Re: [WSG] Search Engine Script *Little off topic*

2006-02-08 Thread Marko Mihelcic - founder of (http.//|(
try, Terrence Wood [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Search scriptfree**The discussion list for

Re: [WSG] IE7 Now what?

2006-02-01 Thread Marko Mihelcic - founder of (http.//|(
could the new IE 7 beta 2 or beta 1 , can they be installed on Service pack 1 ? - coz I don't have SP2 jet :S :) 2006/2/1, Miles Davies [EMAIL PROTECTED] : should think twice before installing any Microsoft Better products. On

Re: [WSG] what cms system

2006-01-18 Thread Marko Mihelcic - founder of (http.//|(
2006/1/18, Dietmar Albers [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Drupal- okfine Geeklog - mhhhmhmh Mambo Open Source - mhhh mhmh PHP-Nuke- mhhh mhmm phpWCMS - mhhh mhmm dunno phpWebSite- mhhh nah Post-Nuke - mhhh maybe but nah Siteframe - mhhh aAaaa nah TYPO3 - very good, but needs some nope special webserver

Re: [WSG] the kind of assignment that makes you want to scream

2005-12-17 Thread Marko Mihelcic - founder of (http.//|(
lol heh m8 I'm like O_O nah this can't be posible :) Good luck :)2005/12/17, Ted Drake [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Can you imagine being the one stuck with creating this navigation scheme? holy moley, mother of all tabs.

Re: [WSG] firefox 1.5 is official

2005-11-30 Thread Marko Mihelcic - founder of (http.//|(
hm m8 can you send me via mail that snow script !? 2005/11/30, Artemis [EMAIL PROTECTED]: I upgraded and so far I'm happy with it. :) I did notice one thing right off the bat. I have one of those snow falling java scripts on my personal blog (I don't normaly use those types of java scripts on

Re: [WSG] Margins and floats

2005-11-29 Thread Marko Mihelcic - founder of (http.//|(
yeah my point exactly 67 % m8! 2005/11/29, Christian Montoya [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Ended up, because content comes first, making the margin for the right side menu 67% left. #content {float: left; width:65%; margin-right: 15px; } #links {padding-right:10px; margin-left: 67%}

Re: [WSG] firefox 1.5 is official

2005-11-29 Thread Marko Mihelcic - founder of (http.//|(
noticed ;) 2005/11/30, Ted Drake [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Firefox has just officially released 1.5 It's time to upgrade. If you haven't been using the beta, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Ted

[WSG] Menu issue

2005-11-25 Thread Marko Mihelcic - founder of (http.//|(
I'm having some Menu issue on my site in the Internet Exlopere (grrr) :P Try to browes to some article and expaned the ajax menu - in IE it goes a bit on the main center content/article : Cheers ** The discussion list for

Re: [WSG] jump menu method

2005-11-20 Thread Marko Mihelcic - founder of (http.//|(
Heya- try to find some nice ajax drop down thingyee like moo.fx ( ) cheers 2005/11/20, Terrence Wood [EMAIL PROTECTED]: kvnmcwebn said: Theres no way of breaking down the navigation into smaller chunks without creating a mystery meat situation. Here was the simple

Re: [WSG] Help with a javascript menu

2005-11-09 Thread Marko Mihelcic - founder of (http.//|(
hm try to work a bit more on the header and under the footer the diclamer text is hurting my eyes , try to add font color=black to that text cheers ! 2005/11/9, Charla Nicol | Quirk [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help me, My site :

Re: [WSG] css instead of JS(ajax)

2005-11-08 Thread Marko Mihelcic - founder of (http.//|(
My point exactly why not use JS ? 2005/11/8, Wayne Douglas [EMAIL PROTECTED]: That has about as much to do with AJAX as my mother does. Whats wrong with using the fisheye widget? Dojo code is standards compliant, effiecient JS. Why would you try to do something like that in _pure_ CSS? If

Re: [WSG] Page Check:

2005-11-04 Thread Marko Mihelcic - founder of (http.//|(
Looks great m8 , only I would do a better header /logo that one is a bit fuzzy or it's supposed to be like that!? 2005/11/4, QM Consulting Ltd [EMAIL PROTECTED]: I have been following this list with interest for some time and I am currently working on creating my web site. I've done some