RE: [WSG] PDF Conversion

2011-02-20 Thread Michael MD
I agree to the fact that HTML approach is the best. I normally use Google docs they can open any documents - pdfs, word, excel, images etc like any other html document. See the link:

RE: [WSG] PDF Conversion

2011-02-08 Thread Michael MD
linux pdftohtml (you can apt-get it) Its not perfect (formatting often comes out a bit strange and the html is messy) but at least you end up with something you can edit. Unfortunately I haven't seen anything better yet, and absolutely nothing anywhere near good enough to use without needing

RE: [WSG] alt text on email graphic

2010-11-29 Thread Michael MD
If a spider could read the alt attribute, don't you think they could read the href attribute? or; It doesn't matter where you put the valid email address, the spiders will find it. However, messing with images will just make it more

RE: [WSG] Touch screens

2010-11-16 Thread Michael MD
Emulation software is never going to be 100% reliable for testing. An Sure, eventually I will get one (when such devices are cheap enough to buy one outright without plans/debt/worry/etc) ...but until then I need *something* to use for testing. (work doesn't yet understand that this is needed -

RE: [WSG] Touch screens

2010-11-15 Thread Michael MD
Do any of you guys have experience with touch screen designing? I looked at an iPAD today, with a view to buying, and I was horrified when I looked at a site of mine that used a spry dropdown menu. Does anyone know of any good emulation software for testing for those of us who don't yet own a

RE: [WSG] Mobile urls

2010-11-14 Thread Michael MD
Although the most interesting aspect of BBC mobile content esp. for complex script languages is the choice between a textual version and an image version:

RE: [WSG] Ways of sending a HTML email

2010-01-07 Thread Michael MD
Since Outlook is not the best HTML editor it's quite likely something will get broken at some stage or other, so it's not fool-proof, but it produces better results than Word. I thought Outlook uses Word as its editor. If you want to build html email functionality into a cms or script this

RE: [WSG] Outlook 2010

2009-06-24 Thread Michael MD
We have a problem! Outlook 2010, according to Campaign Monitor [1], is going to continue to use the crippled MS Word layout engine. They adopted this as the status quo for Outlook 2007 and promptly set rich email with CSS, etc., back a number of years, and are showing no great sign of diverging

RE: [WSG] Where is browser compatibility in wcag?

2009-04-08 Thread Michael MD
A user's choice of technology is not an accessibility issue. If people want to view content on the web, they have to make sure they are using suitable hardware and software - using a 10-year-old browser doesn't qualify, IMO. Should I be able to view a site on my Commodore 64? Do they have

RE: [WSG] Marking up news

2009-02-22 Thread Michael MD
hAtom maybe? *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe: Help:

RE: [WSG] Accessibility testing

2009-02-10 Thread Michael MD
Now, here's the thing. This software is only for PC. I'm Mac. Not very accessible eh? :) It appears to be based on eclipse ... (probably java based like other eclipse-based stuff) Might it be possible to build it from source on Mac or Linux? Has anyone here tried this? I never really

Re: [WSG] PDFs and other non-html files opening in a new browser window

2009-02-05 Thread Michael MD
My Web team and I are discussing whether or not we should open links to PDFs and other non-html pages in a new window. a big no from me not in a new window, or ANY browser window. Acrobat Reader can take a long time to start on some machines. It can be extremely annoying for users to be forced

Re: [WSG] Failed A Job :(

2009-01-29 Thread Michael MD
The only way out of that was to rewrite the whole lot. I mean the guys who were on this project were creating empty spans with classes to push elements along a page (like spacers). They had an empty h1 with a span inside it for the logo they placed in using CSS ... that was only a part of the

Re: [WSG] Microformats Accessibility

2009-01-20 Thread Michael MD
A timely blog post by Andy...and this marks the third anniversary of the same issues being rehashed though Ben Ward's efforts are to be noted...see

[OT] Re: [WSG] Fw: The Great Firewall of Australia

2008-12-03 Thread Michael MD
This just arrived in my email: Event: Sydney Townhall Protest to Stop Internet censorship filtering What: Protest Host: ; Start Time: Saturday, December 13 at 11:00am End Time: Saturday, December 13 at 4:00pm Where: Sydney Town Hall Square

Re: [WSG] Fw: The Great Firewall of Australia

2008-11-30 Thread Michael MD
Don't ascribe to malice that which can be more easily explained by mistake. I'll take ill-informed cock-up over conspiracy any day, as I don't believe Australian politicians have the nous to manage a grand conspiracy. yeah a mix of very noisy religious extremist lobby groups and influential

Re: [WSG] Fw: The Great Firewall of Australia

2008-11-26 Thread Michael MD
Brett Patterson wrote: 1) That, I do believe is a crock of shit! 2) If he does anything like that, he will be dead!!! --and-- 3) Anyone who believes in those ideas are fucked up, stupid, and this I can promise, will NOT make it in this world, dead or alive! 4) Like I said, I think this

Re: [WSG] First Attempt

2008-11-25 Thread Michael MD
The way to make it work is to stop writing static HTML sites. Instead use one of the many freely available open source CMS frameworks and simply hand code the templates for them once (making hand coded changes for other customer sites as required). That's what we do with Drupal. I would not

Re: [WSG] Animated gifs

2008-11-20 Thread Michael MD
If you have Adobe Photoshop you probably also have Adobe ImageReady. You can use ImageReady to edit and optimise animated gifs. *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe:

Re: [WSG] Standards and Adobe Contribute

2008-11-02 Thread Michael MD
On Sun, 2008-11-02 at 08:21 -0500, Todd Budnikas wrote: with respect to both sides here, I have had numerous clients come to me requesting Contribute as a solution. I would say the reason, in every case i believe, is the cost. It's a 1 time fee of $99. I imagine, that if you can offer

Re: [WSG] Accessibility - Scanning PDFs

2008-10-29 Thread Michael MD
I don't think a pdf (or any other format) containing only images would have much chance of being accessible as such. ...does anyone have any recommendations for good OCR tools? How is scanning to PDF normally done in places that use PDF a lot for scanned documents (eg government sites) Is

Re: [WSG] div over flash

2008-10-23 Thread Michael MD
param name=wmode value=transparent / should do the trick, with z-index of course. I think this works on some browsers, but not everything It might not be possible in some browsers or with some older versions of flash player. (I guess also that there may be similar problems with other

php4 and encoded ampersands (was Re: [WSG] google and validation)

2008-10-20 Thread Michael MD
not a third party on the planet that knows how to write a valid script tag or encode ampersands... I've sometimes had to modify existing php and perl scripts to handle encoded ampersands. It seems that neither php 4's $_GET or $_REQUEST nor perl's param handle encoded ampersands in query

Re: [WSG] Flash replace Javascript in Future?

2008-10-20 Thread Michael MD
Kerry I agree with you there - while 99% of computers online may have access to flash 2 or 3 some higher (of course) I think that we would be extremely hard pressed to find a majority of online machines with flash above flash 8. Myself, a web developer, only has flash 8 on my machine (I don't

Re: [WSG] Flash replace Javascript in Future?

2008-10-17 Thread Michael MD
I think you misunderstood the article big-time. It's saying that Flash 10 is planned to not support DHTML scripting access, which means you won't be able to control a flash video via Javascript. That just means that a lot of interfaces where Flash is *not* currently sufficient they introduce a

Re: [WSG] Flash replace Javascript in Future?

2008-10-17 Thread Michael MD
Read the story on that page carefully. What has happened is that flash 10 has increased restrictions over what features within the flash plugin can be invoked via javascript. This only applies to one specific feature (file uploads), and effects virtually no other flash features. It does not

Re: [WSG] FeedBack Form Spam

2008-09-19 Thread Michael MD
Human-only precautions such as a CAPTHA for form entry helps, as does some anti-spam features on your web server. However, my server gets hammered with thousands of spam a day... and I got so frustrated with that sort of thing that I changed my feedback form to a text field that saved the

Re: [WSG] best practices for using access keys

2008-09-07 Thread Michael MD
May be a better approach would be to use a script that lets the user turn accesskeys on. If you are talking about any kind of client side scripting, such as javascript that is a big no-no ... as very few phones are likely to support it! yes the iPhone can do javascript and to a limited

Re: [WSG] Google chrome... Coming very soon...

2008-09-03 Thread Michael MD
Could someone tell me if it has Google Download Accelerator or other Google Toolbar features built in? I'm just wondering how much is under the hood... not sure ... but poking around its directories I saw one for google gears... . btw I tried to save one of thumbnail images it generated

Re: [WSG] Marking up a Calendar

2008-08-06 Thread Michael MD
On Wed, Aug 6, 2008 at 8:42 AM, 8bits Media [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: We currently have a project that includes a calendar in the design. The dilemma I currently have, is what is the best way to mark the calendar up? Should we use tables, or is it more semantically correct these days to use

Re: RE: [WSG] Mobile phone support of CSS

2008-06-25 Thread Michael MD
I agree, this is not web standards. However remember they could be following web standards with their CSS version. and I don't think it is just in the UK, it is every where for Vodafone. Which not only defies any effort you made to put the thing together for presentation standards as well.

[WSG] IE7 css float art

2008-06-13 Thread Michael MD
I was trying to work out a small problem I was having today with css floats and clears on a page in IE7 (page looked fine in Firefox)... I did a google search and found this: viewing that page in IE7 shows an *extreme* version

Re: [WSG] Alt versus Title Attribute

2008-05-28 Thread Michael MD
As i remember alt was short for alternative text, to describe images in a website. It is als yuseful for Search ENgine Optimization as its visible for them to also relate them to content, titles and other components of the page. text-only browsers display it. ... It's text for people

Re: [WSG] Alt versus Title Attribute

2008-05-28 Thread Michael MD
So what's the general consensus on the use of null or empty alt strings as per the reasons outlined in the article below? I don't see the point of the null alt strings. A validator is a tool to help you ... its not

RE: [WSG] a question concering shopping cart function (somewhat usability issue I think)

2008-05-22 Thread Michael MD
Accessibility is really not that difficult to put in place - I also believe as professionals providing web design / development services that this should not be an addon that we charge but part of what the client should expect too get - imagine a builder charging you to make your house compliant.

RE: [WSG] PHP Standards

2008-05-18 Thread Michael MD
The php site - is always a good place to start for php There are often some good snippets to be found in user comments too Its not as good as it was a couple of years ago though, as they seem to have removed a lot of useful stuff that you could do in pure php because they can now be

Re: [WSG] Full flash websites

2008-05-07 Thread Michael MD
some BIG usability NO-NOs I see on a lot of flash sites. intro pages (one of my pet hates - I HATE waiting ... and I'm sure I'm not the only one! - they are pointless and should be BANNED! - if you reallly *must* then make sure there is a non-flash way to skip it) animations in navigation -

RE: [WSG] Dreamweaver8

2008-04-09 Thread Michael MD
one thing I miss about dreamweaver is that you can do a 'search all' and get a list of all instances of the thing you are searching for rather than cycling through a 'find...find...find...' list. So far it's the only program I've used that does that and I really notice not having it.

Re: [WSG] Semantic markup for a person's name or business name

2008-03-26 Thread Michael MD
Semantic markup for a person's name or business nameI think the address tag is specifically intended for the author contact for the page itself (and only used once on a page). for hCard markup see this page: If you want tools that use microformats (such as

RE: [WSG] Semantic markup for a person's name or business name

2008-03-26 Thread Michael MD
2. Aside from it's semantic nature, is there really any functional use for formatting data using microformats? I mean, if your format various content using microformat standards - as they currently exist - is this information then usable/parse-able on different devices? Or is the use of

Re: [WSG] IE8 news

2008-03-06 Thread Michael MD
How many time you guys think that will take to at least 70% of ie7 users update their browsers? I estimate 2/half years ... anyone can predict? probably longer. when I look at the server logs here I still see almost as many IE6 users as IE7 users. (the server logs are from a public

Re: [WSG] generated source

2008-02-26 Thread Michael MD
Does anyone have a preferred way to view and validate generated source code? By generated source I mean after Ajax, JavaScript, and so on have done their magic. I like the view generated source in the Web Developer Firefox plugin, Firebug is very handy too btw does anyone know how

Re: [WSG] * { display: inline; }

2008-02-17 Thread Michael MD
IE 7 does, As do 5 and 6 (before those, don't know and don't care). After all, if I have to care about what IE5 and 6 do ... I see from server logs lots of people out there are still using them! (especially IE6 ... still very common ... and there are still quite a few IE5 Mac users

RE: [WSG] Re: Where did I come from?

2008-01-19 Thread Michael MD
Are we agreed that the back button *should* take one to the previous page? yep .. speaking of which... Is there a good way to fix up back button behaviour (so it behaves as expected) on pages that do stuff like loading data by using javascript in hidden iframes?

RE: [WSG] Where did I come from?

2008-01-18 Thread Michael MD
When I read that, I thought about creating a button that finds the site you were at before you came in here, and then keeps that the same throughout the site, so no matter how many pages you go to, you can get back out of all of those and back where you were before you started that. That's a

Re: [WSG] Developing for Mixed Browsers - Form Buttons

2008-01-13 Thread Michael MD
Cameron Adams makes a few good points at:, and of course - remember that his example button looks different in IE, Safari and Firefox! While this article is old, it covers most salient points and provides a simple approach that works

Re: [WSG] Input tag - closing tag optional?

2007-11-26 Thread Michael MD
When the document's media type is changed, you will see the expected results, i.e. your document is rendered as application/xhtml+xml: doesn't look like IE7 recognises application/xhtml+xml it asks if I want to download it!

Re: [WSG] Firefox is a pushover

2007-11-22 Thread Michael MD
James Leslie wrote: You could try using a plug-in such as HTML validator for Firefox that will put a little icon on the bottom right of your firefox browser to show you if a page is valid or not and it will show you errors too. It uses the HTML tidy software

RE: [WSG] AccessResearch // Page Check

2007-11-18 Thread Michael MD I'm throwing together a quick site to try and fund my travel to an accessibility conference. I haven't had too much time to check it, or think it through, but I would appreciate a page check, and general suggestions/comments. Also, I don't have

Re: [WSG] multilingual website advice

2007-11-02 Thread Michael MD
Another issue is graphics... if you've got any stock images of people like some sites do, you have to think about what certain cultures might think about how people dress. There are also sensitivities in some cultures about photos of people who have passed away.

Re: [WSG] SilverLight

2007-10-30 Thread Michael MD
In the beta process, they were doing some flipping browser detection **from within the plugin**, and only checked for Safari or Firefox, as opposed to check for Gecko. The demos I've seen still only work half and half on Mac browsers, except Firefox 2.0.0.x and Safari. what about linux

Re: [WSG] Re: worst site I've seen lately

2007-10-30 Thread Michael MD
whisperI actually quite like it./whisper I thought it was pretty cool too. A bit of experimentation shows that there's actually been a fair bit of work put into font-previewing interface. Definitely nowhere near the worst site I've seen recently. I didn't think it was so bad - *except*

Re: [WSG] CSS display: none has SEO impact?

2007-10-30 Thread Michael MD
Google is not about to ban you, however if this is used in combination with other known black hat tactics, then you will. Google will check your CSS but once again, if you are using this technique to excess, then you should be worried. There was talk via a different email thread, and someone

Re: [WSG] CSS display: none has SEO impact?

2007-10-29 Thread Michael MD
I highly doubt that presentational styles will effect SEO. When you use display:none you are not removing the content from the source, you are just hiding it from users viewing the web page. If you was to remove the element from the source using DOM that would be different. not if you are

Re: [WSG] SilverLight

2007-10-29 Thread Michael MD
The Silverlight build process produces a .dll. You need the Silverlight plug-in to render the resulting html page. Also, from a quick test, it will only render in IE and the Gecko range. Forget Opera, Safari for windows, etc. If they are really serious about getting people to use Silverlight

Re: [WSG] how a href with javascript pass in A level

2007-10-23 Thread Michael MD
The problem is that the test pass in level A, and some links doesnt work without javascript but because of a existense of a noscript the test pass. I think this should get a manual check or warning. because almost noscript that i see just tell, this need flash plugin or this site need

Re: [WSG] Encoded mailto links

2007-10-18 Thread Michael MD
Well, the best way to let visually impaired people see your email, is just do something the spambots can't get and the ones you want to gets the email will get it. Simply put it as an audio file. Record yourself reading your email, the spambots can't get it and the people using screen readers

Re: [WSG] introducing a prompt to download or open a pdf

2007-10-17 Thread Michael MD
My pet hate is people forcing pdfs to open in browser windows with javascript! A plain old ordinary link at least lets you right click and download - some of us hate having the browser locked up for ages locked up waiting for the slow pdf plugin to load. I think anything that takes more than

Re: [WSG] Encoded mailto links

2007-10-17 Thread Michael MD
Fix your spam issues at the mail server + mail client end, not at the web page end, would be my advice. not a solution ... we all know how hard it is for any filtering software to determine whether something is spam or not... ...and any machine-readable version of an email address on a page

Re: [WSG] Encoded mailto links

2007-10-17 Thread Michael MD
Why not simply display the email address as a simple mailto only when the browser is a screen reader? If you mean by CSS (display: none -- or similar -- for aural media types), I'm not sure that would work because AFAIk spambots just look through the source code of the page for mailto links.

Re: [WSG] How to make DHML cover flash

2007-10-16 Thread Michael MD
I have a page where there are some dhtml menus with drop downs across the top of the page, and a large flash object in the body of one of the pages. However the drop-down menu items are going underneath the flash object so they can't be clicked on. I thought I should just put the flash

Re: [WSG] source order

2007-10-09 Thread Michael MD
An endless debate. And this is before opening up the other aspect of the debate... How source order affects Google rank :) also .. what about users of small-screen devices like mobile phones where lots of scrolling quickly becomes a pain? then to make matter worse there is the issue of

Re: [WSG] Cost of Accessibility

2007-10-05 Thread Michael MD
Are you implying that shopping is a luxury? As horrible as you may find it, shopping is actually necessary for human survival in a capitalist society. It's the only way we can acquire goods. Target is not the only place where people can go shopping ... I think everyone here at least

Re: A: [WSG] Target Lawsuit - Please Make Yourself Heard

2007-10-03 Thread Michael MD
A private company should be able to do whatever the hell they like. Suit is without merit and frivolous. What's next, suing vehicle manufacturers for not providing a braille manual? I'm all for accesability, but there is no reason it should be mandated, and lack of is in no was discriminatory.

Re: A: [WSG] Target Lawsuit - Please Make Yourself Heard

2007-10-03 Thread Michael MD
Speaking only of businesses int he United States, no government entity should be telling a private business what it must do and that includes telling a business it must provide health coverage, or spend a certain percentage on it and what the covereage must include. If that business accepts

Re: [WSG] Standards friendly 'page tagging' web stats

2007-08-27 Thread Michael MD
Patrick, reports based on server log files are considerably limiting. For example, visitors are generally identified by IP and Session ID. This doesn't tell me if the person is a repeat customer, or how often they frequent the website, and also provides more accurate filtering of non-human user

Re: [WSG] designing for handheld

2007-08-05 Thread Michael MD
As John said, phone browsers vary as much (actually, more) than their desktop counterparts. much more actually ... On the phone, there are a few different environments I'd test in: 1. Safari (WebKit is the primary browser on Nokia S60 devices, as well as the iPhone of course. There are

[WSG] IE7 and iframes

2007-07-25 Thread Michael MD
I'm trying to fix some pages that use iframes that are broken in IE7 are there any good tips for fixing broken iframes-related javascript in IE7? This is NOT a cross-domain problem. *** List Guidelines:

RE: [WSG] Re: please avoid forcing people to open pdf in browser!

2007-07-20 Thread Michael MD
Like I said, blame the messenger - blame the people who created the PDF for not making it accssible and easy for the users. Don't blame the PDF itself - it's innocent and in fact in my opinion, a beneficial technology Adobe has invented. My earlier complaint was not about whether not pdf

please avoid forcing people to open pdf in browser! was Re: [WSG] To target or not

2007-07-19 Thread Michael MD
I'm all about web conventions. I didn't realize having a blank target didn't follow web standards. Is that documented somewhere? This one still bothers me ... The alternatives I've seen invariably require javascript and some of those javascript methods give the user less choice and are

Re: [WSG] Robot meta tags

2007-07-04 Thread Michael MD
Although meta tags are depreciated, I was reading yesterday, you can still include meta information for specific spiders, like only telling yahoo spiders to go away I think Google and Yahoo also see rel=nofollow on links (to prevent the link from being counted for a page's ranking - such as

Re: [WSG] Who's A Front End Developer?

2007-07-04 Thread Michael MD
requirement to know 'everything'. The datastore/backend guys will just make sure the data is in a nice format (JSON or something) and that its accessible from a url - their job is done my friends. User people who know about something JSON (or any other such method of trasnsporting data between

Re: [WSG] Back to the Future

2007-06-13 Thread Michael MD
Nope, it's genuine. This is an extranet system that financial services companies will be connecting to. Did you know that Norwich Union has thousands of users still in Win3.1 and NN4.03 (so I've been told)? And some of the other insurance and mortgage companies aren't much better. Then there

Re: [WSG] Back to the Future

2007-06-12 Thread Michael MD
My initial tests show that NN4.03 handles some CSS (float, background, border, font etc) but not some important things (list-style, margin and padding on lists). Is there a source for information about CSS support on old browsers? if you are going to use css with netscape 4 I suggest you do

Re: [WSG] Safari now on Windows

2007-06-11 Thread Michael MD
I recommend it to all those developers that are stuck in a Windows environment - I have already fixed a few bugs I would have had to use my bosses Mac to find! My only concern is that at the moment, I can get away with It might not look 100% in Safari, but it still works... With Safari on

Re: [WSG] Safari now on Windows

2007-06-11 Thread Michael MD
Speaks volumes for the longevity of Macs, if you ask me. It's equivalent to saying, 'I can only run IE 4.x because I only have a 386 (486? What do I know?) processor and Win 95.' Or whatever. win95 on a 386 - forget it! you are probably talking about win3.1 :-) I had a 386 in the early

Re: [WSG] Use of PDFs - Accessibility issues

2007-06-07 Thread Michael MD
Here is the thread that discussed making PDFs accessible: The effort involved in creating the PDFs in an accessible format will be significant. Handheld users frequently avoid opening PDFs since they are often a large file

Re: [WSG] Keeping state of behaviors

2007-06-07 Thread Michael MD
Is the iframe important to the functioning? definately... It looks to me like it is using the behaviour of the browser history (back and forward) for the iframe. (you hit back and the iframe goes to the previous url that was loaded in it - in this case

Re: [WSG] What does Semantic mean?

2007-06-06 Thread Michael MD
Maybe I used a poor example. Microformats would certainly be my first choice for this. I just wish there was *more* software that could use it. And a plugin to add microformat data into a groupwise client. That would be nice :) I have no idea what groupwise is but could a user script could

Re: [WSG] What does Semantic mean?

2007-06-05 Thread Michael MD
I too would love to see the results of this experiment. Any takers? I suspect that the following code... fieldsetlegendstaff details/legend dl dtemail/dtdd[EMAIL PROTECTED]/dd dtphone/dtdd12345678/dd /dl /fieldset perhaps ... but for the purpose of marking up contact details in a meaningful

Re: [WSG] address semantics

2007-05-28 Thread Michael MD
I want to put an address on a site, but I'm put off by the limitations of the address tag. (but attracted to the semantic value). microformats - hcard, adr

[WSG] another image maps question

2007-05-25 Thread Michael MD
I was trying to do something as an old-style ISMAP (server-side) image map and noticed some wierd behaviour Is this type of image map still supported properly by browsers? I can't do it client-side because the coordinates that were clicked on need to be sent to the server to be compared with

Re: [WSG] Mocking up web interfaces

2007-05-24 Thread Michael MD
Notepad. Best, editpad - but I'm a developer normally dealing with code rather than visual design - *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe:

Re: [WSG] stand alone blog software

2007-05-24 Thread Michael MD
I *want* to like Drupal. I really do. same here When it's working, it's a beautiful thing. But I've recently had a lot of trouble installing the recent version. So much trouble that I gave up on it :( I gave up because it was too slow on a high-traffic site on a busy shared server

Re: [WSG] Mocking up web interfaces

2007-05-24 Thread Michael MD
On Behalf Of Nick Fitzsimons Being Just a Coder, my usual workflow is: 1. Receive Photoshop files created by client's graphic designer, who has no knowledge of web technologies, no understanding of usability, no interest in accessibility, and thinks everything is the same as print media; 2.

Re: [WSG] dl v table for form layout

2007-05-22 Thread Michael MD
there is also the issue of how it will display on a minimal browser not only without table rendering but also without css rendering ... It should still be possible to use the form. .. at the end of the day I think that it what it comes down to - making it work on any browser with any type of

Re: [WSG] wa state guidlines question

2007-05-09 Thread Michael MD
how do you make the pdf accessible??? I guess it probably depends if it has unencrypted text in it... some pdf's might only contain images or other stuff... *** List Guidelines:

Re: [WSG] wa state guidlines question

2007-05-08 Thread Michael MD
I have a page that has links to a pdf and the client wanted to know whether it can be linked to a new window or not. They dont really care about best practises etc but rather what the state Internet guidlines are. I have looked through the 107 page doco but cannot find anything. no idea about

Re: [WSG] Template Review

2007-04-30 Thread Michael MD
I strongly suggest you 1) mark up the DTs as hyperlinks that reload the page with the selected item expanded, then 2) add javascript that converts the links to show/hide DOM switches That way the page will function correctly whether javascript is enabled or not, and when javascript is enabled

Re: [WSG] What do we say if we don't say click?

2007-04-19 Thread Michael MD
interesting discussion I get a lot of mobile phone users here. click would definately not be a suitable word to use on any page mobile phone users are likely to look at. ...however I might use that word on pages that require javascript such as those that use an external api to display

Re: [WSG] What do we say if we don't say click?

2007-04-19 Thread Michael MD
John Foliot wrote: semi-credible stats showing that 4% of users cannot (do not?) support JavaScript [] Granted, this appears to be more reliable than 99.9% - but isn't javascript required in order for to gather stats, or do

Re: [WSG] Layout Check Please (Linux / Mac)

2007-04-16 Thread Michael MD
In future, you should consider installing a virtual machine with a flavour of Linux so you can easily test your websites yourself, rather than rely on someone elses perception. any recommendations for a good no-hassle virtual machine? (I hate waiting to reboot so I would much prefer a virtual

[WSG] opacity

2007-04-11 Thread Michael MD
For a little while, I went down the path of opacity: 0.5; but quickly found that nothing could be done to reverse the effect for children of the object - they all went wishy washy too! actually I've been having problems with opacity with text too... fine in Firefox but IE doesn't seem to

Re: [WSG] sIFR : Rich Accessible Typography

2007-03-28 Thread Michael MD
sIFR is meant to replace short passages of plain browser text with text rendered in the typeface of choice, regardless of whether or not your users have that font installed on their systems. Read more about how it works here: When I first saw this my

Re: [WSG] Simple to use page layout 'tool' ?

2007-03-12 Thread Michael MD
At my company, the business groups often use Visio to produce the wireframes that the design groups then work toward. They also use Powerpoint to produce light specs. I can't say I am fond of these tools from a web development perspective, but they do allow those not familiar with

Re: [WSG] Javascript to check for Handheld Devices

2007-03-01 Thread Michael MD
No idea if it would execute in whatever handheld browser is needed, and my brief research indicates this style grabbing in javascript is a bit flaky cross browser even on the desktop, but you might be able to hack something together that works a lot of the time. flaky would be an