Re: [WSG] XHTML5 polyglot markup and WAI-ARIA, is there a valid way?

2012-07-31 Thread Rob Crowther
On 01/08/12 00:29, Isabel Santos wrote: I could generate both xml and html but that isn't very elegant, and would not optimise the resources. Unless you serve the XHTML files with a MIME type of application/xml or application/xhtml+xml, which will break things in IE9, the browser will treat

Re: [WSG] XHTML5 polyglot markup and WAI-ARIA, is there a valid way?

2012-07-30 Thread Rob Crowther
On 26/07/2012 23:41, Isabel Santos wrote: I decided to use polyglot markup, allthough it involved serving it as text-html for old trident browsers, to be able to include xml content on the site (wich I'm still learning). What XML content do you need to include? If you just stick to regular

Re: [WSG] how to force a cache bypass?

2012-07-20 Thread Rob Crowther
On 20/07/2012 17:47, coder wrote: How can I make a web page appear as the latest version in all browsers, i.e., perform a cache bypass? And I don't mean for me - I mean for all visitors to the page? Is it possible? ?? Once it's cached in the browser there's not much you can do about it, the

Re: [WSG] which tag to use for link to reference?

2012-07-02 Thread Rob Crowther
On 30/06/2012 07:10, tee wrote: In scholarly paper and report, we often use number (e.g.. 1, 2. 3, displays in sup) in between paragraphs when referencing others' work. What is the name of the tag used in such manner in HTML or ebook format? The microformats community lists a rel=footnote

Re: tabs - was[WSG] Expected behaviour of links to external websites

2011-12-30 Thread Rob Crowther
On 30/12/2011 12:32, coder wrote: I just wonder what the view of some 'anti-new windows' folk is towards using tabs? I would have thought that tabs are the new 'new windows'?? They're still *my* tabs. I'll open a new one when I want to, not when you want to. Rob

Re: tabs - was[WSG] Expected behaviour of links to external websites

2011-12-30 Thread Rob Crowther
On 30/12/11 17:32, coder wrote: You just aren't getting this, are you Rob. I beg to differ. We're talking about what you do if you don't know there are options. I provided you links to advice based on research with real users, they advocated against opening new windows because it confuses

Re: [WSG] Expected behaviour of links to external websites

2011-12-29 Thread Rob Crowther
On 29/12/11 17:53, Hassan Schroeder wrote: Why should *web apps* be unconditionally constrained from the same context-driven behavior? You ask an interesting question: are we talking about web apps or web sites? Does the answer make a difference? Can a user tell the difference? Rob

Re: [WSG] Expected behaviour of links to external websites

2011-12-29 Thread Rob Crowther
On 29/12/11 18:02, coder wrote: Most people don't even know what a back button is! Apparently most people do: The Back button is the lifeline of the Web user and the second-most used navigation feature (after following hypertext links). Though I

Re: [WSG] Expected behaviour of links to external websites

2011-12-21 Thread Rob Crowther
On 20/12/2011 23:44, Chris Price wrote: One advantage I can see in opening a new window (on a larger screen at least) is you can dismiss the page by closing that window rather than feeling you are being taken somewhere you don't want to go. Is this context sensitive? Yes it is context

Re: [WSG] Farewell (was : Out of Office)

2011-12-16 Thread Rob Crowther
On 16/12/2011 10:42, Rick Faircloth wrote: Why not create a rule to filter out messages with “out of office” in the subject or text of the message, instead of leaving the group, entirely. Well for a start, if you had such a rule you wouldn't have received his message. But if that worked,

Re: [WSG] setting up visualf web developer with iis

2011-05-25 Thread Rob Crowther
On 25/05/11 05:24, Marvin Hunkin wrote: tried to build the project, and got a error 86 in the web.confi file, about autehntification. and using windows authentification, and sayin needed form authentification. There are two places where you need to configure authentication: 1. In your

Re: [WSG] why :first-child pseudo-class doesn't work for some selectors/elements?

2011-03-10 Thread Rob Crowther
On 10/03/11 13:17, Anthony Gr. wrote: I think, it's doesn't work but h2 is not a first child element in parent element (div). Yes, the example page contains both positive and negative examples. Rob *** List Guidelines:

Re: [WSG] why :first-child pseudo-class doesn't work for some selectors/elements?

2011-03-06 Thread Rob Crowther
On 06/03/11 20:22, tee wrote: but I can never get h2:first-child works Here's an example, specifically using h2 elements since you mentioned them: By default, every element has a blue border, but any element which is a :first-child

Re: [WSG] attribute selectors to target external and internal links

2010-10-22 Thread Rob Crowther
tee wrote: I have this: a[href*] {color: #e21;background: #555;} Then I added this thinking this will tell the browser to give external link with a white background, but all links are with white background. [href^=http]{color: #e21;background: #fff;} The http overrules the one with

Re: [WSG] HTM5 Semantic markup overly done?

2010-10-01 Thread Rob Crowther
On 01/10/10 20:03, Ted Drake wrote: I'm on the fence right now about headers. I've seen use of h2's without a header wrapper in a section. This gives screen readers structure, but it breaks the HTML5 outline methodology. Shouldn't you change it to an h1 when it goes in a header. The outline

Re: [WSG] CSS support of HTML5 tags not ready yet?

2010-09-29 Thread Rob Crowther
Oliver Boermans wrote: I don't have any personal experience with this stuff but your discussion rereminded me of a page I bookmarked recently: Yep, that looks like the root of the problem: doesn't work in Internet Explorer when an element's content is

Re: [WSG] CSS support of HTML5 tags not ready yet?

2010-09-28 Thread Rob Crowther
Steven Tan wrote: Also ran into an issue when i was using js templating with html5 tags. Html5 shiv only ran once when the document loads. Either need call it again or use html4 tags. I am choosing html4 tags for now. Sigh. All the HTML5 shiv is doing is calling document.createElement against

Re: [WSG] CSS support of HTML5 tags not ready yet?

2010-09-28 Thread Rob Crowther
On 28/09/10 14:10, Steven Tan wrote: No, it doesn't. But if you use html5 tags in your templating, then it might. Just something to watch out for. Sorry, I'm not sure what you're saying here: no it doesn't what? It might what? One of my templates create a section and header for about 20

Re: [WSG] CSS support of HTML5 tags not ready yet?

2010-09-28 Thread Rob Crowther
Steven Tan wrote So watch out if you rely on js libraries that do something like this: $(body).append(sectionsomething/section); $(section).text(new something); // this line will throw an error in IE. Hope that makes sense. Ah, I understand, interesting. I've done some example cases:

Re: [WSG] CSS support of HTML5 tags not ready yet?

2010-09-28 Thread Rob Crowther
On 28/09/10 23:41, Steven Tan wrote: Strange, I expected the innerHTML part to fail. Any idea why that works? Nope! I expected one or the other of the two (DOM and innerHTML) to fail as surely jQuery is using one or other of them underneath? I haven't had time to dig in to the jQuery source

Re: [WSG] CSS support of HTML5 tags not ready yet?

2010-09-27 Thread Rob Crowther
On 27/09/10 22:46, tee wrote: Are these HTML5 tags inline elements by default or it's that (the latest) Firefox and Opera not yet supporting them? I thought they are of block elements. Firefox 4.0 will have support in the default stylesheet for the new HTML5 elements. It'll also have the

Re: [WSG] RE: Fonts in MS Publisher compared to onlineRe:

2010-09-15 Thread Rob Crowther
Luke Hoggett wrote: In some cases client may have to pay (TypeKit) but they do have at least have the option of picking a font that is close to what they need. Also check out FontDeck: You can server the fonts for free to a limited number of IPs without buying a

Re: [WSG] Getting my feet wet in HTML5

2010-08-19 Thread Rob Crowther
Patrick H. Lauke wrote: On 19/08/2010 10:13, David Storey wrote: So the section or article elements could be taken out of context and displayed elsewhere but retain their h1 headings. You could, but I still use the h1 to h2 inside the sections because no browser uses the sectioning algorithm

Re: [WSG] Getting my feet wet in HTML5

2010-08-19 Thread Rob Crowther
David Storey wrote: maybe, but any is not backwards compatible so not really an option to use any time soon, and is (AFAICT) a Mozilla only extension that is not in any specification. As it isn't even in any spec, even if it does get accepted by the CSS working group, it will take ages to be

Re: [WSG] Getting my feet wet in HTML5

2010-08-18 Thread Rob Crowther
On 18/08/10 17:51, tee wrote: This example doesn't look very semantic to me :-) Is there a tag that can replace or substitute the use of headings? If you properly nest your section and article elements then you can use just h1 everywhere: section h1Monday/h1 article h1First post/h1


2010-08-18 Thread Rob Crowther
On 18/08/10 21:16, Prisca schmarsow wrote: See this HTML5 doctor's site article: The example with the strapline that article links to is this: hgroup h1a href=; title=Home pagespanMiniApps/span/a/h1 h2HTML5 apps for Apple

Re: [WSG] HTML5 offline storage question

2010-08-14 Thread Rob Crowther
Rob Crowther wrote: Or, as you say above, does the user have to visit each page? I'll have some time this afternoon so I'll probably just try it myself :) Just wanted to confirm: I tested this last night in Firefox 4.0 beta - any manifests linked to in pages downloaded by another manifest

Re: [WSG] HTML5 offline storage question

2010-08-13 Thread Rob Crowther
On 13/08/10 05:17, Ryan Seddon wrote: Yeah that is a good point. Although doing so would require the person to visit each page which has it's own manifest before it will be cached. Have you ever tried caching pages which themselves have manifests? If you're referring to the page which

Re: [WSG] HTML5 offline storage question

2010-08-12 Thread Rob Crowther
Ryan Seddon wrote: If you make an update to the manifest file it will re-download every asset listed in the manifest. You can split resources across multiple manifest files, though, as far as I can tell, the you only get one manifest per page. Have you ever tried caching pages which

Re: [WSG] HTML5 offline storage question

2010-08-09 Thread Rob Crowther
Hi Andrew Andrew Harris wrote: Is the offline storage tool in HTML5 designed for this sort of heavy lifting? are there storage limitations? on an iPad? Can you confirm, are you referring to Web Storage[1] or Offline Resources[2]? Web Storage is really just cookies on steroids and probably

Re: [WSG] HTML5: Techniques for providing useful text alternatives

2010-05-18 Thread Rob Crowther
Cesar Raymond Santos wrote: You may also want to try out: It looks nice, though I wonder about how they're testing some of their stuff. eg. Chrome 5 apparently has full support for all the new HTML5 forms stuff, but it doesn't actually offer any UI for things

Re: [WSG] NVDA-screen reader software for windows

2010-03-12 Thread Rob Crowther
On 12/03/10 19:29, Thierry Koblentz wrote: If I recall, unless you buy a license, you are not allowed to use Jaws for testing Jaws will work for forty minutes without a license, then you have to reboot to get another forty minutes. The license specifically denies you using this forty minutes

Re: [WSG] NVDA-screen reader software for windows

2010-03-12 Thread Rob Crowther
On 12/03/10 20:52, Thierry Koblentz wrote: As a side note, there is a great article on WebAim about how to use NVDA: Another good article on NVDA here:

Re: [WSG] NVDA-screen reader software for windows

2010-03-12 Thread Rob Crowther
Lorrie Laskey wrote: Do screen readers exist for Linux operating systems? Just came across this tutorial for Orca: Rob *** List Guidelines:

Re: [WSG] NVDA-screen reader software for windows

2010-03-11 Thread Rob Crowther
Lorrie Laskey wrote: Do screen readers exist for Linux operating systems? Yes, there's Orca for GTK/Gnome: Rob *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe:

Re: [WSG] First stab at html5

2009-12-31 Thread Rob Crowther
designer wrote: If any of you guys are around at this time, I'd be really grateful if you could have a look at: It is very simple stuff, but I'd be interested if you could see anything 'wrong'/undesirable/not semantic etc. For

Re: [WSG] RE: More than one H1?

2009-10-16 Thread Rob Crowther
Gaspar wrote: This problem will be solved, I hope, with the use of section and header in HTML5. Indeed, in HTML5 the meaning of h1-6 is 'headings for the sections with which they are associated' - multiple h1 elements in a page is not a problem: A

Re: [WSG] .NET sites which are XHTML 1.0 strict

2008-10-09 Thread Rob Crowther
Peter Goddard wrote: It does require more effort than just using the standard control toolkits supplied by Microsoft [...] Additionally, there are best practices available which enable the placing of the server generated javascript to one area of the page (after the html) and JSON/AJAX/MVC

Re: [WSG] Dev. For Mobile Browsers

2008-09-13 Thread Rob Crowther
James Jeffery wrote: Anyone got any good resources on developing for mobile browsers? Try Rob *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe:

Re: [WSG] Google chrome...

2008-09-04 Thread Rob Crowther
Nancy Gill wrote: I can't figure out why it has to load the process three times in order to run. It runs every tab in a separate process, plus one main one for the browser. This means a crash on a single page won't bring down the whole browser, it also means there is, for the first time in

Re: [WSG] Re: ARIA

2008-08-11 Thread Rob Crowther
David Storey wrote: thing it adds is giving you more brownie points for validating, while not allowing WAI-ARIA to work if JavaScript is turned off. I would have thought that, if JavaScript was turned off, the ARIA stuff wouldn't be too useful. As its purpose is to communicate dynamic

Re: [WSG] Firefox 3 candidate

2008-06-18 Thread Rob Crowther
James Ellis wrote: you can run either version from the relevant file location, but not at the same time. You can run any number of versions at the same time, but you have to use separate profiles - the profile can only be active in one instance at a time. You have to use the -no-remote

Re: [WSG] MA in web development

2008-06-12 Thread Rob Crowther
Jason Grant wrote: All suggestions are very much appreciated. You might want to have a look at the MIT Software Engineering for Web Applications course for ideas: There's also a book and video

Re: [WSG] Semantic markup for a person's name or business name

2008-03-26 Thread Rob Crowther
Cole Kuryakin wrote: 2. Aside from it's semantic nature, is there really any functional use for formatting data using microformats? For some practical examples of doing stuff with hCard: Online service to translate hCard into vCard (ie. put directly into your contacts application:

Re: [WSG] Experience with Adobe Contribute

2008-03-02 Thread Rob Crowther
Elizabeth Spiegel wrote: I understand that Contribute would allow them to make changes to content without messing with the coding/navigation. Does anyone have experience with this product? Is it possible/easy to set up to maintain standards-compliance? You can limit the areas they can edit by

Re: [WSG] Opera files antitrust against MS: standards one part

2007-12-17 Thread Rob Crowther
Michael Horowitz wrote: In the free market their tends to be high and low quality products It's not a free market, it's a market for lemons. Rob *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe:

Re: [WSG] Opera files antitrust against MS: standards one part

2007-12-16 Thread Rob Crowther
Michael Horowitz wrote: It would be a wonderful world. I can't imagine how government does anything but lower standards in these areas. Assuming you're being serious, I would love to hear your reasoning for this. With most things even remotely technical now happily existing in a market

Re: A: [WSG] Target Lawsuit - Please Make Yourself Heard

2007-10-04 Thread Rob Crowther
Mike Brown wrote: [Mike - see, the problem is this guy is only a part-time web developer. If he was full-time, he'd totally have time and be able to solve the verbalise the text into every spoken language problem.] The funny thing for me was his later comment - someone else mentioned JAWS,

Re: [WSG] Web Developer toolbar for firefox 2.x

2007-08-27 Thread Rob Crowther
Hayden's Harness Attachment wrote: I do not know if this is off topic. If it is please excuse me. I have the web developer toolbar that works with Firefox upto 1.5 and when I try to upgrade for my Firefox 2.x, I get an error. What error are you getting? Web Developer Toolbar works just fine

Re: [WSG] When is invalid CSS okay?

2007-08-23 Thread Rob Crowther
Gunlaug Sørtun wrote: The hiding effect gained by 'CC' is used by many to justify hacking and to declare their solutions valid - because the validator doesn't complain. It is ultimately laziness, but I don't want to have to expend the mental effort to distinguish between invalid CSS that is

Re: RES: [WSG] HELP with CSS

2007-07-28 Thread Rob Crowther
SosCpdGMail wrote: Hello Ted There is, somewhere, a reference or tutorial of how can we read and learn about the structural way and css? I would recommend the Friends of Ed book, HTML Mastery: Semantics, Standards, and Styling by Paul Haine:

Re: [WSG] Re: please avoid forcing people to open pdf in browser!

2007-07-20 Thread Rob Crowther
Stuart Foulstone wrote: PDF is a document file format, not a Web technolgy. Whilst you may say that it's use on the Web has become standard that does not make it a Web Standard (except by some tortuous abuse of semantics). HTML is a document file format. While there may be an argument to be

Re: [WSG] Re: Microformats was [ Is this a good use of dl ]

2007-07-07 Thread Rob Crowther
Designer wrote: The hcard example makes every line a div and just seems, frankly, daft. But you don't have to use divs, (nearly) any element will do, the key is mostly the class names. Maybe having a look at some of the 'examples in the wild' will be more instructive:

Re: [WSG] Dutch guild of front-end developers in the making

2007-07-03 Thread Rob Crowther
James Jeffery wrote: Interesting, although i didnt read a word of it, its all in dutch, but i got the english summary. I tried translating it with Babelfish, the result was somewhat incoherent but more intelligible (to me) than Dutch. As for certification, its useless as one pointed out,

Re: [WSG] Safari now on Windows

2007-06-14 Thread Rob Crowther
Apple have released a new beta version with security patches: Rob *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe:

Re: [WSG] Safari now on Windows

2007-06-12 Thread Rob Crowther
Gary Barber wrote: Main problem I have with safari is on win xp sp2 none of the fonts it wants to use render at all. Makes life very interesting. I'm getting the same thing - no fonts render at all, including those that are part of the chrome, so I can't even type in any URLs... Pressing

Re: [WSG] Safari now on Windows

2007-06-12 Thread Rob Crowther
Simon Moss wrote: FWIW I have been running iTunes and Quicktime on this machine - I wonder if that has anything to do with it? I have Quicktime (which I've tried updating) but not iTunes. I also have Swift (open source webkit based browser) installed which may be upsetting things. I have

Re: [WSG] Safari now on Windows

2007-06-12 Thread Rob Crowther
Roberto Gorjão wrote: Well, I have quicktime and iTunes. I don't have Swift. I still got all the reported problems in my Win XP SP2: no fonts and crashing bug button. And no, deleting the two .ttf files didn't solve it. I think I've found most of the solution now, following reading this

Re: [WSG] Javascript to check for Handheld Devices

2007-03-01 Thread Rob Crowther
David Storey wrote: For styling the page handheld stylesheets should be used. For JavaScript issues I don't know of a way to specifically detect if it is a handheld, and browser sniffing is far from ideal on mobile due to many reasons. Could you give an element a specific style in the