RE: [WSG] Who are the Away on leave Notices from?

2008-11-05 Thread Paul Bennett
Just auto replies from list members away on leave (who have set their 'out of office' setting to 'on') It is annoying, but in saying that I'm probably guilty of it at times ;) *** List Guidelines:

RE: [WSG] Accessible and cross browser online slide system

2008-10-21 Thread Paul Bennett
Lisa, On behalf of other list members, any chance of turning return receipts off? :) Paul *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe: Help:

RE: [WSG] Browser loading images issue

2008-10-15 Thread Paul Bennett
Hi there, A bit left field, but I've had this issues *similar* to this before. It sounds like a network or ISP cache issue. Once it was a company proxy not grabbing the latest files from the webserver and serving up old code, the other time, an ISP was caching website data in their proxy to

RE: [WSG] Google chrome... Coming very soon...

2008-09-02 Thread Paul Bennett
Unless you're behind a firewall which requires proxy auth. In this case, you'll need to wait until tonight :(

RE: [WSG] Google chrome... Coming very soon...

2008-09-02 Thread Paul Bennett
Hi Tee, According to product info, it's been in private beta for a while. This is the first public beta (well, to 100 or so countries anyway) Rest assured a Mac ( *Nix ?) version will follow soon :) Paul *** List Guidelines:

RE: [WSG] H1 and the img tag

2008-08-25 Thread Paul Bennett
Hi Schalk, Glad you raised this. We built a new section of our site a while ago which required different treatment from our normal text h1's. I looked at the image replacement route and found the approaches kludgy and overwrought. I ended up doing exactly what you said: h1a img src= alt=Page

RE: [WSG] H1 and the img tag

2008-08-25 Thread Paul Bennett
Hi Michael, While that is possible, unfortunately the h1 text doesn't display when images are off and css is still in use. This is the issue many image replacement techniques sought to address. Paul *** List Guidelines:

RE: [WSG] resetting input boxes

2008-08-06 Thread Paul Bennett
Hi Kevin, It's not clear what you're trying to achieve. Can you give us some more information? Paul *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe:

RE: [WSG] Forcing a vertical scrollbar in Firefox 3

2008-07-10 Thread Paul Bennett
Hi Jen, Your comment may have come across as a bit more negative than it was intended, however: (46 errors) He who lives in a glass house etc, etc... My opinion (and it is just that) is the we need to stop

RE: [WSG] Firefox 3 candidate

2008-06-19 Thread Paul Bennett
select custom install and install it to another directory (something like /Mozilla/Firefox3) and the two will run side-by-side. You can do this with Opera too. :) Paul *** List Guidelines:

RE: [WSG] Marking Up Poems

2008-06-19 Thread Paul Bennett
Not if it's your own poem you're putting on your own page. Rubbish - I quote myself all the time! :) *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe:

RE: [WSG] Marking Up Poems

2008-06-19 Thread Paul Bennett
Must you Australian's *always* have the last say? ;) *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe: Help: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

RE: [WSG] firefox 3 beta5

2008-05-19 Thread Paul Bennett
Ack! Anyone else had horrible problems installing FF3? My install crashes every time I open it, so I had to reinstall FF2.. *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe:

[WSG] RE: 2008 NZ Government Web Standards Review

2008-05-15 Thread Paul Bennett
Hi Anthony, I sent a request for a registration on the webstandards wiki 2 days ago - how long does it normally take SSC to grant access? Am I supposed to do something else? Regards, Paul Bennett Web Coder Web Centre Wellington City Council http

RE: [WSG] How to make diagonal lines change color?

2008-04-10 Thread Paul Bennett
warning: untested! You could try this* (won't people almost _always_ be mousing over the page body though?) body{background: #000 url(/path/to/image.gif) repeat;} body:hover{background: #000 url(/path/to/somotherimage.gif) repeat;} * won't work in IE 6 though HTH? Paul

RE: [WSG] restricting width in the body tag

2008-03-26 Thread Paul Bennett
Hi William, It sounds like you're looking for something like a 'jello layout' (term not mine) You can find out more here: Basically a jello layout will expand and shrink with the browser window but only to a defined minimum / maximum.

RE: [WSG] long word not wrapping in firefox

2008-03-06 Thread Paul Bennett
Hi there, you can use a css rule to stop long text breaking table widths: table tr td {overflow: hidden} :) Paul *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe:

RE: [WSG] IE8 news

2008-03-06 Thread Paul Bennett 404! It's happening already! *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe: Help:

RE: [WSG] IE8 news

2008-03-05 Thread Paul Bennett
The IE7 beta worked as a standalone until the first Release Candidate came out. I presume IE8 will do the same. Am trying now, but you need to have a fully patched machine (I'm behind a firewall so our patches are usually pushed out a bit later ) to install it - so be warned that the installer

RE: [WSG] IE8 news

2008-03-05 Thread Paul Bennett
2 restarts later I have found the following: * it overwrites IE7 * it doesn't render anything in the tabs! * it has an 'emulate IE7' button (??) Best to hold off for now. If I get it sorted I'll let you all know. Paul *** List

RE: [WSG] IE8 news

2008-03-05 Thread Paul Bennett
Hi all, Sorry for the quick-fire posts. This just in: * if it doesn’t render when you start up the browser, you can open a new tab and then switch back to the first tab - this seems to 'wake up' the rendering engine * the 'emulate IE7' button allows you to switch between IE7 and IE8 rendering

RE: [WSG] generated source

2008-02-26 Thread Paul Bennett
Hi Jody, I recall having a similar problem. The issue came down (from memory) to the doctype I was using. I was closing elements in xhtml style, while the doctype I was using was html. Firefox was happily removing the extraneous closing elements in the rendered source to fit the doctype. :)

RE: [WSG] an accessible question: server-side vs client-side validation

2008-02-12 Thread Paul Bennett
+1 on this. I am no l33t h4x0r (by any stretch of the imagination), but even I know I can easily circumvent client-side validation for nefarious purposes in at least the following ways: 1. save the form onto my drive, remove all js and submit the form to your server url with pretty much any

RE: [WSG] w3c link checker

2008-01-08 Thread Paul Bennett
winrar will open .tar and .gz files on windows: :) Paul *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe: Help: [EMAIL

RE: [WSG] CMS and site design

2007-12-03 Thread Paul Bennett
Hi Lyn, In order for them to work correctly, CMS systems usually restrict you to using/designing application specific templates (some even incorporate templating languages). You'll likely need to work with the CMS from the word go. Bear in mind that if you haven't worked with CMS driven

RE: [WSG] Invisible US Passport renewal page

2007-11-20 Thread Paul Bennett 1. Flyout menu? Check 2. Really bad site search? Check. 3. Ugly design? Check. 4. Shocking usability? Check. Must be a government site ;) *** List Guidelines:

RE: [WSG] Rounded Courners .... Your Take

2007-10-30 Thread Paul Bennett
Now instead of opening up inkscape it's just a call to a PHP script like: background-image: url(corner.png.php?fgc=cccbs=1bgc=000bc=fffr=90); So for everytime the css file is called, your script has to create an image? Has this impacted on your sites / servers performance any? Have you

RE: [WSG] PHI and YUI Grids

2007-10-30 Thread Paul Bennett
You mean the 'Golden Mean'? Not that I can see - grids offers a variety of column widths and nesting. You do a large variety of things with it and column widths don't appear to be golden mean base, but based on Yahoo's enormous experience . I am slowly learning to create aesthetically

RE: [WSG] Re: worst site I've seen lately

2007-10-29 Thread Paul Bennett
The blinking was really annoying (and it was everywhere!), as was the very small text. What I liked was the live rendering of the fonts and the ability to select a font and actually be able to type with it, see it at different font sizes etc - very handy (I've seen this on another font site

RE: [WSG] Minimum width help

2007-10-24 Thread Paul Bennett
visibility: hidden does hide the content from screen readers the same as display:none does. And it may get your site banned from search engines if overused: What I've done for accesskey code is use this: position: absolute;

RE: [WSG] will Eric Meyers C SS SCULPTOR put me out of job?

2007-08-27 Thread Paul Bennett
You could also look at Yahoo's YUI grids css project which is essentially doing the same thing but supported by Yahoo. I've had good experiences with it... Paul *** List Guidelines:

RE: [WSG] will Eric Meyers C SS SCULPTOR put me out of job?

2007-08-27 Thread Paul Bennett
Hi, Apart from a cursory look, no. This looks pretty straightforward. Advantages with YUI however are that: - it allows you to nest elements to create 'grids' (think easy cross browser css columns within columns) - it uses one central css file instead of different css files for each layout -

RE: [WSG] vCard File

2007-08-01 Thread Paul Bennett
Hi Joyce, It looks like vCard is a standard, so I guess the user's email client would pick it up: HTH, Paul *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe:

RE: [WSG] Re: please avoid forcing people to open pdf in browser!

2007-07-19 Thread Paul Bennett
I, for one am enjoying this discussion :) My 2c: 1) Let the user know it's a PDF *and* what size the PDF is, eg by putting something like (12Kb PDF) beside the link. I'm on dial up at home and it grates my backside when sites don't let me know how big the file is 2) If you can, use

RE: [WSG] Re: video

2007-07-03 Thread Paul Bennett
Flash: (google video, youtube, yahoo video, revver, dailymotion, etc etc) Yes, you can get

RE: [WSG] Content not appearing in IE

2007-06-28 Thread Paul Bennett
Peekaboo bug? Paul *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe: Help: [EMAIL

RE: [WSG] Safari now on Windows

2007-06-12 Thread Paul Bennett
Then how will you test for ... IE 5 Mac Like the rest of us - he won't :) *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe: Help: [EMAIL

RE: [WSG] Safari now on Windows

2007-06-11 Thread Paul Bennett
a friend called me on the weekend and said he can't find anything newer than IE5 for OS9 but won't upgrade to OSX because it would be way too slow on his G3. (and he doesn't have the money to buy a new machine) now that is something to think about! Ah, nothing like a good bit of hardware

RE: [WSG] Suggestions Please for: CMS / E-commerce Solutions

2007-05-28 Thread Paul Bennett
Hi all, I just have to pitch in here. My dealings with Drupal have been less than wonderful. I find it vague and confusing (kind of like it's trying to be everything to everyone) and when I tried to create a new template I found all sorts of crappy table-based code needed, as well as the need

RE: [WSG] RE: Error help

2007-05-23 Thread Paul Bennett
In my experience, browser crashes == bad JavaScript or bad video In Firefox and Opera - the flash video shows the message 'a required component is missing from your system! Click here to add component' (no js errors in either browser) there are a lot of requests to

RE: [WSG] New Yorker Redesign

2007-03-27 Thread Paul Bennett
misc:exposeBean var=platform bean=platform/ Never a good look to expose your beans in public... Apart from that it seems to be just url encoding issues - great to see more and more large sites moving to standards based code Paul

RE: [WSG] Global and page-specific style sheets

2007-03-13 Thread Paul Bennett
One of the best things we did was to follow Doug Bowmans (webstock '06) suggestion to break up stylesheets into logical components and include them in one main file. Our 'styles.css' file now looks like this: - @import url(styles-contentTables.css); @import

RE: [WSG] Global and page-specific style sheets

2007-03-13 Thread Paul Bennett
Hi Chris, Basically if I'm looking to change something in the main nav, I look in mainnav.css, if I'm altering a header for a table in our content area, I look in contentTables.css etc, etc. The main file was 30K (!) before we started trimming it down and breaking up. Yes it's more http

RE: [WSG] PopUp windows

2007-03-07 Thread Paul Bennett
Anyone remember frames? It's a plan so crazy it just might work! -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Chris Williams Sent: Thursday, March 08, 2007 8:23 AM To: Subject: RE: [WSG] PopUp windows This sounds like a

RE: [WSG] background image

2007-03-01 Thread Paul Bennett
Without more info...check the URL of the background image in your CSS? -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of kevin mcmonagle Sent: Friday, March 02, 2007 7:49 AM To: Subject: [WSG] background image Hi, Just one more

RE: [WSG] Javascript to check for Handheld Devices

2007-03-01 Thread Paul Bennett
Hi David, In my experience, you can't guarantee that a mobile device will be a full fledged 'browser' (like Opera mini or Safari for the iPhone), so you don't know if JS will be supported on a handheld device. This may be less likely now, but is still valid. Example: About 3 - 4 years ago I

RE: [WSG] Website Directory Structure - Best Practice

2006-03-19 Thread Paul Bennett
I smell troll ** The discussion list for See for some hints on posting to the list getting help **

RE: [WSG] Website Directory Structure - Best Practice

2006-03-19 Thread Paul Bennett
, March 20, 2006 11:26 AM To: '' Subject: RE: [WSG] Website Directory Structure - Best Practice here's me showing my greeny status again... ;) What do they mean when they mean when they say that.. :( -Original Message- From: Paul Bennett [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent

RE: [WSG] page break when printing

2006-03-09 Thread Paul Bennett
common mistake, often referred to as div-mania (or something along It's famous! ** The discussion list for See for some

RE: [WSG] Site Check/Launch:

2006-03-02 Thread Paul Bennett
On 3/2/06, Lachlan Hunt [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: ... due to Dead Edwards' IE7 script not working Man, when did Dean Edwards die? I know his last post was in December, but I didn't know he was *dead* Maybe MS will make IE7 standards compliant in his honour... ;) Paul

RE: [WSG] Introduction and first submission

2006-02-23 Thread Paul Bennett
trust the Texans to be loud! ;) Tip - a great resource site: [web developer's handbook] Paul From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Herrod, Lisa Sent: Friday, February 24, 2006 10:38 AM To:

RE: [WSG] Plain text v HTML on this list

2006-02-22 Thread Paul Bennett
You mean none of you can see my animated gifs? ;) To set default messages to plain text in Outlook: Tools Options Mail Format - Compose message in: Plain text (drop down box) To set html messages as plain text when replying: Format Plain Text (or Alt+o t for all us keyboard junkies) Paul

RE: [WSG] Confusing the users... In Page Links

2006-02-21 Thread Paul Bennett
Actually Mike, according to a recent Jakob Neilsen study, Jakob Neilsen is right 100% of the time. ;) -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Mike Brown Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2006 3:28 PM To: Subject: Re: [WSG]

RE: [WSG] The dilemma: tabular data with sublevels

2006-01-26 Thread Paul Bennett
You're saying that Add is a definition of Item 1 dtItem 1/dt dda href=?add=123Add/a/dd dda href=?edit=123Edit/a/dd ** The discussion list for See

RE: [WSG] Form editor that doesn't use tables for layout

2006-01-08 Thread Paul Bennett
On this page: It took me about 5 minutes to figure out I had to click 'Create Form' after I'd just clicked 'Start New Form' - that part is not clear or user-friendly Also the google ads under your main tabs are misleading - it looks like they

RE: [WSG] New to Standards.

2006-01-04 Thread Paul Bennett
Hi AlvAro, The WSG Resources section is a good place to start: :) Paul ** The discussion list for See for some hints on

RE: [WSG] Server-side includes?

2005-12-18 Thread Paul Bennett
Hi, this discussion has been had before - follow this thread: :) Paul From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Chris Lamberson Sent: Monday, December 19, 2005 11:26 AM

RE: [WSG] New logo scheme was talking points for standards

2005-12-07 Thread Paul Bennett
Trolling? :) Tip:(unrelated to this dead thread) I found this good reference: a list of commonly confused HTML special characters Paul -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Alan

RE: [WSG] Fluid problems

2005-11-16 Thread Paul Bennett
There's a message here: *Before* asking - VALIDATE your code! :) Paul -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of The Visual Process Sent: Thursday, November 17, 2005 10:38 AM To: Subject: Re: [WSG] Fluid problems Why

RE: [WSG] Server Side Includes

2005-11-08 Thread Paul Bennett
SSI is irrelevant to standards, as the code is parsed by the webserver (and the include file placed in the output code) before the browser/client receives it Paul -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Wednesday,

RE: [WSG] Server Side Includes

2005-11-08 Thread Paul Bennett
I use XHTML Strict, and if my markup in the SSI file contains a deprecated property then it won't validate. This is an issue with the *code in the include* NOT with server side includes. This list is about standards-compliant code - SSI has no bearing on whether a site is or isn't standards

RE: [WSG] firefox ignoring my stylesheet

2005-11-03 Thread Paul Bennett
Nothing that I can see at a cursory glance, but it may help to validate your stylesheet: Paul ** The

RE: [WSG] Firefox mystery space bug?

2005-10-17 Thread Paul Bennett
I get the big gap in FF 1.07. Interestingly the page renders without the gap until the main content is filled in, at which time the footer of the page 'jumps' down - creating the gap in question. I can't find anything out of the ordinary in your css, (although some shorthand would go down

RE: [WSG] Chinese food and web standards

2005-10-12 Thread Paul Bennett
and the market share of Linux in general in my own web site stats is next to nil. Wouldn't a LOT of Linux users now be Firefox users too? The OS is not the concern here (although Konqueror is Linux exclusive? ), it's getting things working in (somewhat imperfect) browsers. Ian is expressing

RE: [WSG] Chinese food and web standards

2005-10-12 Thread Paul Bennett
but there should be something similar which uses the KDE desktop. Knoppix uses KDE from (rather rusty) memory Paul ** The discussion list for See

RE: [WSG] site check:

2005-10-10 Thread Paul Bennett
FOUC? an empty script tag will do it, ie: script type=text/javascript/script (after the styles are imported / included iirc...) Paul ** The discussion list for See

RE: [WSG] How do I vertical-align bottom

2005-10-05 Thread Paul Bennett
2 options spring to mind: (1) give the div margin-top to push it to the bottom. This way, even if the above content expands, the div *should* still appear at the bottom of the table cell (2) Rowspan the other two cells and split the third (containing the div) into two rows eg:

RE: [WSG] Big Websites that turned Accessible

2005-10-04 Thread Paul Bennett
(1) Trim your posts (2) That reply would be better off-list Tip to 'pay' for this post (ala If, for any reason, you're using word-to-html conversion, here's a handy tool to help you clean up some of that gorgeous WORD 'markup': :) Paul

RE: [WSG] Homepage Review:

2005-10-02 Thread Paul Bennett
dl id=testimonial dtJoe Coyle, President, ddMr. Cisneros and his team have an extraordinary talent for customer communication, market vision, and web page design./dd dl feel free to bite my head off - I haven't been following this thread closely. There seems

RE: [WSG] IE6 not shrinking space at pure dom explorer list trouble

2005-09-22 Thread Paul Bennett
Hi Isabel, Firstly your request was a *whole lot* for us list members to take in, hence the lack of responses. Secondly, the list is fine for me in IE6 (Windows XP, Service Pack 2). The list is expanded as the page loads, the script then seems to load which collapses the list. The images

RE: [WSG] controlling font size in form text box

2005-09-21 Thread Paul Bennett
1. personally that font size is already borderline readable (and I have good vision) any smaller than 9px (some would say 10px) is getting into the squinty-eyes arena. 2. According to my screen callipers, the font size the designer wants is 7px. There's a reason it looks too small at this size

RE: [WSG] Web font families

2005-09-12 Thread Paul Bennett
And Times New Roman is the default font by browsers, if I remember correctly? At least IE's default font. I may be wrong (it happened once before ;) ) but I would think that the browser would use the default SYSTEM serif font. Seeing as this (for Windows) is Times New Roman, that's what

RE: [WSG] Browsers as copilers (was) Barclays standards redesign

2005-09-08 Thread Paul Bennett
Screenshots of a browser displaying (X)HTML errors in the same manner that a compiler does may get the message across that valid markup is important to those that make the decisions about such things. I'd certainly find it useful. although I foresee browsing with that extension may be a

RE: [WSG] Barclays standards redesign

2005-09-07 Thread Paul Bennett
It doesn't actually validate. (watch wrap)

RE: [WSG] Tables and divs and soon

2005-09-07 Thread Paul Bennett
*unless the desired effect...* Why fighting the medium? If that *desire effect* is purely visual, then I think there is a problem... Yep, they're called 'Clients' :) Paul ** The discussion list for See

RE: [WSG] Tables and divs and soon

2005-09-07 Thread Paul Bennett
I'd say that people who rely heavily on tables are the ones who obviously do not care about standards. Or they just DON'T KNOW. I work in an organisation where our only other coder hasn't been formally trained, was thrown into intranet work out of necessity and has learnt 'web stuff' by

RE: [WSG] Barclays standards redesign

2005-09-07 Thread Paul Bennett
be glad you're learning about web standards now - it'll make getting a good job a lot easier. The capability of my tutors wasn't much better than yours. Even Zeldman has lamented lately (sorry - googled and couldn't find the entry) that Universities can teach molecular physics but apparently

RE: [WSG] accessibility - opening new windows philosophy

2005-08-15 Thread Paul Bennett
I'm not familiar with it being a 'web standard' not to open a new window for a link. Can someone enlighten me? Paul ** The discussion list for See for some hints

[WSG] RE: Hot Topic: HTML design

2005-08-15 Thread Paul Bennett
Great topic! I had some experience using xml / xslt earlier this year. I was fiddling with w3schools xslt tutorial which uses client-side xslt transformation and I finally saw what all the xml fuss was about. The content could be marked up meaningfully (according to the actual data) then xslt

RE: [WSG] New front page for

2005-08-03 Thread Paul Bennett
not to me - want screenshots? IN IE the homepage actually defaults to and in FF to I thought all those nasty browser-sniffing days were over -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of

RE: [WSG] New front page for

2005-08-03 Thread Paul Bennett
IE6, Win XP, SP2 Strange - it doesn't redirect for me. Are you using PC or MAC? I have tried IE 6 and IE 5.5 on the PC and in both cases I go to, not ** The discussion list for

RE: [WSG] New front page for

2005-08-03 Thread Paul Bennett
, a pda? kind regards Terrence Wood. On 4 Aug 2005, at 11:53 AM, Paul Bennett wrote: not to me - want screenshots? IN IE the homepage actually defaults to and in FF to ** The discussion

RE: [WSG] Longhorn Avalon - seismic shift for web standards?

2005-07-14 Thread Paul Bennett
hmmmI smell Troll... You don't work for Microsoft do you David? :) From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of David Pietersen Sent: Friday, July 15, 2005 1:41 PM To: Subject: Re: [WSG] Longhorn Avalon - seismic

RE: [WSG] Visited Link Styling

2005-07-04 Thread Paul Bennett
r U k1dd1n?? L1n3-thru l1nx sh0w wikked CSS h4x0r skillz, 'speshly w1f bl4ck bg c0l0ur and gr33n 'MATRIX' c0l0ur linx LOL ;) -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Terrence Wood Sent: Tuesday, July 05, 2005 1:19 PM To:

RE: [WSG] Will HTML be nicer to PHP than XHTML?

2005-07-03 Thread Paul Bennett
Subject: Re: [WSG] Will HTML be nicer to PHP than XHTML? Personally, I believe this is one of the strong argumens for XHTML. PHP is very sloppy, and when you combine that with another sloppy language, HTML, the mess is tremendos. For small projects and new people it's not much of an issue,

RE: [WSG] Will HTML be nicer to PHP than XHTML?

2005-06-27 Thread Paul Bennett
ARGH! The logo's - the logo's!!! My EYES! -Original Message- Hi This could prove immensely helpful: ** The discussion list for See

RE: [WSG] why doesn't this validate with and what to do about it

2005-05-26 Thread Paul Bennett
is this CSS inline or included in a file? If it's included in a file, the w3c validator won't mind at all. If its inline then the validator might not like it. No personal experience - just a hunch... Paul -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf

RE: [WSG] Mystical belief in the power of Web Standards, Usability, and tableless CSS

2005-04-20 Thread Paul Bennett
Yep, he probably is right about that , but he's wrong about something else . My home page uses web standards and it's no monument to great design. Hah! But theres only *88* errors, so its not that bad ;)

RE: [WSG] LOC new release - standards or looks?

2005-04-19 Thread Paul Bennett
Thanks for the heads up Doug, This is great news and good to see that developers are really picking up on standards compliant design and working that into projects of this scale. The site does not yetvalidate and the encoded ampersands are a big issue in this (in fact the only issue on

RE: [WSG] CSS Zen Garden piss take, anyone got link?

2005-04-17 Thread Paul Bennett ? ** The discussion list for See for some hints on posting to the list getting help

RE: [WSG] Background image in the mast head...

2005-04-12 Thread Paul Bennett
from a cursory examination it seesm to position the top left corner of a span (500px width) 500px to the left of the edge of the visible page. (thus making the span invisible.) In what context is it being used? Paul -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL