RE: [WSG] Today's lesson: Respect - be courteous up or leave

2006-02-10 Thread John Foliot -
Lachlan Hunt wrote: Unfortunately, top posting (or failing to quote at all) is often the result users of broken e-mail clients (usually Outlook or some web based mail). I find the best approach is to just set a good example, and hope that others eventually get the idea and/or switch mail


2005-11-18 Thread John Foliot -
With apologies for cross posting. Dear Friends, For the many that know me, you will know that a post to any of the lists I subscribe to on the topic of ACCESSKEY will automatically receive a response from me. I think by now my position is abundantly clear on this topic. When I first heard that

RE: [WSG] computer arts mag article/review

2005-09-25 Thread John Foliot -
Andreas Boehmer [Addictive Media] wrote: From my personal perspective, Dreamweaver has a fantastic coding view similar to Homesite, with the additional features of FTP, CSS and Site Management. Uhm... It *is* HomeSite, which Macromedia bought to add to their Dreamweaver Suite (they also

RE: [WSG] 'em' versus '%'

2005-09-25 Thread John Foliot -
Felix Miata wrote: No, it's not 16px. It's whatever size the user's browser default is set to. In most modern browsers, it just happens to start at 16px in most cases, but that is partly by accident, and is subject to user adjustment in multiple ways. The W3C has specified 16px/96ppi as

Censorship (was RE: [WSG] IE Showing Transparent - APOLOGY)

2005-09-17 Thread John Foliot -
Ingo Chao wrote: Rick Faaberg wrote: Where do we draw the line on these sites? The reason why this did not happen before on the WSG mail list is because no poster before did have problems in drawing a line for himself. We should not change this unwritten agreement. Please do not impose

Staying on topic (was RE: [WSG] Accessibility, the possibilities)

2005-08-23 Thread John Foliot -
Stuart Sherwood wrote: Hi All, If you pass all these test, does this exhaust all accessibility issues or are there more? Stuart, There are also the soft tests - often these deal with areas of cognitive issues, from dyslexia to English as a second or third language, etc. Consider the

RE: [WSG] IE Madness

2005-08-18 Thread John Foliot -
Patrick Haney wrote: Internet Explorer cannot open the internet site http:// Operation aborted. It seems as if IE is striping off the #top fragment. Anyone know how to fix this? Bob, Late to the party, but I cannot replicate this

Stupid Questions? (was RE: [WSG] display: inline-block: valid or not? W3C validator says not.)

2005-08-15 Thread John Foliot -
SunUp wrote: I do realise this is probably a very stupid question, and it's more than a little scary asking a stupid question on this list, but I'll wear the result if it means I can understand what I've done wrong. Thanks, sunny. Goodness Sunny, There really is no such thing as a stupid

[WSG] RE: Stupid Questions? (was RE: [WSG] display: inline-block: valid or not? W3C validator says not.)

2005-08-15 Thread John Foliot -
Patrick Lauke wrote: John Foliot - There is no such thing as a stupid question (although occasionally we will see stupid responses...) You tell 'em John :) P As a point of clarification, when I say stupid responses, I meant in the form of condescending or mean responses, rather

RE: [WSG] Spacing Issue

2005-08-14 Thread John Foliot -
Jeff D. Reid wrote: I joined this list well over two years ago. I have designed sites on my own utilizing tips and suggestions I have gathered from most people on the list and other lists. This is the FIRST time I have had my hands tied as to follow a Graphic Designer/Marketing expert who

Accesskeys (Was RE: [WSG] Re: digest for

2005-08-14 Thread John Foliot -
Josh Rose wrote: What I'm trying to do is have the accesskey underlined, it works fine in Firefox and Opera (wayhey), but in IE 6 the a:first-letter works fine, but a:hover doesn't at all (it does without a:first-letter though) and in Netscape 7 the a:first-letter doesn't work at all (just

RE: [WSG] Table header

2005-08-14 Thread John Foliot -
Patrick H. Lauke wrote: Lea de Groot wrote: The thead tag is the key - If you're using thead, you may as well go all the way and add a tbody as well... table thead tr thID/ththVar 1/ththVar 2/th /tr /thead tbody tr

RE: [WSG] Newbie Questions: East-Asian Character Sets and Marking-up Poetry

2005-08-09 Thread John Foliot -
Kwok Ting Lee wrote: This is, I guess, one of the first times I've written anything here, but I've run into a bit of a dilemma and was hoping for some advice: 1. I have a number of analyses of poems I am planning on posting to my weblog over the next few months, however, I'm a bit stumped

Politically Correct Terminology (was RE: [WSG] New front page for

2005-08-04 Thread John Foliot -
Nicola Rae wrote: Hi, Just to chip in, I am writing a couple of articles for GAWDS (guild of Accessible Web Designers) and have it on authority from them that the correct terms to use are: In the UK - instead of 'users with disabilities' - it should be 'disabled users'. In the UK -

RE: 'users with disabilities' WAS: [WSG] New front page for http: //ab

2005-08-04 Thread John Foliot -
Conyers, Dwayne wrote: Leslie Riggs wrote: Following web standards is all well and good, but how are you going to stream the audio when you can't hear it, if you can't do it this? How do you know your method will WORK? Some people can be thick -- even when well-intentioned. But on the