[WSG] Invitation to connect on LinkedIn

2009-10-07 Thread Marius Milcher
LinkedIn Marius Milcher requested to add you as a connection on LinkedIn: -- Nick, I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. - Marius Accept invitation from Marius Milcher http://www.linkedin.com/e

Re: [WSG] Google chrome...

2008-09-05 Thread Marius Milcher
Has anyone noticed how Hotmail is 'unavailable' in Chrome?? Recommending one upgrades to either: IE, FF or Safari. Could this be a snub by Microsoft?? Innocent browser compatability issue? What's the opinion? Seconds out...Round 3 2008/9/5 Michael Horowitz [EMAIL PROTECTED] Because that is

Re: [WSG] MA in web development

2008-06-13 Thread Marius Milcher
decade at least. So, to reiterate, any MA course should provide the tools to fish rather than the fish itself and should not allow itself to be providing significant am amounts of training in concepts that will easily age. Joe On Jun 12 2008, at 22:36, Marius Milcher wrote: I'm studying BSc

Re: [WSG] MA in web development

2008-06-12 Thread Marius Milcher
of the collaborative nature of Web 2.0 this course could be structured and administered through wikis and taught in an open-source way... Given the webs emergence from academia. But that I fear, is maybe a pipe-dream... Thoughts?? Regards, Marius Milcher [1] LSBU BIT Course info http://www.lsbu.ac.uk/bcim/progs