Re: [WSG] A Semi-Transparent Background Color?

2009-02-11 Thread Lewis, Matthew

There is this article:

On 12/02/2009, at 1:04 PM, Brett Patterson wrote:

Hi all,

I was wondering why there was no implementation to allow a semi- 
transparent background color using CSS? If there is, is there a link  
that would point me in the direction to figure out how to go about  
implementing it on a Web page?

Brett P.

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Re: [WSG] Failed A Job :(

2009-01-29 Thread Lewis, Matthew

On 30/01/2009, at 2:36 AM, Simon Pascal Klein wrote:

I’d expect clean, accessible, and semantic code from a front-end  
developer. Bah—sorry to hear you had such a negative experience. I  
think we all end up taking a bite from the sour end of the pie at  
some point in our profession, and, in the end I guess the best thing  
to do is consider it an experience worth not repeating and learning  
from it.

Lessons learnt. I always check the source first because as they say,  
you can't polish a turd.

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Re: [WSG] WCAG2 in govt

2008-09-29 Thread Lewis, Matthew

 Hi there - was wondering if there's anyone on the list who works in
government and is considering WCAG2.  We're looking at this in NZ, and
I'd be keen to have a chat about your experiences (and offer my own).

How about first considering and then implementing the inclusion of Local 
Government and all receivers of Government funding in the mandate to comply.

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Re: WSG promoting standards via teaching? Re: [WSG] Positioning was Extra white line on the top of my list

2008-08-05 Thread Lewis, Matthew
What would be more a productive use of your time David is validating  
your pages.

And there is plenty of We are still moving into our new site...  
please bear with us... stuff that still needs to be written.

Just a suggestion.

On 5/08/2008, at 12:34 PM, David Fuller - magickweb wrote:

Well hey everybody...

It would appear Andrew has decided to take his comments out of the  

view and turn them personal... Please read..

On Aug 1, 2008, at 2:31 PM, David Fuller - magickweb wrote:

group does NOT have to be SPECIFICALLY about web standards

Perhaps not, but totally irrelevant attacks on any platform are a  
waste of

everyone's time and energy.

Frankly I don't believe anyone on this list learned anything useful  
from the

fact that you don't like macs.

So as one professional to another, please keep your comments  
constructive at
least. If you have a reasoned argument as to why the macintosh  
platform is
inimical to web standards, I for one would be interested to hear  
what you
have to say. Otherwise your remark is as useful and informative to  
this list

as your tastes in ice-cream would be.

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In a well designed user interface, the user should not need  

Andrew if you are so afraid of negative comments, don't post at all.  
comments were not aimed @ macs or any other platform - get your  
facts right

before you start sprouting your mouth off...

I used that development platform as an EXAMPLE of similar  
discussions had

in the past where people got uppity... I was not referring to now..

To paraphrase yourself Andrew If you have something of value, then  

bring it to the forum

Why can people not realize that they are not the end all and be all,  
and my
main point was this. Those with less skills than professionals like  
(and Andrew I don't know I haven't seen his work) will ask questions  

learn and to grow as developers...

If we as a community want a unified web standard and it to be widely  
and accepted, we need to encourage, help and support those who are  


Why is that so hard for you to fathom Andrew?

David Fuller
Tel:   0434 728 267

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Behalf Of Ian Chamberlain
Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2008 10:08 AM
Subject: WSG promoting standards via teaching? Re: [WSG] Positioning  

Extra white line on the top of my list

I suspect there is more than a grain of truth in both David and  
Adams views.

If places like this are to reach the widest possible audience they  
must be
accessible to all (with reason); ditto to be a usable standards  
forum we should be debating the finer points not spending ALL our  
time on

what the experts among us may consider to be trivial.

Two suggestions;

[1]That we all take a moment to consider those who may know a  
less than we on a specific subject and attempt to use plain English  

replying;  thus to help others along the way.

[2]When responding to eager questioners such as Michael suggest  
they take the conversation off the forum; but please bring it back  
when a

conclusion has been reached as I suspect I lot of equally eager thread
watchers may be keen to know the answer too.

I will now return to lurking


Ian Chamberlain
ex-Head of Web Strategy BT Global Services; now Freelancing and  
having a


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From: David Fuller - magickweb [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Sent: Monday, August 04, 2008 11:23 PM
Subject: RE: [WSG] Positioning was Extra white line on the top of my  


I am sorry but I have to disagree whole heartedly... What is the  
group, if not a place where all people can who choose to, can come  
and gain
guidance and learning to become STANDARDS COMPLIANT??? It would  
appear that

this is exactly what the group is for...

I've mentioned this in another thread, where people get all uppity  
about not
exactly web standards content (I think in that example it was  

Development Platforms...)

Regardless we are all professionals, and we are here to help, to  
learn and
to keep up to date, so if somebody with slightly less experience  
than you
asks for assistance, what's the harm in giving that assistance? It  
cost you anything and you do end up with a grateful developer/ 
designer - and

that's positive networking - again a very big plus for any business.


Enjoy all :)

David Fuller
Tel:   0434 728 267

Re: [WSG] What is the best solution for IE6 png issue?

2008-08-03 Thread Lewis, Matthew

as to say look at the theory of developing specifics for IE6. There is a 
gaining movement around to start phasing out IE6 support - look at 37signals, 
I think they begin IE6 phase out this week or next. They've done their maths 
and taken a gamble. Hopefully it'll spark something.

In the end, do you want to spend hours developing hacks for IE6 or just nicely 
push people into an upgrade path?
OT and not much to do with IE6 .png solutions but instead, the ongoing 
support of IE6 aspect of this thread.

I was advised by a lesser Microsoft management bot that many corporate 
organisations have a 'latest minus one' policy, which means only running 
up to the previous version of any current browser. This will hopefully 
mean that when IE8 is fully released many corporate techs will then 
upgrade to IE7, ideally resulting in a bulk upgrade of the costly IE6.

I hope this has some truth.

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[WSG] 5.3 Expansion of abbreviations and acronyms in a document

2008-05-17 Thread Lewis, Matthew

Unsure about best practice approach for acronym within a link, which  
may not be ether of these examples...

a href=; title=Real Simple Syndication News  
FeedRSS News Feed/a

a href=; acronym title=Real Simple  
SyndicationRSS/acronym News Feed/a

Many thanks


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