Re: [WSG] html vs. html

2008-06-21 Thread Korny Sietsma
It's completely irrelevant these days, but long file names, i.e. anything with more than 8 characters in the name or 3 in the extension, are implemented on FAT file systems via a messy hack. The 'real' file name is the short name (i.e. Progra~1) and the rest of the file name is stored in extra

Re: [WSG] transparency, png IE6 ??

2008-06-16 Thread Korny Sietsma
... and all of them ultimately rely on AlphaImageLoader, which (as I mentioned elsewhere) runs the risk of the sort of problems discussed at - Korny On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 10:57 AM, Jens-Uwe Korff [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I

Re: [WSG] transparency, png IE6 ??

2008-06-12 Thread Korny Sietsma
SuperSleigh seems to use a very similar method to (which I think Michael indicated he is using?) - we're using iepngfix and it seems to handle most situations, though both solutions are limited to what the microsoft AlphaImageLoader filter can do. But yes, there are some tricky

Re: [WSG] transparency, png IE6?? Screen Resolution

2008-06-12 Thread Korny Sietsma
The linked article at is especially scary - AlphaImageLoader causing browser crashes? Ow. And those guys had direct contacts inside Microsoft. I'm not completely sure of the benefit of using png8 over using png32 for all

Re: [WSG] firefox 3 beta5

2008-05-20 Thread Korny Sietsma
I have had problems running FF2 on a machine also running FF3 - specifically, and fatally for me, FireBug wouldn't install cleanly in FF2 if I had FF3 running. I'd load FF3 in a vmware image, or maybe test it with an Ubuntu 8.04 live CD. Note that beta 5 at least is still rather unstable. I've

Re: [WSG] :: CSS Code Formatting ::

2008-05-12 Thread Korny Sietsma
Hmm - we're currently debating what to do about dynamic css on our project (Ruby on Rails based) There seem to be a few options: - No dynamic css at all - Simple templated stuff, where the code is basically css + inline ruby: #whatever { background-color : %= background_colour %; } - Something