[WSG] Javascript help with Reg Exp required please

2008-06-02 Thread Pierre-Henri Lavigne
'); console.log(str2.match(rule2)); // returns fooSz /script /body /html or did I miss something ? Thanks, Peter --- Pierre-Henri Lavigne aka Åkeson Chihiro Frontend Developer, Fink Member http://my.opera.com/Akeson_Chihiro/ Découvrez les styles qui font

[WSG] Understanding Apache Logs

2007-08-28 Thread Pierre-Henri Lavigne
Good day all, Do you know an online resource please where i can get informations to understand in a better way apache logs ? I've just read this odd stuff for example : - - [28/Aug/2007:10:37:25 +0200] GET /img/bg_body.gif HTTP/1.1 404 14360 - Mozilla/4.5 [fr]C-CCK-MCD

RE : Re: [WSG] Height for the select markup in Internet Explorer

2007-08-26 Thread Pierre-Henri Lavigne
dropdown box? -- Stuart Foulstone. http://www.bigeasyweb.co.uk BigEasy Web Design 69 Flockton Court Rockingham Street Sheffield S1 4EB Tel. 07751 413451 On Sat, August 25, 2007 11:49 pm, Pierre-Henri Lavigne wrote: Good day, Does someone know a solution or a tip to set

[WSG] Height for the select markup in Internet Explorer

2007-08-25 Thread Pierre-Henri Lavigne
Good day, Does someone know a solution or a tip to set a height for the select tag in form, especially with Internet Explorer ? I've just got the case with a design that set an input and a select in the same line, and the select has every option in upper case letters. Thanks for your

Re : [WSG] Safari now on Windows

2007-06-20 Thread Pierre-Henri Lavigne
The staff members of your enterprise in charge of selling services / web sites can use the following text as an argument to not support IE Mac: http://www.microsoft.com/mac/products/internetexplorer/internetexplorer.aspx?pid=internetexplorer You can easily hide css by using the @import

[WSG] Caching / preloading images

2007-04-19 Thread Pierre-Henri Lavigne
developer experiences are welcome... to avoid the kernel panic junior webdev I believed the discuss is more about testing and DOM and Ajaxx subjects so I apologize for allowing myself to post to the two lists, Evolt and WSG. Best regards, -- Wcube . eQuesto Pierre-Henri LAVIGNE Web developer xhtml