wrote: hmm what I want is , for example when I click on any tab to be active? How to do it? In the above example you change the body id of each page depending on which tab you want to look active Currently its set to body

RE: [WSG] file extensions

2004-06-12 Thread Jason Turnbull
Just finished article from a reputable web site, specializing in best practices. They suggest omitting the file extensions .gif , .jpg and .png from image files for bandwidth conservation. Chris, Whats the URL for this article. I'm finding it hard to grasp the reasoning, does it save on

RE: [WSG] strange white flash on mouseover

2004-05-24 Thread Jason Turnbull
Neerav wrote: Anyone have an idea why the menu at left of works fine in Firefox 0.8, Opera 7 and IE 5.5 but in IE 6 when you mouseover the links they change from the image background into a white background until you mouseout ? Neerav, I'm not seeing this behaviour in

RE: [WSG] Styled not picked up by FF

2004-05-22 Thread Jason Turnbull
Kim Kruse wrote: Once again... thank you very much. It's almost embarrassing. Just out of curiosity... how long have you been working with CSS? Just over a year now, I by no means an expert. I was fortunate in that I started to learn web design using CSS, so I didn't have to change my way of

RE: [WSG] Styled not picked up by FF

2004-05-21 Thread Jason Turnbull
Kim Kruse wrote:  Is the padding on the #content is not being picked up by FF or is it something else preventing FF from moving the #content text down? Kim, The top navigation seems to be causing this, the #nav is floated left. Add a clear:left to the

RE: [WSG] New suckerfish menus

2004-05-21 Thread Jason Turnbull As the hidden menus are off screen I found tabbing through the links problematic, with the original suckerfish you could tab along the main sections. I realise display:none has been removed for screen reader access to all links. Jason

RE: [WSG] Extending full height (was Problem with IE)

2004-05-20 Thread Jason Turnbull
Jamie Mason wrote: On higher resolutions the bottom of the pale tan nav area spills out 100% width below the content and behind the purple sidebar :( IE wasn't clearing the right float, which I moved now inside the content div, and also gave the

RE: [WSG] Extending full height (was Problem with IE)

2004-05-19 Thread Jason Turnbull
Kim wrote: I'm not sure I follow your suggestion. The problem is if I remove the pnbsp;/p the #navcontainer will be shorter that the content/sidebar meaning there will be a space between #navcontainer and #footer I uploaded the corrected version here Would it be possible to force the

RE: [WSG] 100% table inside auto width div

2004-04-22 Thread Jason Turnbull
of doctypes and explanations Regards Jason Turnbull * The discussion list for See for some hints on posting to the list

RE: [WSG] IE no padding?

2004-04-22 Thread Jason Turnbull
Chris Stratford wrote: This STUPID bug with IE... why dont I see any padding for the content here: It looks the same here on IE5.5/6 and Firefox/Mozilla It appears to have padding to the content The xml prolog ?xml version=1.0 encoding=iso-8859-1? will put IE in quirks mode

RE: [WSG] Horizontal Rule throwing out design

2004-04-13 Thread Jason Turnbull
, and I tried many different suggestions I found on the net I found a post by Eric Meyer to add visibility:hidden, but that still takes up space. So I would also like to hear if anyone has a solution Regards Jason Turnbull * The discussion list

RE: [WSG] XHTML: 1.0 transitional-1.0 strict-1.1

2004-03-21 Thread Jason Turnbull
Neerav wrote: So now im comfortable using XHTML 1.0 transitional how hard would moving to 1.0 strict and then onto 1.1 be? The move from transitional to strict you wont find hard. This list of tags shows what is and isn't allowed in XHTML 1.0 strict, I do not know of any browser quirks

RE: [WSG] mysterious space

2004-03-21 Thread Jason Turnbull
font-size:0; to your clearer style You have also specified a 5px margin at the bottom of the images in both pic and piclast classes .pic { margin: 0 5px 5px 0; } The order is: top right bottom then left Regards Jason Turnbull

RE: [WSG] slightly OT web page analyser service

2004-03-21 Thread Jason Turnbull
Robert Moser wrote: Something like this could be used to demonstrate the advantages of using CSS vs table layout. The only problem I can see is images referenced in the CSS are not taken into account Jason * The discussion list for

RE: [WSG] [CSS] IE6 header issue.

2004-03-20 Thread Jason Turnbull
was on too many lists until I came across this one, great too been invited and am enjoying the friendly and informative discussions. Regards Jason Turnbull * The discussion list for See