[WSG] RE: Best Practice - Content Within Tables

2011-10-14 Thread Lapcewich, Dennis
Thanks to all who responded, and confirmed my initial view. My reason for asking the obvious is that within a government agency, we seem to have an excess of pickers of nits (often outside of the actual expertise) who just won't take no for an answer. The views offered here gave me several

[WSG] Best Practice - Content Within Tables

2011-10-12 Thread Lapcewich, Dennis
Folks, I'm seeking some best practices advice. Is it a best practice to wrap content in a table cell using p tags? Or just properly code the td and/or th tags? We have a couple of schools of thought raging at the moment and I've been tasked to seek the wisdom of others. Dennis Dennis

RE: [WSG] Fwd: Video in web page

2011-09-09 Thread Lapcewich, Dennis
Take a look at Adobe’s Open Source Media Framework program --- http://www.osmf.org/index.php Granted, it’s Flash-based but they do have information which may be helpful for non-Flash users. And it’s all free. Dennis Dennis Lapcewich US Forest Service Webmaster DRM Civil Rights POC / USFS