RE: [WSG] Today's Google home page (1 May)

2011-05-01 Thread Raul Ferrer
Hi Grant! This was a brilliant Google usual. However, the technologies, though awesomely implemented, are not that new. It's plain HTML for the structure, CSS for the display and effects and Javascript for the interaction. Oh, and the four animations that only show on the magnifying


2010-09-15 Thread Raul Ferrer
Hi Mark, In a normal state I would probably second your thoughts, but Marvin is NO spammer. He’s a blind coder, so it’s very probably that he didn’t notice he was writing in Caps. He’s also been working on the Star Trek project for quite a while and besides, he’s quite active on this

RE: [WSG] skip links

2009-10-28 Thread Raul Ferrer
I've been always under the impression that sighted users surfing with a keyboard, have it easier to realize if there's a Skip Navigation link (since nothing gets on focus) and it's easier for them to navigate with tab key, so it's not such a burden. I mean, suffering the navigation on a screen

RE: [WSG] Online shop package recommendations please.

2009-10-17 Thread Raul Ferrer
I wanted to point out that Zencart is NOT a table based HTML. Yes, there’s a lot of old templates that use tables, but there’s lot of templates that are fully css driven, and obviously if you create your own (as I did) you’re not restricted at all. The learning curve (to have it beautiful and

RE: [WSG] My Site

2009-10-07 Thread Raul Ferrer
Hi there! I have experience building sites for blind people, but have absolutely no idea how a blind person builds a website. As for your website, the first thing I'd do is reduce the image of the mango because that's 3264 x 2448 pixels worth of mango and it's way too much. Secondly I'd try to

RE: [WSG] CSS list-style

2009-10-06 Thread Raul Ferrer
Hi Rich, You can always get rid of the list-style-type and add the disc as an image in whichever color you want. I think that on CSS2.1 the disc (or letters or numbers for that matter) will always be the same color of the list element or as you say, having to add a span, which is ugly.

[WSG] new site review

2009-09-29 Thread Raul Ferrer
Hi guys! It's been quite a long time since I last contributed to this list but I've been busy making my own website. It's built on Expression Engine (my first one with this CMS) and I'd really would like to know what you guys think. Things to keep in mind: the

[WSG] RE: new site review

2009-09-29 Thread Raul Ferrer
Hi guys! Thanks for your comments! @Sarah: Thanks :) That's really nice to hear, and yes, I wanted to put more thinking on the text so that it would look a bit friendly yet not too geeky :P @Chris: Thanks, it's great to get some criticism. However, it's the first time I get a reply on problems