Re: [WSG] A Standards Oxymoron

2009-08-22 Thread Mark Harris
Bushidodeep wrote: F, As in the case of clients that rigidly adhere to the notion of pixel perfection, the design usually spirals into perfection on a single user-agent, with complete disregard of the possible thousands in circulation. The jobs description just seemed one to avoid. I

Re: [WSG] Installing More than one version of IE6

2009-07-02 Thread Mark Harris
Hargreaves, Michael wrote: Here's another option to virtual PC which I use. I haven;t used Virtual PC in some time so I can;t really give a good comparison. But if it makes a difference Virtual box has no connection with Microsoft. I second VirtualBox (which has

Re: [WSG] My best practice HTML sheet

2009-06-25 Thread Mark Harris
daniel a. thornbury wrote: Very useful! ...but I would love the PDF or ODT versions to be available so I can print it up to stick onto the wall for quick-reference (and to make me look a little smarter)... What Daniel is trying to say, Lars, is that the links are 404ing.

Re: [WSG] website fonts

2009-06-22 Thread Mark Harris
matt andrews wrote: 2009/6/22 Mark Harris The biggest cost I have seen in web design since 1996, when I started, is the perceived need to make the web like the printed page. That, and the desire to make it pixel-identical in multiple browsers. Let the control go to the user

Re: [WSG] website fonts

2009-06-21 Thread Mark Harris
Joshua Street wrote: Adding to what Tim said, It's possible that you're experiencing problems with Helvetica just because of a typo (you had written Helvitica). Also, it does not come with Windows Vista or Microsoft Office. However, If your user has it installed and doesn't have Arial

[WSG] FYI Vision Australia culls 60 jobs

2009-05-06 Thread Mark Harris
department, the source said... How not to run a redundancy process (hat tip to @plasmaegg and @OfficerAnni) Mark Harris Technology Research and Consultancy Services Ltd. Waikanae New Zealand @nzlemming +64 21 444 954 *** List

Re: [WSG] converting CSS and XHTML to PDFs

2009-03-31 Thread Mark Harris
On 31/03/2009, at 1:08 AM, Darren Lovelock wrote: Do a image screenshot using print screen and then convert that to PDF? That would be my choice if size is not an issue - png if it is, though those can be pretty big. Pascal wrote That results in an image sitting inside a PDF; the text

Re: [WSG] RE: [BULK] WSG Digest

2009-03-16 Thread Mark Harris
Glen Wallis wrote: Am I the only person on this list who is sick of the constant and blatant advertising for this Content Management System? Don't we have rules against this? If so, they are not being enforced. I thought the post was brief, informative and to the point. If everyone on this

Re: [WSG] Accessibility testing

2009-02-10 Thread Mark Harris
Henrik Madsen wrote: Now, here's the thing. This software is only for PC. I'm Mac. Not very accessible eh? :) What similar software / online systems do people use and get reliable results (if reliable results are indeed attainable)? I use VirtualBox ( to run virtual

Re: [WSG] Frames/iFrames [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

2009-01-13 Thread Mark Harris wrote: They are using them to facilitate the menu/header/footer ite,s across a host of applications which sit on a range of differing servers using a rang of differing technologies. I suggested SSI's but that is not possible due to server configuration

Re: [WSG] Checking My Page

2009-01-06 Thread Mark Harris
Marvin Hunkin wrote: Hi. well, got some suggestions, from a friend. and now uploaded my latest files to so, take a look, give me feedback, and any other suggestions, i might need, or if my page, style sheet, and the nav links.css, looks fine and it looks

Re: [WSG] Fw: The Great Firewall of Australia

2008-11-30 Thread Mark Harris
exclusive rights to provide Australian net access to Microsoft! Did he really? Do you have any cites for this? Cheers Mark Harris *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe: http

Re: [WSG] Standards and Adobe Contribute

2008-11-02 Thread Mark Harris
Dave Lane wrote: I'm sorry, Mark, but that is not a winning strategy in business. Dave, the business decision is not that of the web designer. While web design may be his business, it's not the business of his client. As a web developer, you *must* design for maintainability. Anything else

Re: [WSG] Standards and Adobe Contribute

2008-11-01 Thread Mark Harris
be using the web and need baby steps. While it's a designer's job to help educate them, you can't drag them kicking and screaming into something they're not ready for. Regards Mark Harris *** List Guidelines: http

Re: [WSG] JavaScript clarification please

2008-10-27 Thread Mark Harris
Anthony wrote: My sentiments exactly. On 27/10/2008, at 3:46 PM, Breton Slivka [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm afraid I will have to throw up my hands and give up on you. You are a lost cause. you cannot be reached. Oh, good. Can we return the list to web standards now?

Re: [WSG] WCAG2 in general

2008-09-30 Thread Mark Harris
Steve Green wrote: Does anyone think that WCAG 2.0 will improve the user experience? Or do you take my view that it only benefits developers, and that the user experience will be worse in future? This is my view as well. Mark Harris

Re: [WSG] Is it a good practice to have 'Back to Top' link?

2008-09-29 Thread Mark Harris
Robin Shi wrote: Oh I did miss the point. You were talking about those small screens and the users really don't like scrolling. In that case, what if put the tabs on the bottom of the page? No, I think his point was that the tabs would be at the top of the page and the user would still have

Re: [WSG] Multiple Language Domains

2008-06-13 Thread Mark Harris
Paul McCann wrote: I have a few worries though, currently both domains point to the english language version of the site, this will be changed so cymruni goes to the Welsh language side. Although the language is the same and its possible for people to flip between the two languages is it

Re: [WSG] MA in web development

2008-06-11 Thread Mark Harris
aboehmer wrote: It could contain a pile of subjects, depending on how far you want to take it. Here just some ideas: HTML/CSS Multimedia (Video, Flash, Podcasts, etc) Basics in Programming (PHP/VB, etc) Usability Accessibility Search Engine Optimisation Basics in Graphic Design

Re: [WSG] Should we design for 800x600 screens?

2008-06-09 Thread Mark Harris
Jermayn Parker wrote: If the users are technical you would not bother designing for 800 x 600 screens Hmmm? I wonder if that's strictly true, given the surge in ultralite notebooks like the ASUS EEEPC. My new one ( a 900 - c'mon NZCouriers, just deliver the thing!) will have 1024 as a

Re: [WSG] Breadcrumbs showing organisational structure and usability

2008-06-07 Thread Mark Harris
Stuart Foulstone wrote: Flaming is definitely off topic! Flaming? Hardly. Robust discussion, definitely *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe:

Re: [WSG] Breadcrumbs showing organisational structure and usability

2008-06-06 Thread Mark Harris
boo sucks, we're not doing it. Don't cloak it with usability or web standards. Cheers Mark Harris Technology Research and consultancy Services Ltd New Zealand *** List Guidelines:

Re: [WSG] Wiki's and standards

2008-06-05 Thread Mark Harris
Rob Enslin wrote: Hello WSG Group, Our company have asked me to look into potential Wiki software for our corporate community (intranet-style). The person driving the Wiki has suggested using Jive's Clearspace ( With web standards in mind: 1.

Re: [WSG] Marking up company logo

2008-05-29 Thread Mark Harris
Adam Martin wrote: I think if people start think UO rather than SEO then the answers to most questions become a lot clearer - UO is a term I coined just the other day - UO = user optimisation. How excellent! I'm sure we can build a whole consulting industry around that! ;-) cheers

Re: [WSG] Clarification: Is RTF accessible?

2008-05-27 Thread Mark Harris
://, I specified RTF as acceptable after much consultation with accessibility advocates, so I think you'll be pretty safe specifying it. But you're right - HTML is better. Cheers Mark Harris Technology Research and Consultancy Services Ltd (Like Rae, I saw the light and got out

Re: [WSG] Fwd: using fieldsets and legends (outside a form) for adding structural markup

2008-05-22 Thread Mark Harris
Thierry Koblentz wrote: Does that mean we should drop the ABBR element because IE can't handle it properly? Better to just drop IE ;-) mark *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe:

Re: [WSG] a list apart expired

2008-05-13 Thread Mark Harris
Matthew Pennell wrote: On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 11:55 AM, Francisco Antunes [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Can someone who know Zeldman let him know that the domain is expired: He's asleep at the moment. :) Do Happy Cog 'run' Magnolia as well? That lapsed too, I seem to

Re: [WSG] :: CSS Code Formatting ::

2008-05-12 Thread Mark Harris
Korny Sietsma wrote: I'd be interested in the thoughts of folks here. A simple template would have the advantage of (possibly) working well in css editors and tools; but there also seems to be some buzz around tools like Sass that take some more repetition out of the CSS. Is SASS a standard?

Re: [WSG] [OT] Full flash websites

2008-05-08 Thread Mark Harris
Michael Persson wrote: I find it bad to have to rebuild my computer to have the opportunity to have a deascent set of standard browsers. Does my clients have the same setup?? Ummm, aren't you building sites for your client's customers to use? It's the internet you have to match browsers

Re: [WSG] Full flash websites

2008-05-06 Thread Mark Harris
kate wrote: No disrespect to Sven but that must be the pits to take the very long learning curve: Create the Flash: Then along comes 'A Visitor' and disable all your hard work..*doh Sorry? You're blaming A Visitor for not being able to obtain the information you are supposed to giving them?

Re: [WSG] IE8 beta's a nightmare

2008-04-29 Thread Mark Harris
James Jeffery wrote: What developer on this planet is going to take advantage of a feature thats been put into IE and not Mozilla, or any other browser engine for that matter. Thats like giving one user one thing and another user another. But- but- but- *everybody* uses Windows! Why would

Re: [WSG] JS Image Slider

2008-04-29 Thread Mark Harris
Andrew Freedman wrote: James Jeffery provided the following information on 30/04/2008 12:27 AM: that will mean that users without CSS will get a bunch of images in a list You have users that block CSS?? I have never come across that. Can you give an instance as to where and why you would

Re: [WSG] my apologies

2008-03-20 Thread Mark Harris
dwain wrote: i apologize to the group for the telecommunications post. i thought that i saw my congressional senator's address in the to: space. humbly apologetic, dwain Understood Good letter, though ;-) mark *** List

Re: [WSG] Standards compliant CMS?

2008-03-13 Thread Mark Harris
With respect, last time I looked, the WSG-CMS list was over there From the Guidelines: The mail list does not cover: * Non-Web Standards related issues and support * Discussion of server-side scripting beyond that directly involved with Web Standards * Discussion of content

Re: [WSG] Standards compliant CMS? [OT]

2008-03-13 Thread Mark Harris
Sarah Simmonds wrote: Michael: Thanks for pointing that out, I didn't know we had a list specifically for CMS's. I'll direct my query there :) Cheers, Sarah On 3/14/08, Mark Harris [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: With respect, last time I looked, the WSG-CMS list was over there Y'know, I can

Re: [WSG] SEO, fact or fiction

2008-03-09 Thread Mark Harris
tee wrote: On Mar 7, 2008, at 12:36 AM, Stuart Foulstone wrote: Hi, Search robots are essentially blind users. Anybody knows about this? I think what Kevin meant is that the googlebot takes no notice of graphical navigation or information, much as a blind user is unable to see it. The

Re: [WSG] Controling Windows DPI settings

2008-02-23 Thread Mark Harris
Hayden's Harness Attachment wrote: I have Windows Vista Home Premium and use 96 DPI. I am told repeteated ly that my fonts are to large. I have even tried font-size: 80%; in my CSS and still get told the fonts are to large. I know you are not able to overide a person's preferences. can I do

Re: [WSG] PDF Accessibility

2008-02-22 Thread Mark Harris
Steve Green wrote: [lotsa good stuff snipped] That's a superb answer, Steve! I have saved it and will memorize it to quote at people who have nothing better to do than parrot vendor propaganda! :-D Cheers Mark Harris Technology Research and Consultancy Services Ltd. New Zealand

Re: [WSG] This IE8 controversy

2008-01-29 Thread Mark Harris
Karl Lurman wrote: Train: there is a 6:30 pm overnight train,clean and comfortable, that leaves from Bangkok's Hualomphong Station. You can buy a train + ferry ticket package a day in advance(approx.800 baht) from travel agencies on Kao San Rd. You will arrive at 6 am in Surat Thani and catch a

Re: [WSG] Developing for Mac Browsers

2008-01-13 Thread Mark Harris
Peter Mount wrote: I'm not a hardcore gamer so I can look at the Mac Mini or Macbook as well. I'll see what my wallet says in a few months. My Mini still kicks arse and it's only PPC! Get as much memory as it can eat, and a big hard drive, if you're going to run virtual machines, as they

Re: [WSG] standards-compliant designers

2008-01-09 Thread Mark Harris
rates. Curmudgeonly, Mark Harris *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe: Help: [EMAIL PROTECTED] ***

Re: [WSG] How z-index works

2007-10-30 Thread Mark Harris
John Faulds wrote: That's weird, it's working today. :? Sounds like transient DNS proxy issues to me *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe:

Re: A: [WSG] Target Lawsuit - Please Make Yourself Heard

2007-10-04 Thread Mark Harris
Matthew Cruickshank wrote: Karl Lurman wrote: P.s A braille issue of Playboy - is it perverted that I think this is a cool idea??! You know this exists right? [link is safe for work] I'm frightened you knew that, or even thought to

Re: [WSG] Target Lawsuit - Please Make Yourself Heard

2007-10-04 Thread Mark Harris
John Horner wrote: There's one thing nobody has mentioned so far, which is Michelle Malkin is what I personally would call an extreme right-winger. She's a regular on Fox News, and she's been compared to Anne Coulter. Yes I did, at 10:47am. Keep up ;-)

Re: A: [WSG] Target Lawsuit - Please Make Yourself Heard [long]

2007-10-04 Thread Mark Harris
a shorter post, but I ran out of time ;-) Mark Harris Principal Consultant Technology Research and Consultancy Services Ltd. Waikanae, New Zealand *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe: http

Re: A: [WSG] Target Lawsuit - Please Make Yourself Heard

2007-10-03 Thread Mark Harris
Chris Wilson wrote: Better yet, since not everyone can see, lets require all publications to include a braille copy, all musical artists to provide a written transcript of ever performance. That would of course be madness... No, not madness. Instead, it would be a good way to bring art to

Re: A: [WSG] Target Lawsuit - Please Make Yourself Heard

2007-10-03 Thread Mark Harris
Julie Romanowski wrote: I don't know how many of you are familiar with Michelle Malkin. She posted about the Target lawsuit today, and although she is an intelligent woman, she doesn't have a clue when it comes to web accessibility. Malkin doesn't have much of a clue, full stop. She is an

Re: A: [WSG] Target Lawsuit - Please Make Yourself Heard

2007-10-03 Thread Mark Harris
Andrew Boyd wrote: My suggestion is that rather than cars it should have something to do with cats saying Can I haz agsessibillitee? :) I'm in ur CMS, changing ur links *** List Guidelines:

Re: [WSG] Robot meta tags

2007-07-04 Thread Mark Harris
on me for being a spelling-nazi, the words have significantly different meanings, and it's important to use the right one. Regards Mark Harris *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe: http

Re: [WSG] Certified Usable

2006-03-20 Thread Mark Harris
Ah, usability - it's all good fun till someone gets sued. While I'm sure that Craig and his team are operating with the best of intentions, I agree with Andreas that different users will do things in different ways. I know I would not dare to put out a site with a Certified Usable branding,

Re: [WSG] Re: Website Directory Structure - Best Practice

2006-03-20 Thread Mark Harris
Richard Czeiger wrote: Sorry Vlad - Ithink I'm with Lachlan on this one... Docs can be edited or re-written but if they're obsolete, you don't need to delete them - just don't link to them... Actually, Lachlan said no URI should be deleted which everybody has taken to mean no document left

Re: [WSG]

2006-03-17 Thread Mark Harris
Grant Bissett wrote: Me. I agree. Indeed, to coin a phrase, me too! - mark (who's not even Australian) ** The discussion list for See for some hints on posting

Re: [WSG] CAPS in stylesheets

2006-03-12 Thread Mark Harris
sime wrote: Which brings me back to my original question question. Rephrased, what are the different situations in which you'd use HTML4 over XHTML1? So far I've been led to believe (outside of this list) that XHTML is a step forward. Ah, but, grasshopper, to step backward from the precipice

Re: [ADMIN] Re: [WSG] Your email requires verification verify#kdWfF4HBUy_SYGJC5A3KzB6MKspDh3nM

2006-03-02 Thread Mark Harris
Lea de Groot wrote: ~ why, yes, it has been an aggravating day! How did you guess? ;) S'all right Lea - we still love you mark ** The discussion list for See

Re: [WSG] Screen reader recommendations???

2006-02-28 Thread Mark Harris
Patrick H. Lauke wrote: It's probably worth mentioning that unless you invest a considerable amount of time becoming familiar with a screen reader, and use it just as a *real* screen reader user uses it, any testing may lead you to the wrong type of conclusion, or worse tempt you to optimise

Re: [WSG] Converting the heathen: never again

2006-02-27 Thread Mark Harris
SunUp wrote: /me considers changing her name to sundown You'll need a satin dress and a very private room, and watch yourself around the back stairs ;-) mark ** The discussion list for See

Re: [WSG] Introduction and first submission

2006-02-23 Thread Mark Harris
Herrod, Lisa wrote: Oh I can see an Austin WSG forming already! And more powers to them ;-) Welcome, Sharron mark ** The discussion list for See for some

Re: [WSG] Should logo not link to the homepage?

2006-02-23 Thread Mark Harris
Sandra Vassallo wrote: Hi, interestingly, one of my testers who uses a screen reader recently suggested taking the link off the logo in the head mast and the reasons made sense * the img alt text read 'logo' but the link went to home * there was already a clear text link to home on the site,

Re: [WSG] Font Sizes - Best practice

2006-02-20 Thread Mark Harris
Mike Brown wrote: Russ I think you need to do some research on porn site best practices here and report back to the list :) Mike never visited a porn site so wouldn't know sarcasm class=tuiYeah, right/sarcasm :-p ** The discussion

Re: [WSG] site check: FONT sizes

2006-02-17 Thread Mark Harris
Hassan Schroeder wrote: Felix Miata wrote: When your page respects the user's decision what size fonts are most appropriate for him, your page needs no resizer, because the user won't need to again resize just for having visited your page. He's presumably already done that in his browser.

Re: [WSG] site check: FONT sizes

2006-02-17 Thread Mark Harris
Patrick H. Lauke wrote: Mark Harris wrote: Then you should try educating them, rather than 'managing' them So then educated users set their preferred font size, and then (apart from a few sites that do the right thing and don't go below 100%) the rest of the web appears even smaller

Re: [WSG] site check: FONT sizes

2006-02-16 Thread Mark Harris
Herrod, Lisa wrote: Yes but Patrick, If you provide the user with a Javascript pop-up window that they right-click to display a pretty flash-based font-increasing app, the user could increase the font as much as they like. It's known as the 'Clydesdale Hack'. L song id=yankee-doodle Oh,

Re: Recall: [WSG] Web design education

2006-02-13 Thread Mark Harris
was probably so busy being usable, she forgot to validate her mail ;-) cheers Mark Harris ** The discussion list for See for some hints on posting to the list getting help **

Re: [WSG] Target sued over non-accessible site

2006-02-10 Thread Mark Harris
) ramifications of the code we create. Any honest discussions of web standards needs to have regular doses of real-world effects of that code. I agree completely - we need the discussions on this as much as we need the esoterica of CSS code. Regards Mark Harris Technology Research

Re: [WSG] Today's lesson: Respect - be courteous up or leave

2006-02-09 Thread Mark Harris
russ - maxdesign wrote: Russ Miss Manors I respectfully would like to point out that Miss Manners may be more to the point. However, Russ, you are perfectly capable of representing big houses, it that's what floats your boat ;-) Cheers Mark Harris Technology Research and Consultancy

Re: [WSG] *Why* doesn't Google validate? was New logo scheme was talking points for standards

2005-12-07 Thread Mark Harris
Lea de Groot wrote: On 08/12/2005, at 12:54 PM, Paul Bennett wrote: Trolling? Well, it isn't the first thing that occurred to me! I've often wondered why it is that Google doesn't validate. I mean its not as if they were just a couple of errors, and we could all just shake it off - they

Re: [WSG] talking points for standards

2005-12-06 Thread Mark Harris
Alex James wrote: That would be a better discussion - why with so much evidence to the contrary, can the list not convince Donna to fight the PR agency? I don't actually think it's a fight she wants to have or necessarily should undertake. Donna didn't ask us to bolster her up; she asked

Re: [WSG] talking points for standards

2005-12-05 Thread Mark Harris
Patrick H. Lauke wrote: Joseph R. B. Taylor wrote: That's the point. That's why they want to have someone build a site for them that has a clue about this stuff. The day WILL come when there is a governing body over the net. There WAS a day when housing codes DID NOT exist and were being

Re: [WSG] Dragon Way (Site Check)

2005-11-25 Thread Mark Harris
Web Man Walking wrote: IE5.2/Mac: Slow as hell (over a minute). Definitely not a connection issue as all other browsers are fine. Something is causing IE5.2 to struggle when rendering your code. Suggest they're using IE5.2/Mac to test unfortunately. Thanks Jon. I thought I was going nuts.

[WSG] To the admins

2005-11-16 Thread Mark Harris
With respect, I feel that the Britsios messages are inappropriate for this list. Perhaps you might advise Mr Britsios that his postings are unwelcome. Regards Mark Harris Technology Research and Consultancy Services Ltd ** The discussion

Re: [WSG] Font resizing

2005-11-09 Thread Mark Harris
Herrod, Lisa wrote: I nearly fell off my chair. It was such a rare moment. He then right clicked a link to open it in a new window. I had to stop myself leaving the room to post to the list, it was that exciting... fortunately I have it on DVD and can watch it to my hearts content... :) Hmmm,

Re: [WSG] standards, accessability and validation?

2005-11-01 Thread Mark Harris
:// [**]) of suit references as examples. The accessibility lawsuit is coming to a court near you in the future. Convince your manager not to be a test case. Cheers Mark Harris [*] also one of Jo Clark's, I notice [**] although I'm a little concerned about

Re: [WSG] standards, accessability and validation?

2005-11-01 Thread Mark Harris
Paul Noone wrote: That and clean XHTML is easier to hand-code than tables... Without wanting to open a can of worms here; how so? Do you mean in conjunction with CSS, or just that XHTML markup is cleaner than that of HTML? I read him to mean that any clean mark-up is easier to hand code

Re: [WSG] Text choices on our own sites

2005-10-30 Thread Mark Harris
Richard Czeiger wrote: Hope I'm making sense, here and I know it's a slippery slope, but hey ... That's why they pay us the big bucks, right? .. Right? Anyone? You make money at this??? What a concept!! ;-) mark ** The discussion list

Re: [WSG] Firefox filter?

2005-10-29 Thread Mark Harris
Joshua Street wrote: On 10/30/05, Kenny Graham [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: So back to the original question, is there any way to serve a rule only to firefox (or only to non-firefox) without invalidating the css? Heh, server-side browser sniffing? ;-) /flamebait Seriously, why is this

Re: [WSG] Conditional Comments question

2005-10-21 Thread Mark Harris
in all browsers and all platforms to deliver the business need. cheers Mark Harris ** The discussion list for See for some hints on posting to the list getting help **

Re: [WSG] javascripts and standards

2005-10-17 Thread Mark Harris
Gene Falck wrote: Shows the domain and most of the path as being the same as your reference indicating that they both come from the same source. If

Re: [WSG] javascripts and standards

2005-10-16 Thread Mark Harris
Andrew Krespanis wrote: Here's the complete 4th edition online: found via: I *believe* it's legal... fingers crossed! and the Tooth Fairy, I suppose? ;-) f you have found

Re: [WSG] javascripts and standards

2005-10-16 Thread Mark Harris
Andrew Krespanis wrote: Here's the complete 4th edition online: found via: I *believe* it's legal... fingers crossed! and the Tooth Fairy, I suppose? ;-) f you have found

Re: [WSG] css for ie4/ie5

2005-10-14 Thread Mark Harris
Peter Ottery wrote: Peter Firminger wrote: Not at all recommended on any machine you care about. Just for my own peace of mind tho - they're only a security issue when you have launched the program right? so if i'm launching them (old standalone IE5 5.5) once a month to *only* test pages

Re: [WSG] css for ie4/ie5

2005-10-14 Thread Mark Harris
Mark Harris wrote: I can think of 2 secure ways to use IE/windows to test webpages: 1 run a webserver on a separate box _inside_ your firewall and install your pages there for testing - stack a firewall between the systems if you need to test that. 2 run VirtualPC (or some other windows

Re: [WSG] Chinese food and web standards

2005-10-12 Thread Mark Harris
Kay Smoljak wrote: My layouts are pretty basic, so I doubt it wouldn't work. I think the number of people out in the general public using Linux on the desktop is infintismally (sp?) small. Hem not infinitesimally small, but fewer than Windows. Possibly as many as Mac. IMHO designers fuss

Re: [WSG] Placement of company logo

2005-10-11 Thread Mark Harris
. In this case, the photo _is_ essential content, in practical terms. Cheers Mark Harris ** The discussion list for See for some hints on posting to the list getting

Re: [WSG] Dublin Core metadata

2005-10-07 Thread Mark Harris
and our approach to metadata (again, no disrespect to Motive), see and you can find AGLS at Cheers Mark Harris Ex-manager, Moderation and Web Standards, NZ State Services Commission Disclaimer: I didn't work much on NZGLS (although I did convene

Re: [WSG] Meta Keywords?

2005-10-06 Thread Mark Harris
(the way they do it) is just a con job IMHO Cheers Mark Harris ** The discussion list for See for some hints on posting to the list getting help **